Michelle Rodriguez Rants Against Curve for Outing Her

Lost actress Says Rodriguez: “If I were Ellen I may get away with: ‘ The I’m Gay’ level of exposure, but I’m not a comedian, I like men; ( real One’s Anyway) and I’ve only bin in this business for 7 years not 20. Years of recognition can give a person lots of leverage especially if you have many years of positive recognition under your belt. There are certain things that can close doors between a celebrity and certain audiences. Especially in a world where walls are constantly being put up by people seeking comfort and groups to belong to. There is so much out there, over-saturation of music, media, Agenda News, war, political drama, high school prom drama, image drama, religion drama, Bully drama. All this drama is caused by one thing, not understanding the true meaning of communication and the real power behind it. It’s tough to learn, I’m working on it myself, but when people come out of nowhere and put words in my mouth or call me Gay, they should really think for one second How they could truly affect my life by doing such things. You don’t know what producer, director, would be husband or future audience member may be influenced by these opinions and media content.”

Actually, I think it was Rodriguez’ ‘girlfriend’ Kristanna Loken who outed her, in an interview with the Advocate last November.

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  1. MP says

    I met her a couple years ago at a party in Silver Lake, and my impression was: (i) she is stunningly beautiful in person and (ii) she is totally fucking crazy. Like, Anne Heche caliber nuts. I could totally see her dating some woman publicly, then dumping her and marrying some guy, then ending up in Fresno, all sweaty and manic, looking for her spaceship.

  2. shane says

    I’m guessing from reading this that Ms. Rodriguez was not nor has ever been an English major. Hell, she writes like she’s never even taken an English class!

  3. Jonathon says

    Michele, where have you been for the last 100 years? Celebrities lives are not private, at least not in this day and age. Most people who gain fame realize this. I’m not saying that it is right, but rather that it’s the way the world is.

    She is indeed bat-shit crazy…. and yes, the Anne Heche analogy is apt.

  4. sweetjohnny says

    Her horrible spelling and barely-concealed mental instability aside, don’t y’all find it odd that she’s just now getting around to responding to this?

  5. Chris in Seattle says

    Lets see..she worries about peoples impressions of her changing because they think she is gay..What about losing your job on a hit television series because you were caught driving under the influence? Id rather have people think “lesbian” than “out of control law breaking drunk”, but thats just me.

  6. FizziekruntNT says


    “Anne Heche-caliber nuts” AAAAAHAhahah! That’s hilarious.

    While Michelle has her own issues of self-loathing and distrust (wasn’t she also arrested on drunk driving charges?), and she’s doing nobody a favor, especially herself by making foolish statements as shown above, shouldn’t she be left to work out her own issues on her own time? I don’t remember some gay task force coming to my door singing “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” Didn’t we all already know about Michelle?

    “Mommy, I’m gay!”
    “Yeah, I know.”
    “NO you DIDN’T!”
    “Yes I did. So did everybody else.”
    “Whatever, mija. Shut up and eat your cereal.”

  7. anon says


    If I read through the fog of her wisdom, she is saying that if outed she can no longer sleep her way up the HW food chain to get better roles because directors, writers and producers are mostly men. That is a big worry I suppose. It must drive her crazy.

  8. Daniel says

    This is pretty typical. So many of these people who want to be stars reach a point where there career is not going where they think it should so they cast about looking for something to blame. She’s decided to blame being outed because if she admits that it is her own behavior that would make it her fault. But the fact is, there are a lot of very good actors out there who never even get the chance to appear on a popular TV show (albeit one with a huge revolving cast). It’s all so much luck and if you get a reputation for being difficult people might decide it’s just not worth it to deal with you.

  9. peterparker says

    Didn’t anyone tell Michelle that the straight guys lurve the lesbians and that such publicity will only increase her chances of getting a husband?

  10. JOSEF says

    PETERPARKER: Straight guys love straight women who behave like lesbians. There’s a big difference. Lesbians scare them, just as they scare (mostly) every male.

  11. patrick nyc says

    “You don’t know what producer, director, would be husband or future audience member may be influenced by these opinions and media content.”

    My favorite line is the ‘would be husband or future audience member’, as if they are one and the same. This is the whack job who was fired from Lost for drunk driving, is hooked up in the sex/rape scandle of Anand Jon Alexander, the Indian born Miami based fashionista wanna be who is now under arrest for raping several under age women. Nice company and role modeles Michelle, glad you were killed off on Lost.

  12. pacificoceanboy says

    Uhm 7 yrs in the biz = she is not going to go any higher fame wise. She needs to realize that she has already peaked and coing out would actualy help her career. She could use the closet thing as an excuse to cover all those DUI arrests in the past and get a fresh start after her oprah apperance.

    otherwise she is going to remain a straight to video actress

  13. Dean says

    Michelle *who*???

    Seriously, before I heard this story, I had no idea who she was. Yes, I’d seen her on “Lost” but I couldn’t have told you her name.

    Harvey Fierstein once said, “Bad publicity is better than no publicity.” Even if she thinks being outed (or gay) is horrible, hey, at least now we know who she is.

  14. Maritza Roman says

    Michelle is a what!?Because that kinda shocked me last night when I was watching television on E!NEWS which is the celebrity channel 58 and I always see what’z up with the celebrities now and days.I LOVE MICHELLE!the way she is, no matter what if she is a lesbian or not.

  15. sick of it all lesbo says

    Love the Anne Heche comment, whoever made it. Still laughing about it. Michelle is pathetic, plain and simple. Bye bye Michelle, can’t wait for your E THS after your 50th drunk driving arrest, if you even get that.

  16. Amanda says

    Curve magazine is totally out of line their intetion was to out Michelle as a homosexual. Michelle has made it clear she is straight and not gay. Why are gay people so hypocritical? So gay people can NEVER do wrong. You guys are so fake. Curve invaded Michelle’s privacy and thats not right. I say Michelle should sue Curve.

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