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Right-wing Porn Marine Matt Sanchez "Bad at Being Gay"

USMC reservist porn star Matt Sanchez, now the right wing's darling, was a topic of conversation last night on MSBNC's Countdown. Max Blumenthal of The Nation spoke about the recent revelations:

Blumenthal: "I fully expect the people who supported him on the right to throw him under the bus now, because these authoritarian conservatives treat each other as compassionately as disabled veterans... know, several gay bloggers, like for instance T Rex and Firedoglake have talked for years about the existence of sort of a gay Republican underground railroad that's funneled people like Jeff Gannon and Corporal Matt Sanchez from the fringes of the adult industry into the core of the conservative movement and they've played an influential role in the backlash politics of the conservative movement and the Republican party. That's really what's relevant here. It doesn't matter, inherently, that he was a gay porn star. What matters is that he's a hypocrite who's advancing the ideological homophobia of the right and helping them exploit this homophobia for political gain."

And Sanchez vaguely and defensively addressed a few interview questions for blogger Joe.My.God yesterday. Said Sanchez: "There's something about the beleaguered gay psyche that wants to prove to the world that everyone is just as messed up as they are. So, they start off with the term hypocrite and work their way backwards looking for signs of deviant behavior in hopes of discovering some type of bastard kinship." Read the interview. It's rich.

Sanchez is the last person to be accusing anyone of having a "beleaguered gay psyche".

When JMG asks Sanchez directly if he is gay, he dodges the question: "Boyfriends: 0 Fiance: 2 Wife: 1. I'd say I'm pretty bad at being gay." Based on my acquaintance with Sanchez a good 18 years ago, he was pretty good at being gay. Apparently what he's very bad at is accepting it.

ADDENDUM: Salon today published a two-page op-ed piece by Sanchez:

"By the way, as a political minority on the Columbia campus, people are always asking me, 'How can you be a conservative? They're so hateful.' That wasn't the feeling I got when I accepted my award. And it's not what I've been hearing from the conservative community since my 'outing.'"

Ya think? That's the same conservative community that cheered when Ann Coulter called John Edwards a "faggot". Now that his past has been displayed, does Sanchez really think those wingnuts will be welcoming him with open arms?

Matt Sanchez responds, sort of... []
Porn Free [salon]

Thanks to Jordy at virtual matter for the video clip.

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  1. "fairly frisky gay porn"

    Made me laugh out loud.

    Posted by: Patrick | Mar 8, 2007 8:46:24 AM

  2. That Sanchez guy is such a pathetic fukking loser! The majority of gay people aren't as messed up as he is and certainly haven't done porn!

    P.S. Lots of closet-case asshole fags get married and engaged.

    Posted by: shane | Mar 8, 2007 8:47:45 AM

  3. Is somebody shouting "Flamer!" in the proverbial crowded closet?

    I suppose Sanchez has his guaranteed 1st Amendment right to be a liar also.

    Posted by: FizziekruntNT | Mar 8, 2007 9:02:01 AM

  4. Maybe Sanchez is bisexual. A lot of guys have trouble conceding to being bisexual, probably because both straights and gays tend to deride male bisexuality. This stands in stark contrast to the way female bisexuality is embraced.

    In any case, I think Sanchez is being more than a little hypocritical and certainly a tad more than evasive. You shouldn't be ashamed to say you're bi, Sanchez.

    Posted by: joseph | Mar 8, 2007 9:22:17 AM

  5. Personally, I'm just waiting for him to get his walking papers from the military.

    Posted by: MississippiTim | Mar 8, 2007 9:40:59 AM

  6. I don't know why a gay porn actor turns into a right wing Marine. I don't know why a conservative Christian girl goes to parties without panties and shaves her head.

    All I know is my own experience. Being conservative was a way to hide, wrapping myself up in ideology that would compensate for feelings I believed were sinful. I clung to the notion that conservative Republican stood for integrity, values, wholesomeness.

    It took some serious life lessons to wake me up from that fog, however. But I do know a little about how a conservative mind works.

    Maybe this is Sanchez's experience and maybe he's is completely different. But human is human.

    Posted by: mark m | Mar 8, 2007 9:48:36 AM

  7. He is bisexual - calling people gay when they are bi makes it REALLY easy for them to discount the accusation.

    Straights bigots will repsond the same if you call this guy bi.

    But if you call him gay - they will agree with HIM when he says he is not gay.

    The gay press and bloggers should try to remember that point. Bi is just as bad to the bigots. No need to call bi-porn stars or people gay.

    Posted by: rjp3 | Mar 8, 2007 9:48:43 AM

  8. Sounds like Sanchez responds to awards. That fake conservative award he got made him think conservatives = love. I don't know what more the gay community can give him—he's had Andy Towle! Does anyone want to chip in on some engraving for a medal? Maybe the Facercise Matters Award?

    Posted by: Matthew Rettenmund | Mar 8, 2007 9:57:58 AM

  9. Yeah, he is probably not gay. The preponderance of the evidence suggests he is bisexual.

    Posted by: Javier | Mar 8, 2007 10:02:50 AM

  10. Sanchez uses the "Straw Man" fallacy against gays in his dialogue. He says that gays want to show the world as messed up as we are. Actually he reframed our argument because we actually try to show that we're just as stable as everyone else.

    His next premise which relies on the first says that we therefore look for hypocrisy. However, gays value continuity which is the reason why we're calling him on hypocrisy in the first place. Not to show that he's a hypocrite like us, because we're not and are actually living more authentic lives...

    Third, gays aren't like Sanchez says, looking for deviant behavior, because we don't articulate or view gay behavior as deviant in the first place.

    I certainly don't think we're looking for kinship with him, let alone a bastard one either.

    Posted by: David M | Mar 8, 2007 10:02:51 AM

  11. He sounds just like a publicity hound who is trying to make a buck. He had second thoughts about selling his endowment for everything he could get for it, and now he is finding a new way to make money. I would not be surprised if he eventually has a mental breakdown when he can no longer live with himself. What he fails to realize is that he is not just hurting himself but many others out there. The same goes for many "compassionate" Conservatives.

    Posted by: John | Mar 8, 2007 10:03:32 AM

  12. This guy reeks of shame and self-loathing.

    In no way does he or should he speak for other gay men and women who've had to courage of their conviction to come out and be who they in fact are.

    Posted by: hoya86x | Mar 8, 2007 10:03:44 AM

  13. Fiance:2; Wife:1 - None worked out? Sounds to me like he's bad at being STRAIGHT!

    Posted by: John | Mar 8, 2007 10:05:31 AM

  14. what a juxtaposition of stories on this blog. first, roberts. second, sanchez. role model. reptile. oh well, andy, i guess there's no accounting for taste when it comes to former dates.

    Posted by: sean | Mar 8, 2007 10:08:49 AM

  15. After bashing his peers on Fox News this guy now has to go back to Columbia and face all those people who will never take him seriously again. He also I presume will be forced to leave his position in the military unless he tries to make the case that he is not gay. However I get the feeling that his 'not very good at being gay' argument won't save him on the internet or in the military.

    I just can't believe that anyone who has worked in pornography and as a prostitute (although I think porn is a form of prostitution) would make any sort of moral judgement on anyone else. The "beleaguered gay psyche"! Matt: It's not 1965, most gay people do not suffer from a 'beleaguered psyche', that's you!

    I feel bad for your 'wife'...although I doubt that such a person even exists. Matt you ARE self-loathing! You are the epitome of reactionary conservatism. I hope there is no book deal in all of this

    Posted by: Paul | Mar 8, 2007 10:53:05 AM

  16. I'm glad that you moved past this mess all those years ago, Andy. You have more class than this tool.

    Posted by: Gary | Mar 8, 2007 11:02:03 AM

  17. What did you talk about on your dates with this ass, Andy, or was there no talk?

    Posted by: Paul | Mar 8, 2007 11:29:04 AM

  18. Sanchez is obviously dishonest....

    For instance, in his salon piece, he claims

    "In September 2005, I wrote a column for the campus newspaper that blasted the anti-military bias among my fellow students at Columbia University. In addition to being an American studies major at Columbia, I am a Marine Corps reservist, and my comrades in arms were proud of me once that column had turned into appearances on "The O'Reilly Factor" and "Hannity & Colmes" and an opinion piece for the New York Post. None of those media outlets knew who I had been before I was a Marine, an Ivy Leaguer and an outspoken defender of the military. "

    first off, both TV appearances and the Post column had nothing to do with any column written by Sanchez for his school paper (and there is no evidence of Sanches writing such a column until February 2007). No, Sanchez got his media exposure because of his complaint about "anti-military discrimination" at Columbia University.

    And, to put it mildly, the facts are in dispute with regard to those claims. Basically, Sanchez's story is that he was hanging out by the "Hamilton Club" table during Columbia U's Activity Day in 2005, when some socialists said that he was "too stupid" to realize that the military was exploiting him as a member of a minority.

    Sanchez's account is supported by one witness -- who is part of the Marine Corps "version" of ROTC, and was also president of Columbia's race-baiting "Conservative Club" (the kind of group that holds "affirmative action bake sales").

    Everyone accused by Sanchez denies the allegations (which seem to keep changing, depending on which media outlet Sanchez is talking to), and say there are impartial witnesses that dispute the Sanchez version of events. And, the Columbia Spectator says that "[t]he allegations ....cannot be independently verified."

    The real story appears to be fairly simple.... Columbia University does not permit military recruitment on its campus. It turns out that the "Hamilton Club" (which Sanchez describes as a military history club) table was the "Military Society" table -- the "Military Society" is actually the name for the group of Columbia students who take Army ROTC classes at Fordham University. (Columbia does not have an ROTC chapter on its campus, but does have ROTC students enrolled who participate with the ROTC unit at Fordham).

    The "socialist" students were part of the Columbia "International Socialist Organization" , who had actively opposed efforts by campus right-wingers to end Columbia's "no discriminatory recruitment" policy. And the ISO students had gone to the Military Society table to get samples of "recruitment" literature the Military Society was handing out.

    ...and Sanchez didn't like that, so he provoked a confrontation---and apparently made up a story about it. Columbia didn't take any action against the ISO because the charges were insupportable... but Sanchez (who appears to be a classic narcissistic sociopath) figures he can exploit the accusation --- certainly, there is more than enough wingnut welfare to go around, so why shouldn't another gay hustler get his share?

    Posted by: p.lukasiak | Mar 8, 2007 11:30:49 AM

  19. Is it too late to ressurect Kinsey and perhaps re-educate society? Any man that willingly participates (aside from "perform" in a porn shoot of ANY type) in a male/male sexual encounter is not "straight", if one were to use such a strict adherence to a definition. Apparently even that isn't being questioned by absolutes in this situation, but it certainly plays a large part in the hypocrisy of politics and popularity games.

    "Beleaguered psyche"? Glass houses, bitch. You get everything you deserve. Gee Andy, aren't you glad that didn't work out? Ugh, I want to feel sorry for these guys but they make it so damned difficult.

    If definitions were not so necessary for the norms of society, this kind of garbage wouldn't happen. Sanchez would just be, eh, kinda into guys once in a while, a little more into women, whatever blah blah blah. But no, everybody's got to have a friggin' label. This is what makes people fearful. This is what causes people to lie. This is what the weak-minded of society use to mark their territory so the perpetuation of fear balances out the lack of truly rational thought.

    I suppose "Hi, I'm a Kinsey 4" doesn't have the same ring as "Out Loud and Proud". I am rather enjoying watching these right-wing wingnuts as they piss in the wind. Who knew they were such watersport fanatics?

    Posted by: FizziekruntNT | Mar 8, 2007 11:43:38 AM

  20. We have had two Marines in the news in the last week.

    First Staff Sgt. Eric Alva and then Corporal Matt Sanchez.

    Only one of these men fills be with pride on EVERY level as a MAN, a HOMOSEXUAL, and a MARINE.

    If anyone questions which and why, just use "the Google".

    Hoorah, SEMPER FI, SSgt. Alva! You may, or may not, have the crotchital "endowment" of Sanchez but you are definitely twice the man he is and the ONLY STUD between the two of you. All the best to you and your partner my Devil Dog brother.

    Posted by: Zeke | Mar 8, 2007 11:51:11 AM

  21. is everyone's sexuality so black and white? and is every gay porn star gay? come on guys cut him some slack and accept that not everyone jumps into the trade marked gay lifestyle. over 30% of the gay population votes republican and most do it for economic or foreign policy reasons. If you are qualified to judge them all perhaps you are also smart enough to maintain some humility and be a little more accepting.

    Posted by: Tim | Mar 8, 2007 12:10:34 PM

  22. he's not good enough to be "gay".
    he's just fucked-up.

    Posted by: A.J. | Mar 8, 2007 12:12:59 PM

  23. Mark M, VERY well said my friend. You described to a T my early years and my reasons for clinging to the "social/religious conservative" playbook, that my parents, church and community marinated me in for 18 years.

    I don’t know why a person would go from being a gay porn star to being a right-wing, conservative Marine shill either (actually I do, but that’s another thread) but I do know, from PERSONAL experience, why a man would go from being a right-wing, conservative Marine shill to being an out and proud, gay liberal.

    What I came to understand through education, experience and interaction with "the other side" was that liberals/atheist/Unitarians/Democrats/etc. aren't less moral or less ethical than conservatives/Christians/fundamentalists/Republicans/etc., they are just: 1) more honest about, and feel less guilt about, the fact that they are, for better or worse, human; 2)less concerned about compartmentalizing their lives so that they can claim to have one set of morals/ethics/standards in public while living by a completely different code when they think no one is watching; 3) more likely to take personal credit for their achievements and personal responsibility for their failures and less likely to give all the credit to God for the former or blame “the devil” for the latter; 4) more aware that there REALLY ARE shades of grey in life and don't feel that acknowledging that FACT will result in the collapse of all morality, inevitably damning all of humanity to the pits of hell and; 5) not always looking for the next faux boogey man (Blacks, Jews, supposed Communists, Japanese, War protestors, “War on Christmas” insurgents, Poor people, immigrants (especially Mexicans), atheists, Arabs, Muslims, Macacas, San Franciscans, the French, and the worst of the worst, the "EK-SHULS" (Inti-lEK-SHULS and Homa-sEK-SHULS) to keep the sheep in a constant state of fear in order to maintain power; even to the point that they convince them that they must give up their civil liberties if they want to be protected from the latest menace to A-mur-ka.

    Corporal Sanchez evidently hasn’t come to any of these realizations yet.

    Those are overly broad generalizations and certainly don’t apply 100% of the time, but they are my PERSONAL observations, having been both a flag waving, gun toting, “love it or leave it”, moralist Conservative AND a tree-hugging, “radical homa-sek-shul agenda” pushing, humanist, screaming Liberal. They are also the five top reasons why I went from one to the other. I do still believe in small, unintrusive Government, State’s rights, individual responsibility and fiscal restraint. That's yet ANOTHER reason I’m no longer a Republican.

    Having said all that, let me add that there are MANY wonderful, kind, thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent and open-minded people in the world who identify as “Conservative” and/or “Republican” and I am proud to call some of them friends. There is no better example of this than my good friend RB, right here at Towleroad,

    Of course it’s never too late to come over to the Dark Side RB. :)

    PS: I don’t know if Sanchez should sue Columbia for providing him with a poor education or if Columbia should sue Sanchez for associating himself with their respected institution of higher learning but his spelling, grammar and sentence structure is atrocious. If I were a student, trustee, staff or faculty member at Columbia, I would cringe every time Sanchez said “I” and “Columbia” in the same sentence.

    Posted by: Zeke | Mar 8, 2007 12:14:56 PM

  24. I think he is so messed up. I don't know how he got to this point in his life with being that way.

    Posted by: Jack! | Mar 8, 2007 12:25:03 PM

  25. Tim,

    You state that "over 30% of the gay population votes Republican". Where do you get that statistic? Can you offer a link to any sort of credible evidence that this figure is valid? Or is it simply a figure you made up off the top of your head?


    Posted by: peterparker | Mar 8, 2007 12:37:58 PM

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