Kevin Spacey: Not Interested in Acting Anymore


Spacey told London Tonight:

“I don’t care about my personal acting career any more. I’m done with it. After 10 years of making movies and going better than I ever could have imagined, I sort of had to ask myself: What am I supposed to do with all of this success that I have had? Am I just going to keep making movie after movie and be concerned with all of that ‘Are you up, are you down, are you hot, are you not?’, and I don’t really care. What I care about is working with people, what I care about is the remarkable experience of being able to be a part of bringing people together.”

No word on whether or not Spacey’s disinterest in acting extends to other parts of his personal life.


  1. A.J. says

    someone should let him know that he’s not going to have to quit his job just to come out.

    and what’s with his referring to his professional acting career as a “personal” acting career ??

  2. Frank L says

    “No, the self-imposed ‘end’ of my acting career has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I haven’t had a hit movie or even a good movie out since ‘American Beauty.’ My scenery-chewing in ‘Superman Returns’ and ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’ do not count.”

  3. Michael says

    I had no idea Spacey was such a magnet for bitterness. Evveryone, from Andy to Zeke seem to have nothing nice to say. What did Mr Spacey do that has your skirts in such a twirl?

  4. Brian says

    I think he’s a good actor, and have liked him in several (but not all) of his movies. He can quit when he wants… maybe he’s not energized or inspired by acting anymore and wants to try new things… he’s got the money to relax and not worry about it, so why not?

    That said, he should come out already. Girl, please.

  5. Jack! says

    “I had no idea Spacey was such a magnet for bitterness.”

    Unfortunately gay people are following in straight people’s foot steps in attacking a gay man. Can we possibly move away from this self-defeating attitude? Everytime a gay celebrity is mentioned on this site or other gay sites everyone jumps on them. It does us no good by attacking other gay people. You are just doing the work for straight people that want us to NOT live freely.

  6. youch says

    If he’s giving up his movie career then why not come out. He’s won two Oscars and everyone knows he’s gay. It always helps to have another successful celebrity come out.

  7. Zeke says

    Michael, why do you say I’m bitter. I didn’t say anything negative about him personally I just thinks it’s a bit of a non story that a person who seems to have no demand announces that he’s not doing anymore movies, as if people are knocking his door down.

    I would find it equally amusing if a 40 year old man, who had lost his hair and gained a beer belly, found it necessary to call a press conference to announce that he would no longer be interested in modeling for Abercrombie and Fitch.

    Frankly I could care less if he is gay or not. He’s not pushing anti-gay legislation or pushing a homophobic agenda so his sexual orientation or degree of outness is of no concern to me. I actually think that constantly shining the spotlight on closeted gay people, who aren’t legislating homophobia, does our community more harm than good. It just tell the general public that homosexuality is such a shameful thing that even the homo’s are ashamed of it.

    I prefer that we ignore the closeted celebrities and spend more time being supportive of those who are out.

  8. Tim says

    Zeke, it’s not like Kevin Spacey sent out some massive press release saying “Attention world: I’m done with you!!! I vant to be alone!!!” I’m sure the subject came up in an standard interview that well known actors give to the press from time to time. Towle just latched onto this one line. Jeesh, you act like Spacey is harassing you with spam or something.

    This is similar to the response the the Rufus post. He makes one dumb comment during an interview and of course, it’s the one that gets passed around and focused on. I honestly doubt Rufus called some press conference to announce that he had a clever zinger about Anderson Cooper.

  9. Zeke says

    If they ever make a movie about the life and times of Mike Huckabee, maybe Kevin will come out of retirement to play the leading role. Since Huckabee lost all that weight there’s an uncanny resemblance between him and Spacey.

  10. patrick nyc says

    “He’s not pushing anti-gay legislation or pushing a homophobic agenda so his sexual orientation or degree of outness is of no concern to me.” ZEKE

    ZEKE you know I love you man but I beg to differ on this one. Spacey gave an interview in Esquire ten years ago that eluded he was gay and Spacey and his manager denied it and flipped out. That sir is homophobia. In fact the kind wheere you hate yourself is the worse kind. Yes he has a right to his privacy but shortly after the fuss over the ‘non-outing’ he was photographed making out with a young man in a West Hollywood park. You can’t have it both ways.

    I thought he was a decent actor ten years ago in several films but his last good one was American Beauty. He let those Oscars go to his head, or maybe they were put up his ass. He took himself so seriously and he hit the hight of BS when he sang on the 9/11 tribute and then again on the Letterman show. He can not sing, which is what made his last major film role, the Bobby Darrin bio flick tank.

    As far as I am concerned the nail in his coffin was his lame excuse for being ‘mugged’ by a young hustler at 4am who he ‘lent’ his cell phone to, in a very well known cruising park over in London where he is doing the Old Vic thing.

    And MICHAEL, like ZEKE, I am not bitter, I just hate hypocrits. The worst kind are talented people who let themselves get lost in their own hype.

  11. says

    Better late than never, Kevin. But couldn’t you have lost interest in your acting career when the rest of the world did, about the time of K-PAX and THE SHIPPING NEWS?

    Just stay in London. Their loss is our gain.

  12. Louisville Man says

    Hmm, a good, very good, actor chooses to not act anymore, run the venerable Old Vic theatre, make it a success and we should care about his sexuality? I think closeted gay people in places of power that systematically work against the glbt population are more importatnt that Kevin Spacey. Sure, if he comes out it might inspire some bloke struggling in the hinterlands but I doubt it. There enough gay role models out there that we don’t need to dump on Kevin Spacey and his personal choices. You know, he might have a good reason.

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