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Conservatives Laud Gay Porn Star Marine


Cpl. Matt Sanchez, a USMC reservist, was recently feted at the CPAC conference where Ann Coulter made her "faggot" joke. Sanchez has been on all the conservative chat shows talking about the poor reception he has received from "radical anti-military students" while recruiting for the Marines at Columbia University, which he attends, and the right-wingers have quickly come to his defense.

SanchezWhat the conservatives apparently don't know is that Sanchez has acted in many gay adult films, and Joe.My.God, who tipped me off to the story, notes the irony: 'Now, porn stars are entitled to enter the military, although Sanchez obviously had to do it on the downlow. Porn stars are entitled to have a right-wing ideology, even though the very people he supports would love to see gay porn stars strung up by the nuts. (Wait, have I seen that movie?) But, Oh.The.Irony. of Sanchez appearing with Bill O'Reilly who only a couple of days went apoplectic over San Francisco's 'Colt Studio Day.' And OH, the irony of Ann 'Faggot' Coulter happily posing with Sanchez for a photo-op."

I was shocked to see this story this morning, for the main reason that Matthew Sanchez and I met at a gay bar in San Jose, California and went on a few dates in 1989 when I was a graduate student at Stanford. I haven't seen him since. It was brought to my attention after we had finished dating that he had gone on to do gay adult films but I had no idea he had joined the military and was also holding hands with folks who would be so loath to accept him into their ranks had they any clue to his background.

I had not been following Sanchez on the right-wing talkies, and had I caught those segments you would have heard about this story much sooner. Though perhaps that was for the best, because should the story behind Sanchez have been brought to light any earlier, O'Reilly, Coulter, and others may not have been caught with their pants down on this one.

Jeff Gannon Redux []
Dirty Sanchez [tom bacchus] (CAUTION: NSFW)

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  1. This will be the best Ann Coulter reading you do all day:

    Posted by: Charlie | Mar 6, 2007 12:37:04 PM

  2. I love it! Goes to show that the conservative news groups only go after the story and not the facts!!!!

    Posted by: MikEM | Mar 6, 2007 12:41:35 PM

  3. Well, he is a bit of a showdog, isn't he?

    Posted by: kansastock | Mar 6, 2007 12:51:06 PM

  4. Your link to "Dirty Sanchez" is broken. The correct URL is:

    Posted by: Michael | Mar 6, 2007 12:53:13 PM

  5. It don't look like the same guy in the two photos.

    Posted by: anon | Mar 6, 2007 12:54:14 PM

  6. Just a friendly correction: loath with no "e" when it's an adjective. With "e" when it's a verb.

    Love the irony here, though. We look forward to more posting about your dates with porn stars.

    Posted by: adam | Mar 6, 2007 12:58:22 PM

  7. I was a student at Columbia and as a student I think it's the most closed minded and elitest environment that I have ever been in. I can completely empathize with what this man is saying because I have been on the recieving end of this kind of bullshit. There's a sense of entitlement that make a lot of students feel superior to others because they got into an Ivy league school. You would think that this feeling of superiority would make the students strive to make their mark by being as unique as possible. Unfortunately that's not how it is. If you don't fall into line with their hive mentallity, you better dig in deep and get ready for a hell of a lot of heartache.

    Posted by: Ryan | Mar 6, 2007 12:58:50 PM

  8. Thanks Anon for the Republikkkan spin. Andy confirmed it first-hand.

    Did you find the WMDs, too?

    Posted by: bambambam | Mar 6, 2007 12:59:11 PM

  9. Priceless.

    Posted by: xavier | Mar 6, 2007 12:59:18 PM

  10. Six degrees of ___________.

    Don't tell Reichen.

    Posted by: Leland | Mar 6, 2007 1:16:09 PM

  11. I just did some AHEM "research" and yeah, it's him, though the lower photo is very misleading and on the other site "" there will be an interview apparently by tomorrow, so the story will break. Not sure why my confusion reflects any kind of "spin". However, I'm also not sure why people are critical of Sanchez for being a hypocrit either. It wasn't a gay student group that he got upset about, but a socialist group, and his "anger" apparently is designed merely to help sell his new book. He's more a self-promoter than hypocrit, and just as sincere as O'Reilly, Coulter or Vannity (i.e., not at all). My God, you'd think a marine could stand up to a couple vegan socialists. Joe, I think, has the wrong idea.

    Ah, Idol Country... I have fond memories of that one.

    Posted by: Anon | Mar 6, 2007 1:19:01 PM

  12. and so it goes why i find it easy to easily spin through so many channels on the off-chance there is a television nearby....easy to spin through the channels as it's easy to spin so many of these stories into whatever you'd like....just as i've observed productions beyond this binary thinking succumb to such innocuous drivel predicated on adolescent melodrama....much as it can be said returning to market and sanchez through shallow alto not palo alto -- was there a conversation to be had or simply a girliness that flushes the potential of plenty of projects, as people are too busy doing press conferences or patting themselves on the back. and, most gay porn is so boring any dolce vita was appropriately titled -- so slow, the numbing derivatives put you to sleep. missing shows as skipping that binary thinking....just as visits to different locations becomes difficult due to denial of a culture gone into remote relations versus face to face -- and we now return to american spam and mexican refried some people only believe in these dualities -- there could never be anything else. and in ireland, they wipe their asses with shamrocks. very stupid, indeed. flipping through the channels one is introduced to the septic primaries of telecomm these days. oy vey on that one.

    Posted by: ricardo | Mar 6, 2007 1:19:35 PM

  13. OK, Andy, I gotta ask. Was it really an "11 inch monster cock" as it is being reported?

    Posted by: DC8 Stretch | Mar 6, 2007 1:26:25 PM

  14. Gonna watch Idol Country tonite as a tribute...

    hehe. I love when stuff like this happens..

    Posted by: Darren | Mar 6, 2007 1:26:45 PM

  15. these are andy, having worked in film and publishing -- well, you know how easy it is to fabricate these stories. then again, for some people, a mexican adventure would be blue chairs and nothing more. paltry projects, paltry news events, paltry relations, paltry charity, paltry health programs, paltry parties....all connected by the same buzz.

    Posted by: ricardo | Mar 6, 2007 1:27:13 PM

  16. I envy CPL. Sanchez. While I have yet to have my 15 minutes of fame, he has enjoyed it twice, once clothes and once naked. If I didn't know better, I'd swear he was a mole of the Gay Mafia infiltrating the Republikkkan elite to gain information and cause embarrassment. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! Sanchez' timing is(as it was, I seem to recall) perfect: he and Coulter in the money shot just moments after Coulter spurts her fag "joke." What a climax!!!! Cpl. Sanchez does it again (and again, and again)!

    BTW, if memory serves me right, Sanchez has an enormous, er, personality and a fine body. And I love his new Marine "do".

    Posted by: Howard | Mar 6, 2007 1:30:31 PM

  17. Oh, how rich. Conservatives are the comedy gift that keeps on giving.

    Posted by: Marco | Mar 6, 2007 1:30:47 PM

  18. Ryan, you totally missed the point of Andy's post... it's about irony and the self-serving nature of fuckheads like Ann Coulter, Fox Television, and Matthew Sanchez... The "elitest environment" [sic] and you being on the "recieving end" [sic] of a Columbia education is something maybe you should deal with in therapy... also, if your spelling is an indication of that Columbia education, I'd ask for my money back.

    Posted by: wstsidelad | Mar 6, 2007 1:31:10 PM

  19. I don't quite understand how it's even worth the effort to recruit at schools like Columbia. Quite frankly, if someone at an Ivy League school wants to join the military, they'll probably just do it on their own.
    I don't know if this has been anyone else's experience, but all the recruiters I encountered during high school and college were patronizing as all hell. I was specifically targeted for recruitment on a few occasions because I grew up in a low income rural area, with the assumption (so it seemed) that I was a stupid kid who had no idea that college was expensive and that the only conceivable way I could pay for it was the military. So while I was always polite when it came to replying, "No, I'm here on scholarship," I can also sympathize to a degree with these "radical, anti-military" students.

    Posted by: scientitian | Mar 6, 2007 1:33:54 PM

  20. I smell mendacity.

    Posted by: Big Daddy Will | Mar 6, 2007 1:37:40 PM

  21. Isn't the general thinking on porn stars that they are attention seeking whores who will do anything for money, including prostituting their beliefs? Seems like a perfect fit with Coulter.

    ps - I've known and fooled around with some porn stars, and they've been great guys! I'm mocking the STEREOTYPE of a porn star.


    Posted by: Gregg | Mar 6, 2007 1:44:37 PM

  22. Thank God he is gay!

    Every man I've been attracted to has been gay. He is polite yet masculine and totally intimidated O'Reilly. I agree with Ryan that professors enforce a strict ideology on campus and punish those that don't agree. I think schools should stay liberal-minded though. They should not impose there view.

    Posted by: Jack! | Mar 6, 2007 1:49:37 PM

  23. Wow wstsidelad, that was uncouth. I honestly felt like there were many different layers to this story and I was commenting on the validity of the statements that this man was making. I wasn't aware that typos diminished the value of my education. Just to be clear I wasn't scarred by the homogenous student body and their endless rhetoric, I was just extremely annoyed. You on the other had felt the need to be a little bit of a catty bitch which speaks volumes about yourself. Sounds like somebody spent some time at a community college. Maybe you’re the one that might need the therapy?

    Posted by: Ryan | Mar 6, 2007 1:50:25 PM

  24. FACERCIZING! WHAT THE FUCK!? This story is so bizarre on so many levels. He set up a website under his nickname Matteo about the progress he has made excercizing his face based on a bizarre self help book...type facercizing into Google and the look at the Image results and you will see his pics...they are hilarious!

    Posted by: Mike | Mar 6, 2007 1:55:10 PM

  25. Think you mean facerciSe - but still pretty hilarious almost as much as his Horowitz review hmmm... on second thought that's not so funny. I wonder if he also found God on his way to finding Reagan - perhaps that would explain his um... change of careers. He had to know sooner or later this was going to come out so maybe he has some sort of master plan.

    Posted by: Giovanni | Mar 6, 2007 2:09:40 PM

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