New York Fashion Week Leftovers: Chad White


What’s a Friday without a little Chad White? Here are a few remainders from New York’s fashion week. Backstage at the Buckler show (top) with fellow model Jared, and on the runway for Heatherette (bottom). Johnny Weir was scheduled to take a turn on the runway for Heatherette but was reportedly a no-show.

Chadw2_1 Chadw3

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  1. burnssuit says

    Huh? I’ve never gotten the point of these abstract, over-the-top show items, and interviews with the designers have only made me much more confused.

  2. busytimmy says

    Don’t really understand the Chad White fascination. To my eyes he is not all that handsome and looks more like a gawky 20 year old. Give me Enrique Palacios.

  3. says

    Ooohh! Don’t you just love fashion? Especially when it’s so small that all you can see is bare model.

    sigh. If only I’d studied design…

  4. rudy says

    Bravo Andy. I was wondering when you would get to La White and Heatherette. He looked even more scrumptious AND ridiculous in person. Maybe it is “the walk” but La White does not appear as knock kneed in person as he does in pictures. These are not fashions but a giant put-on by rapidly aging club twinks. Heatherette is visual meth but at least La White is a Tom of Finland fantasy come alive.

  5. Mike in the Tundra says

    The outfits are horrible. Although there is something familiar about the harness. However, it could use a few studs.

  6. ggreen says

    What’s the deal with today’s “male models”? Short and Fem seems to be the watchwords. Guys used to have to be 5’11” or over a 40 long jacket and 32 pants. Now it looks like any queen that’s a ladies size 7 or 9 is in.

  7. says

    chad might be gold, but seems johnny weir may be the sharper one for knowing to pass on heatherette. chad’s bookers should’ve known better.
    meanwhile, as hot as chad white is or may be, howzabout posting more male models for variety’s sake… like Andrew Stetson for one…

  8. just sayin' says

    Something about Chad reminds me of Wentworth Miller. Is Chad bi-racial too? Does anyone know?

    Anyways, it’s all good – both are Sex on Legs (knock knees notwithstanding in Chad’s case).

  9. Cory says

    That has got to be the most ridiculous fashion show (well, they’re all ridiculous) I have ever seen. Do people take this shit seriously???

    As for Chad White, hot, and he’s not normally my type (needs to eat). Any one else think he’s a closet case (or am I just dreaming?).

    Just sayin': I see it, but it’s probably the shaved head and facial structure…

  10. matthew says

    Darnit, i was going to wear that second outfit to work on Monday and now the surprise is ruined.

  11. DTP says

    Chad is a handsome man. Regardless of your particular personal interest, he is an attractive human being. That’s all.

  12. Greg says

    Chad is white hot.
    But, the clothes… hideous. How did he not trip on that comforter/coat thing?

  13. says

    Not cute. His face is in the center of that big head and he looks a bit caveman-ish to me. He’s clearly touched. Rocking body but the face face is wrecked.

  14. SGR says

    He doesn’t have a typical model-pretty face, but I think that’s his charm. He always looks innocent and open and unspoiled, which is a rarity in an industry that prizes looking cool, detached and knowing. Honestly, he’s a relief. I get the criticism (that he’s not model pretty, and I usually love model pretty), but I’m a fan of the guy, and have been from back when he was a tiny blip on the radar. He’s like Alek Wek; you see him and you can’t help but break out in a smile and silently root for him. There’s a reason people who never know male model names know his name. He’s that charming.

  15. jmg says

    How can someone be a “fan” of a model?

    You appreciate his speed/grace as he walks down the runway?

  16. SGR says

    Yeah, it’s all about speed and grace. They can look like the back of a bus, but as long as they’re fast and don’t fall, I’m gagging for more. The best and most successful models are the fastest. Now you know, spread the word.

  17. Robert In WeHo says

    The Heatherette clothing is absurdly self-indulgent, over the top and gawd awful. Whoever the designer for Heatherette is has managed to redefine the meaning of “tacky.” As for Mr. White, he’d look good wearing a burlap sack (or even better out of one).

  18. says

    I love the fact that people disagree with my opinions on who’s attractive. But it is true that people who know they could never have someone sil and atractive automatically say they’re “unattractive” so they don’t sound jealous..I’ve been to enough events with male models and hear this comment from”cetain individuals who could hit a gym” on how ‘ugly’models who won’t sleep with them so i kinda know what i”m what i’m talkin about..

  19. nuflux says

    It looks like the Derelicte show from Zoolander.

    Thanks to the infiltration of talentless pretenders like Heatherette, fashion has finally become a parody of itself.

  20. just sayin' says

    He doesn’t have a typical model-pretty face, but I think that’s his charm. He always looks innocent and open and unspoiled, which is a rarity in an industry that prizes looking cool, detached and knowing.

    Posted by: SGR | Feb 9, 2007 4:25:51 PM

    Bravo! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Even the slight imperfection of his “knock knee-ness” makes him that much more endearing and charming.

    And, oh, you can totally be a FAN of models. I used to obsessed about Marcus Schenkenberg back in the day. Iconic male models are fashion’s equivalent of the Platonic Form of Beauty, from which the rest of us are, alas, less perfectly derived.

  21. just sayin' says

    Sorry, should have been “obsess”. Talking about Platonic Forms such as Chad and Marcus has a distinctly deleterious effect on one’s spelling and grammar.

  22. solo_b8 says

    “Backstage at the Buckler show (top) with fellow model Jared, and on the runway for Heatherette (bottom).”

    so at the buckler show he was a TOP and at the heatherette show he was a BOTTOM. How versatile of Chad, and the pics back it up……