In the Spirit of Capote, Plaza Hotel Gets Versace Makeover


New York’s famed Plaza Hotel has been undergoing massive renovations as much of the hotel is being converted into luxury condominiums.

Plaza_hotelIn March 2006, Christie’s held a massive auction of items from the hotel including a parquet dance floor, candelabras, leather club chairs, a Steinway grand piano,and the humidor which used to house cigars in the Oak Room.

Now available for viewing at the Plaza are a set of prefab residences designed with items almost exclusively from the Versace home collection.

As NYC real estate blog Curbed notes, perhaps the black and white motif is an homage to the Plaza’s most famous event — Truman Capote’s 1966 Black & White Ball.

Well, at least that painting over the bed is symbolic of some sort of gay angst.


Versace at the Plaza: Making Capote Proud [curbed]

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  1. tc says

    ..and you TOO can live at the wonderful Plaza Hotel…prices starting at….2 million and up to 40 million…maybe I’ll buy a couple…only in NYC


  2. Dave says

    Sorry, but it’s ugly and lame. I don’t care who designed it, the emperor has no clothes.

  3. Justin says

    I agree with you Dave. Ugly and lame, and with the name Versace attached to it, the word “hideous” should be added. How utterly BORING also.

  4. John says

    Looks very “Wallpaper” circa 2002.

    Isn’t that around when Versace was killed?

    The look will probably go over great in the sales office in Bahrain.