Conservatives Laud Gay Porn Star Marine


Cpl. Matt Sanchez, a USMC reservist, was recently feted at the CPAC conference where Ann Coulter made her “faggot” joke. Sanchez has been on all the conservative chat shows talking about the poor reception he has received from “radical anti-military students” while recruiting for the Marines at Columbia University, which he attends, and the right-wingers have quickly come to his defense.

SanchezWhat the conservatives apparently don’t know is that Sanchez has acted in many gay adult films, and Joe.My.God, who tipped me off to the story, notes the irony: ‘Now, porn stars are entitled to enter the military, although Sanchez obviously had to do it on the downlow. Porn stars are entitled to have a right-wing ideology, even though the very people he supports would love to see gay porn stars strung up by the nuts. (Wait, have I seen that movie?) But, Oh.The.Irony. of Sanchez appearing with Bill O’Reilly who only a couple of days went apoplectic over San Francisco’s ‘Colt Studio Day.’ And OH, the irony of Ann ‘Faggot’ Coulter happily posing with Sanchez for a photo-op.”

I was shocked to see this story this morning, for the main reason that Matthew Sanchez and I met at a gay bar in San Jose, California and went on a few dates in 1989 when I was a graduate student at Stanford. I haven’t seen him since. It was brought to my attention after we had finished dating that he had gone on to do gay adult films but I had no idea he had joined the military and was also holding hands with folks who would be so loath to accept him into their ranks had they any clue to his background.

I had not been following Sanchez on the right-wing talkies, and had I caught those segments you would have heard about this story much sooner. Though perhaps that was for the best, because should the story behind Sanchez have been brought to light any earlier, O’Reilly, Coulter, and others may not have been caught with their pants down on this one.

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