1. says

    always thought guy ritchie to be “red” hot, but never noticed that scar before… yeouch !! the head shaved unfortunately brings out the common east-end thug in him.
    evidently the scar’s from a stanley utility knife… it looks like one of those colombian dealer inflicted happy-face slice-up’s.

  2. Brian says

    Hot hot hot. That’s such a great look. I can’t pull it off myself (much to my great disappointment… too boynextdoorish). The scar makes it even better.

  3. the other jeff says

    The scar is the result of a fight he had with Madonna over her “American Life” album. Meow!

  4. mark m says

    Ever notice how Jason Statham never meets a grissly death in Guy’s movies… unlike most of the rest of his cast?

    Guess he just can’t stand watching the boyfriend buy the farm, if only on the big screen.

  5. atheist says

    Yeah…the scar is all part of his studied East End ‘hard man’ persona that he so tenderly cultivates and which is a complete fallacy; he’s actually a bit of a toff (who hasn’t had a job in a while). Shaved head – even less interesting than Becks’ new head.

  6. says

    It doesn’t look like he was losing his hair which often inspires men to shave hair 0ff. A very wise move for anyone who is thinning too much in the wrong places….and usually always looks hot.

  7. Michael says

    Wow. I never noticed the scar before. I never thought he could look any more sexy than he usually does, but the buzz cut definitely does it. HOT.

  8. scooter says

    Ebsur is dead on; Guy’s infatuation with Jason Statham is pretty shameless.

    And Vaughnie’s solo stuff is crap without Ritchie.

    Their volatile relationship is what makes their films much more appealing than their stuff apart.

  9. Jamie says

    Perhaps his scar is fake since he’s being filmed with Madonna for a Nip/Tuck episode in which The Slasher makes a comeback?

  10. Mike V. says


    I’ve just located a photo of Guy from 2000 (the premiere of “Snatch”) in which he has the scar, so I guess it’s real.

  11. Jamie says

    Well Mike V. I’m usually always right…not this time I guess! I won’t ask you for the link to that picture 😉

    Wikipedia mentions nothing about the scar, but I did learn that he really was a bad boy in his younger days, and lexdyslic on top of that!

  12. anon says

    He’s not my type, but hair loss has encouraged me to adopt a similar look (so far without the scar). Alas, gay men hate grey hair more than baldness.