Former Arizona Rep. Jim Kolbe Cleared in Page Investigation

Former Arizona Rep. Jim Kolbe, who was swept up in the controversy surrounding Mark Foley and his inappropriate conduct toward congressional pages, has been cleared of any wrongdoing, according to Justice Dept. investigators.

KolbeIn late 2006, a source told ABC’s The Blotter that “[Kolbe was] one of a small number of ‘problem members’ of Congress (along with Foley) whom page program supervisors complained spent too much time socializing with pages, taking them to dinner or sporting events outside of official duties.”

There were also reports that Kolbe acted inappropriately toward two former pages who accompanied him on a 1996 camping trip.

Said Kolbe of the inquiry: ”Yesterday’s action by the Justice Department is powerful evidence that the allegations of wrongdoing were unfounded. I am thankful for the department’s objective review of this matter and glad to have finally put this issue to rest.”

According to the AP, “Kolbe, 64, is now a fellow at the German Marshall Fund think tank and a consultant at Kissinger McLarty Associates. He focuses on issues that were his priorities when he was in Congress — trade, aid and migration.”

Officials Absolve Kolbe in Page Probe [ap via nyt]