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"Paralyzed by Shame", Ted Haggard is Leaving Colorado Springs

According to an email Ted Haggard sent to New Life Church members over the weekend, he's been spending time in Phoenix with his wife Gayle undergoing intense psychological therapy and Jesus is starting to "put him back together". He's also leaving Colorado Springs for Iowa or Missouri where he and his wife will both try to get their masters degree in psychology.

Ted's email:


"Jesus is starting to put me back together. I have spent so much time in repentance, brokenness, hurt and sorrow for the things I've done and the negative impact my actions have had on others. That sadness continues as my family and I, along with so many others, go through the painful consequences of my actions. Jesus and his followers, though, have saved my life. As part of New Life's efforts to help me, they sent Gayle and me to Phoenix for a three-week psychological intensive that gave us three years worth of analysis and treatment. We all wanted to know why I developed such incongruity in my life. Thankfully, with the tools we gained there, along with the powerful way God has been illuminating His Word and the Holy Spirit has been convicting and healing me, we now have growing understanding which is giving me some hope for a future.

Gayle and I have decided to move from Colorado Springs to go back to school. We love Colorado Springs so much, and will always regard the believer's at New Life Church as family, but we have to go in order to let the church determine its own course and for us to retrain. We haven't decided where we are moving but so far have been offered two places, one in Iowa and one in Missouri. We are both planning on getting our masters in Psychology so we can work together serving others the rest of our lives. Since we are taking our classes on-line, we can live anywhere that's affordable. Then we'll travel to location for short in-class requirements.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers during this horrific time of transition in our lives. For the last three months, I've not been communicative because I've been paralyzed by shame. But as God and people like you forgive me, the sun is starting to rise in my life. I look forward to communicating with greater ease."

God bless,

Ted Haggard
"We are Easter People."

Maybe that masters degree will help him understand how an Evangelical preacher can rationalize sleeping with men while he condemns homosexuality. But more likely it'll train him for his next career as therapist at an "ex-gay" ministry. We'll see.

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  1. Unreal. To live such a lie and communicate out to the world as such is beyond my ability to comprehend. Sad.

    Posted by: TP | Feb 5, 2007 9:18:34 AM

  2. Jeez. I almost feel sorry for the sap.


    Posted by: James | Feb 5, 2007 9:21:40 AM

  3. It reads like he's being held by the Khmer Rouge.

    Posted by: rob adams | Feb 5, 2007 9:25:46 AM

  4. Or, maybe studying psychology will help him come to understand how his selfishness--denying who and what he is for some warped sense of "gain"-- has destroyed a woman--his wife--and caused such pain and humiliation to his children.

    If there is a god, may She help those kids come to terms with this humiliation

    Posted by: dc-20008 | Feb 5, 2007 9:30:54 AM

  5. He's going where the corn fed, all-american boys live!

    Posted by: kyle | Feb 5, 2007 9:36:04 AM

  6. Rob Adams' comment was very sharp.

    Haggard's like a hostage, but, unaware. His life is such a trainwreck, and his kids are in an even worse place.

    I never trust those who claim to know the mind of God, but I can't believe that this is what God intended for his life.

    Posted by: sam | Feb 5, 2007 9:48:52 AM

  7. It will be the ex-gay thing ... this is a bad messed up guy ... and he goes where the money is ... the right wing will pay him to lead an ex-gay ministry ... he is useful for them as a pawn to maintain the status quo ... the Vatican has LOTS of cash invested in these crazed evangelicals. They will keep him in the dough.

    Posted by: rjp3 | Feb 5, 2007 10:21:15 AM

  8. Now who's the whore?

    Posted by: zabadak | Feb 5, 2007 10:26:44 AM

  9. Run, but you can't hide.

    Posted by: vince | Feb 5, 2007 10:28:09 AM

  10. Oh wow. This guy is totally going to exploit this thing. He'll say that "God" led him astray in order to educate him, so that he may help all the other homos in the world who are "suffering in shame." Then he'll start some new gawdy project to cure homosexuality, where he can boast, "I'm not just the president; I'm also a client." Awwww. Isn't he the tootest tingggg! Then we'll have to see him on Celebrity Big Brother or Dirty Dancing with the Baptists or something.

    Posted by: Derrick | Feb 5, 2007 10:28:49 AM

  11. Three-years equivalent of analysis in three WEEKS; a masters degree in psychology via ONLINE classes.... Oh, yeah, Teddy and Mrs. Bear are definitely demonstrating their fresh grasp on reality. NOT.

    The time to feel sorry for this deranged, still dangerous man expired the moment he described being gay as "dirt" [for those who missed it: in his earlier apology letter to his former congregation], and his "poor wife," who sent her own letter reinforcing his, is simply the victim of her own embracing of the religious antigay industry and feeling holier that thou because of it. Then and now she is nothing more than a co-conspirator. I do feel sorry for their kids, but they're only getting megadoses of the kind of emotional turmoil and shame that their parents have prescribed for gay kids everywhere. That doesn't make it right, but only growing up and getting away from this 24-7 brainwashing will save them. SHE is certainly not going to help them come to terms with it except in terms of denial and further denigration of us.

    The Haggards and their giant Colorado Springs cult spread empty words of love on top of their toxic teachings like jelly on top of poisoned peanut butter. Despite what the Mel Whites of the world tell you, they are THE ENEMY and we forget or forgive that at our peril.

    Posted by: Leland | Feb 5, 2007 10:45:18 AM

  12. We watched both "Saw 3" and "Jesus Camp" last night, and honestly, I don't know which one was more horrifying.

    Ted's cameo in Jesus Camp is even more ironic now that he has stepped down in shame.

    I highly recommend Jesus Camp, as it exposes the hypocrisy of these zealots!

    Posted by: Tom | Feb 5, 2007 10:52:53 AM

  13. Leland,

    Feeling sorry for the guy doesn't mean I'm breaking bread with him.


    Posted by: James | Feb 5, 2007 11:04:48 AM

  14. Leland, Not only do I agree with your trenchant insights but you win quote of the day with your phrasing of toxic jelly spread over poisoned peanut butter. You made my day.

    Posted by: rudy | Feb 5, 2007 11:14:57 AM

  15. And this matters because?..I don't give a rat ass what he choses to do with his life from here on. *shrugs*

    Posted by: Da | Feb 5, 2007 11:41:06 AM

  16. He'll be happy as long as the focus is on him. He's still facing the slight chance of criminal charges for soliciting and drug possession. Maybe he can hook up with Donnie Davies! Yes, the CHOPS program needs a star right now. No doubt he and his wife are heading for a quiet separation at this point.

    Posted by: anon | Feb 5, 2007 12:00:17 PM

  17. Amen Leland.

    You saved me a lot of time and typing with your on the money comment.

    Posted by: Zeke | Feb 5, 2007 12:29:26 PM

  18. Who's giving him "job offers" in Iowa and Missouri? How the hell could anyone offer him a job? This is some America we live in.

    Posted by: Andy W | Feb 5, 2007 12:33:26 PM

  19. Ted Haggert is fucking hilarious!!!!! I don't feel sorry in the least bit for this man. I am glad his "God" decided to pull back the covers in his life. And I seriously doubt his degree in psychology is going to help him see himself CLEARLY. Maybe he should try Buddhism. He'll never be the same "Christian" again. This man is laughable. Shame has never brought about real change. And what change is he seeking?? stop desiring men inwardly? I'm falling outta' my chair... please stop it Ted. LMAO

    Posted by: HotParis666 | Feb 5, 2007 12:47:30 PM

  20. Ten bucks says he hits every truck stop and rest area between Phoenix and Iowa and/or Missouri.

    Posted by: peterparker | Feb 5, 2007 2:13:11 PM

  21. I wish his paralysis had lasted a little longer. Does anyone know if disgraced former Congressman Tom Foley has any plans to address the nation about his future plans?

    Posted by: John | Feb 5, 2007 2:56:32 PM

  22. I wish someone would get a phone pic of him cruising a rest stop!

    Posted by: dc-20008 | Feb 5, 2007 2:58:12 PM

  23. Though the chances are slim i think you can be gay and realize your straight. Their is more of a chance of it being the other way around. You can also hate what you are and the stereotypes of it. For ex you can be a girl and hate most girls cause you feel in general alot posess characteristics you he. Im not changing the fact that i am one though. You can have a child alone but thinkn people should be mmarried when they have kids. I dont think he presced hate against them just change hate is like lets kill them . He was wrong but his bull is possible.

    Posted by: sasha | Feb 5, 2007 6:14:10 PM

  24. "Since we are taking our classes on-line..."


    Posted by: Je | Feb 5, 2007 6:25:44 PM

  25. Sasha, neither his or your bullshit is possible.

    Posted by: JR | Feb 5, 2007 6:50:12 PM

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