Colorado Gay Adoption Bill Advances

Alleging that support for a bill in Colorado to allow same-sex couples to adopt children is behind a broader “homosexual agenda” to advance same-sex unions, conservatives protested a Senate vote which advanced it on Wednesday.

Colorado_2House Bill 1330, which has already been approved by the House, needs another affirmative vote by the Senate before it can advance to the governor. The bill would allow same-sex partners to adopt each other’s children, a measure that mirrors a stepparent law already in place for married heterosexual couples.

Sen. Dave Schultheis (R-Colorado Springs) objected: “It’s not about the children at all. It’s about furthering this homosexual agenda and about attempting to continue to narrow the gap between marriage and the concept of a homosexual union.”

The law would give children in same-sex households health insurance benefits and Social Security payments already offered to those with two legal parents. In Colorado, gay individuals can currently adopt children, but same-sex parents cannot. The law would correct that injustice.

In related news, a prospective adoptive mother in Georgia is battling for a child taken away from her by the state’s foster care system, in part because “the child will have a long-term exposure to the homosexual parent’s lifestyle.”

And in California, a judge has ruled that a gay San Jose couple can proceed with a lawsuit against Arizona-based after they were refused consideration based on their sexual orientation: “In her March 30 ruling, Hamilton determined that’s alleged discrimination of same-sex couples went against California’s anti-discrimination laws. She rejected the Internet company’s claims that California consumer laws don’t apply to an out-of-state business or to free speech.”

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