Towleroad Guide to the Tube #141

PUBLIC LYNCHING: Paris Hilton hung out to dry by Sarah Silverman at the MTV awards.

VAN HANSIS: Luke (Hansis) meets his future boyfriend Noah (Jake Silbermann) on last Friday’s As The World Turns.

BEN AFFLECK: Speaks the truth about the weak Democrats on Bill Maher.

SURFIN’ USA: A summer distraction.

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  1. Cory says

    Wow, that Paris Hilton crack was rough lol. I couldn’t believe it, and Paris wasn’t having any of it. Even funnier, Jack Nicholson’s taking sips of water to keep from laughing. Karma’s a bitch lol.

    I didn’t see the whole thing, but she made some funny comments about the Paparazzi and female vagina’s:

  2. Jon says


    Nice assumption based on a small video. A little over-sensitive, aren’t you? Did it say, “A collage of beautiful men” or “A collage of the only men that are beautiful?”

  3. donsnyc says


    Go the to youtube website where the video is hosted and you will read it. Not an assumption. Just one click will it will take you there.

  4. donsnyc says

    In case it gets edited, here is what it said.

    “Collage of beautiful men in speedos and board-shorts with a soundtrack of the song ‘Surfin’USA’ performed by a capella group The Flirtations from their 1990 debut album featuring the voice of Michael Callen.”

    I tried to find some diversity in that video, maybe a flash of brown, dark/black skin? or yellow?

  5. Greg says

    I like Sarah Silverman and I’m no Paris fan. But, I thought her jokes last night, with Paris in the audience, was pretty cruel.

    On the surfing video, isn’t it just one person’s perspective on what the find attractive? Someone else can ceratinly make another one featuring a different type of guys.

  6. donsnyc says

    Geez people, this is the internet. Sure we can make a video montage of whatever we desire but that does not mean we can’t make a comment and be accused of making up the video description.

  7. Mike says


    First of all, you weren’t accused of making up the video description.

    Secondly, and I think this is pretty evident, Jon is just saying the the video never claimed to be an all-inclusive definitive statement on what should be considered beautiful, as in, only these men are beautiful.

    Third, would you have us force everyone to include every possible skin color, body type, and fetish in every video before it can be posted on the Internet? For that matter, why doesn’t the video have more women?

  8. Jon says

    Mike is right on as to what I was thinking. The video is just a selection of images that the creator thought were beautiful. I’m not sure how anyone could think that, by creating such a video, the creator was implying that, “only white men are beautiful.”

    Donsync, in the section you quoted, there’s still nothing suggesting that ONLY those men are beautiful. It’s just a collection (of one particular theme, seemingly stereotypical-looking surfers) of SOME beautiful men, from the creator’s point of view.

  9. Juliana says

    I agree with the first poster. Biracial/ethnic/exotic men are so in now! Why all the milky white cream puffs?

    On Ben, run for something. Like maybe one of the MA House seats?

    On Lukah (that’s Luke and Noah- Luah or Noke sux), I could have written a much better introduction scene… But did anyone notice the cutesy cartoon music playing in the background as if to say that this was all cute fun?

  10. Jon says

    Juliana: Why the milky white cream puffs? I’d say personal preference on the part of the video creator :) Sure, dilled alio sauce and paninis are the “in” thing in sandwich shops nowadays, but would you expect everyone to order one just because it’s the item everyone ELSE thinks is hot?

    Men of all races can be beautiful. If someone happens to have a hankering for beefy white guys one day, who cares? He may very well want to look at a slew of black models or a cadre of asian swimmers the next. 😀

  11. donsnyc says

    Being my ancestors as part Hawaiian, and an avid surfer myself, I disagree with Jon saying these are stereotypical-looking surfers. In porn sites that claim to be “surfers” or “surfer dudes” maybe.

    A “suggestion” is not outright implied. If you are constantly barraged with media images of “beautiful men” showing only a particular group, guess what? Have you ever heard of the saying “the power of suggestion”?

    Although I agree that the videomaker can post a video of whatever he so desires, who is to stop me from making a comment? I didn’t stop Gregoire to wish I was dead.

  12. Novo says

    Hey Don

    I get you but I don’t think your rant is going to make a difference. I’m black and I understand, flipping through the internet or simply living in a gay ghetto, etc, reveals seemingly most gay men just perfer white guys and thats the fact of life. You just have to get over it and move on. That strange feeling of disfranchisement can get in the way sometimes but you just have to learn to ignore it. Back in the 70s black people felt the same and they built their own thing. We have to do that too man; we can’t keep thinking about what white people think about us to feel good about ourselves.

  13. anon ( says

    This is getting to be like the eHarmony discussion and Quebec Bar discussion on TR, only now most here are defending exclusionary practices (when they aren’t affected!). I’m sure the filmmaker was making a subconscious selection of images rather than overtly excluding blacks and others (older guys like me??).

  14. says

    About the “surfin'” video, I think Ian just selected some of his favorite pictures regardless of the race of the guys, or if they were surfers or not… by my surprise , one of my self-portraits it’s shown on the video collage.. and I am latino and not a surfer! :)


  15. Tony May says

    Sarah Silverman made an incredibly insensitive joke about Angels getting AIDS in her HBO special. Plus her jokes about hispanics and african americans are equally outrageous. I do NOT believe we have to be politically correct all of the time but I watched her HBO special with a Hispanic friend and he was really hurt by her jokes. And I was hurt by her AIDS jokes. She really crossed the line on that one.

  16. MARK says

    I notice an absences of commenting on Ben’s comments regarding the pussy whipped Democratic party… He hit this one on the head, that’s why, post 9/11, i don’t vote for Dems anymore!

    The silence on this subject says volumes from the usual suspects here who usually are so eager to pounce on anyone with an R after their name. (Boy, Ben was right!!!)

  17. Tread says

    Mark, you know the may have fucked the goat with this one vote, but at least they aren’t constant kiss-asses to President Bumblefuck.

    Keep your bullshit propaganda to yourself.

  18. Tread says

    Mark, you know, the Democrats may have fucked the goat with this one vote, but at least they aren’t constant kiss-asses to President Bumblefuck.

    Keep your bullshit propaganda to yourself.

  19. MARK says


    i’d rather kiss an ass then fuck a goat any day! but, i am gay like that…

    My BS Propaganda? Where do you come up with this nonsensical crap. Ben Affleck is A HUGE LIBERAL! He’s an Al Gore worshipping, blame America first, were all gonna drown in 10 years MOONBAT LIBERAL!!! Give me a break!

    When one of your own calls you all pussys… well, it is to be noted by conservatives like myself… Just another example of democrats… they eat their own!

  20. RJ says

    Mark, I’m not sure what you mean about Democrats eating their own… unless you mean unlike Republicans, many of whom still stubbornly support Bush even when they know he’s wrong.

  21. Chris says

    I just watched that video and I counted 6 people I would consider latino, 1 that I would think was probably a light skinned african american, and an asian guy.

  22. Chris says

    Also, that Paris joke was pretty tame. Wow, a Paris Hilton penis joke. how thing you know, somebody will make fun of Donald Trump hair or George W Bush’s vocabulary skills. What I found to be far more telling, and embarrassing to Paris, was that at the set up of the joke “In a few days, Paris Hilton will be going to jail..” the entire room erupted into applause.

  23. Cory says

    Anon (, I have to agree. While I agree with Ben’s point that the Dem’s have to grow some balls, what more could the Dem congress/house do when everything they sent to Bush had (and would have) been vetoed. It was a no win scenario, and in the end the troops would have paid the price with no money being sent to help them, and that would have been fire for Bush to blame the Dem’s for risking the lives of the troops. In the end, the only losers were the American people.

  24. MARK says


    Let me give you an example or two of “democrats eating their own”

    The cruxifiction of Joe Lieberman

    other examples: Bob Shrum, Dick Morris, “That Woman”…

    some people know what ‘right’ really means. Others practice “moral relativism” to make themselves feel better.


  25. says

    Spoilers for Luke and Noah’s gay love story on As The World Turns next week in Branson:
    Noah’s father arrives and informs Noah that he’s decided not to pay for Northwestern and instead wants Noah to enlist in the Army and become a man. Luke walks in on Maddie and Noah just after they’ve made love.

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