1. 24play says

    Is it true that the winner of this year’s “Genre Man” contest gets something more than a sash, tiara, and bouquet?

    I hear he’s going to be made publisher.

    (Runner-up becomes the magazine’s owner.)

  2. says

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is such an amazing actor. His performance in Mysterious Skin, among other films I’ve seen with him in it, was as good as it gets.

    If only he were on our team =p It’s nice to know that he clearly cares about glbt issues though (seeing as how he’s been in at least two major glbt-themed movies, Mysterious Skin and Latter Days).

  3. jzn says

    Back in Dec, Levitt, did a couple of numbers with Rufus Wainwright at Carnegie Hall…one of which he wrote. This kid is adorable and a pretty good singer…he played one mean ukulele (now there’s a pharse you don’t here very often)

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