Colorado Gay Adoption Bill Advances

Alleging that support for a bill in Colorado to allow same-sex couples to adopt children is behind a broader “homosexual agenda” to advance same-sex unions, conservatives protested a Senate vote which advanced it on Wednesday.

Colorado_2House Bill 1330, which has already been approved by the House, needs another affirmative vote by the Senate before it can advance to the governor. The bill would allow same-sex partners to adopt each other’s children, a measure that mirrors a stepparent law already in place for married heterosexual couples.

Sen. Dave Schultheis (R-Colorado Springs) objected: “It’s not about the children at all. It’s about furthering this homosexual agenda and about attempting to continue to narrow the gap between marriage and the concept of a homosexual union.”

The law would give children in same-sex households health insurance benefits and Social Security payments already offered to those with two legal parents. In Colorado, gay individuals can currently adopt children, but same-sex parents cannot. The law would correct that injustice.

In related news, a prospective adoptive mother in Georgia is battling for a child taken away from her by the state’s foster care system, in part because “the child will have a long-term exposure to the homosexual parent’s lifestyle.”

And in California, a judge has ruled that a gay San Jose couple can proceed with a lawsuit against Arizona-based after they were refused consideration based on their sexual orientation: “In her March 30 ruling, Hamilton determined that’s alleged discrimination of same-sex couples went against California’s anti-discrimination laws. She rejected the Internet company’s claims that California consumer laws don’t apply to an out-of-state business or to free speech.”

Gay Adoption Bill Advances In Senate [cbs4 denver]
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  1. Brian says

    Oh sure. Better to have the kid remain an orphan and in foster care than to be adopted by a sodomite.

    Oh, and that judge in Georgia needs to be REMOVED.

  2. Otto says

    not that I said this….

    GA Judge 1-706-468-4906

    If you can get past the bar be cue eatin gurl on the recorder.

    Evidently this is a town of 3400 people-don’t scurr em too bad.

    and I’m from SC-Lawd.

  3. MATT says

    man this always fries me when they use “furthering the homsexual agenda” as their argument, when the only agenda is obtaining EQUAL RIGHTS as a U.S. citizen. f’ing bigot.

  4. Jack! says

    Good to see things are moving forward on legal equality in Colorado and California. The judge in Georgia should follow the law not their chosen beliefs.

  5. RB says

    So where to begin with being insulted by this Georgia judge! As a gay man, father of three and Georgia native I am furious with his loose interpretation of the law. I have always known why I do not venture more than 100 miles outside of Atlanta! We happen to be a very forward and progressive city in a very backward state! Unfortunate…

  6. Zeke says

    RB, I DEFINITELY feel your pain brother!

    As a Mississippi native and a long-time resident of Florida, I can’t even remember the last time I took pride in either of my home states. And since I live in Tampa, in Hillsborough County (home of the infamously anti-gay Rhonda Storms) I can’t even claim that I live in a progressive city.

  7. Aaron says

    For those interested, this bill passed a final reading in the Senate today and Governor Ritter has said he will sign it.

    Great day for equality in Colorado.