Towleroad Guide to the Tube #134

A MIGHTY HEART: Trailer for the film about slain journalist Daniel Pearl, playing at Cannes.

BARACK, THE MAGIC NEGRO: Today covers Rush Limbaugh’s radio show soundtrack.

RUDY GIULIANI: David Letterman questions him on the war in Iraq.

O’DONNELL vs HASSELBECK: Rosie and Elizabeth have it out.

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  1. Kamasutra Jones says

    Rosie is such a twat. She can’t even answer her own question. I hope she leaves the View and never comes back to television. She’s an embarassment as an American and most definitely as a gay American.

  2. marks says

    My subtitles for the above:

    “Bucking for Best Actress” by A. Jolie-Pitt, prod. by B. Pitt

    “No it’s no magic, just manners and common decency”, by O. Barack.

    “Is it just me or am I really turning into a stuttering Elmer Fudd”, by R. Giuliani.

    “and I am telling you I am never going to shut the fuck up, am I?”, By R. O’Donnell

    “What is with my hands and arms – it’s like I am a fucking marionnette – and a non-too-bright one either”, by E. Hassellbeck

  3. ray says

    Elisabeth is intolerable and has become moreso ever since her trip to the White House. Her ignorance never ceases to amaze me.

    Rosie’s voice is a voice that needs to be heard on TV. Nobody else is addressing the issues she is.

  4. Mike says

    Rosie is great. At times, she needs to tone down her delivery but she is obviously unhappy on the show with such a dumbass like EH. See her on her blog w/ her friends, She is often very funny. It is the old Rosie we are used to w/ the same politics spoken on the View. Can’t wait to see her in a new venture where she will be more relaxed hopefully. It is not just EH but she has said that she can’t question many people because B Walters is close friends with some and she would be unhappy about that.

  5. hoya86 says

    re: Rosie.
    can’t hate on her, she says (perhaps a bit inarticulately and/or tactlessly) what others (Barbara Walters) won’t say. I’m glad she’s had this platform for the past year – unfortunately, w/o her The View goes nowhere.

    re: Guiliani
    little man who had 3 or 4 good days in 2001. If I were a Republican and it came down to either him or Romney as the party choice….I’d switch to the Democrats. That wife is a complete embarrassment. I think it says a lot that he went from Donna Hanover to thrice married (but could only remember two of them) wannbe Queen-for-a-day Judi Nathan.

  6. tony says

    Rosie O’Donnell (sp?) has the same rage issues as that guy Andy Baldwin (which is probably why they are such good friends). She misconstrues a lot of what people say or do as homophobic (best example is Kelly Ripa gagging when Gayken put his hand over her mouth) and is very judgmental of others but goes nuts when people judge her. Still her girlfriend is very placid so she must have a nice side.

  7. MCnNYC says

    Eliz Hasselbeck is a puppet who is fed comments to bait Rosie by the director in an earpiece in here hear. She is ignorant, and young and GOD HELP US. But I’m Glad Rosies leaving BW has once again proved where her loyaties lie.

  8. Malibu Boy says

    It seems only the comics in the country (Rosie, Letterman, Maher, Behar, SNL) are the ones using their media access to question this corrupt administration and this unjust war. Bloggers too are doing the work that our news media need to be doing. Meanwhile CNN, NBC, ABC and Fox are either spewing White House talking points, helping to ratchet up fear, or distracting people with the travails of the latest D-list celebutard.

  9. says

    The most disturbing thing about that letterman video is the fact that people were clapping at the end. Rudy Guliani said something on the verge of insanity… and they clap? Am I allowed to paraphrasefrom a new star wars movie, because it sure seems like democracy is dying to an applause.

  10. Brandon says

    Wow, between Rush, Juliani, and allgeations about Rosie being a terrorist sympathizer, I’m not sure what to say. This is disappointing, but let’s not lose heart. We need to stay engaged and to hold people accountable.

  11. soulbrotha says


    I don’t understand what you’re getting on about. Rosie’s “rage issues” are the same ones that most Americans have after being led by a corrupt and slimy president for two terms!

    And as for Kelly Ripa, she was proven to be a lying hypocrite when footage was shown of her placing her hand over Regis’ mouth!

    I got issues with Rosie same as I do with Oprah, but at least she speaks the truth and says things that no one else in television media (short of Ken Olbermann)has the balls to say!

  12. Jack! says

    Rosie and Elisabeth had a huge blowup today. It was not good. It went on for several minutes after Elisabeth made an underhanded comment about Rosie. Rosie said she will not fight Elisabeth anymore because it will be blown up in the press as mean, fat, loud-mouth lesbian Rosie attacks pure, christian, innocent Elisabeth. Elisabeth went on to attack Rosie for the Donald Trump incident and other things she said on the show.

  13. Malibu Boy says

    Once Elizabutt met the Queen her ego blew up like a Macy’s balloon. I hope the View tanks post-Rosie forcing Hassleyack to be banished to some third-tier cable show like Star Jones. And it would be further karma if her quarterback husband was found in bed with a man. Who wants to volunteer to take one for the team, huh?

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