Book: Clark Gable Had Sex with Just About Everyone

ClarkgableA new book on Clark Gable details his extensive sexual romps rather than his film career, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

“Clark Gable’s father taunted his son, calling him a ‘sissy.’ The young Gable responded by fashioning a macho-stud demeanor and projecting dad’s disgust onto the many homosexuals he met and worked with. And author David Bret (‘Joan Crawford: Hollywood Martyr’) makes it clear that quite a few gays and lesbians populated Hollywood’s soundstages and swimming pools. The author tags virtually everyone who shows up here as straight, gay or bisexual, the majority falling into the latter two categories. Like previous accounts, this one alleges that early in his career Gable was ‘gay for pay’ and for career advancement. He squired older women, some of them perhaps closet lesbians, and had close personal, possibly sexual relationships with a number of openly gay men. He was, as well, a serial seducer of women. Bret’s sourcing is unclear throughout; he qualifies most assertions about Gable’s sexuality with phrases like ‘it could be’ and ‘it was alleged.’ As for insight into the star’s films and acting, look for it elsewhere.”


  1. parking says

    According to William J. Mann’s book, “Wisecracker: The Life and Times of William Haines, Hollywood’s First Openly Gay Star”, Haines had a sexual encounter with the young Clark Gable. Interestingly enough, Haines was widely known to be a top. Mann’s book also mentions Gary Cooper as having a boyfriend early on.

  2. Trasker says

    Kenneth Anger maintains that an earlier encounter with George Cukor is what got Cukor fired from directing Gone With The Wind after Gable was cast. Seems Gable didn’t want to be reminded of his tryst with Cukor while climbing the H’wood ladder.

    As is so often the case, his own inclinations probably fed his homophobia which is too bad. Especially for his son.

  3. the queen says

    oh fiddle dee dee, I don’t care who he fucked, he was just divine in Gone With the Wind….

  4. Davey says

    Just more of the if-you-can’t-find-anything-interesting-to-report-stick-to-rumormongering style of “non-fiction” writing fostered by our tabloid culture.

  5. sean says

    halitosis, phimosis and a self-hating closet case who couldn’t act worth shit with a matching set of dumbo ears. yeah, lemme jump in bed with that!

  6. Loki says

    I really don’t understand why Clark Gable is considered hot stuff. I’ve seen his movies and I’ve always thought he looks like a wet weasel.

  7. says

    Didn’t they ALL just bed-hop back then? Regardless of sexual persuasion? Heck, they probably still do that now.

    William Haines always struck me as such a warm, cute man. They did an article on his interior design work in Town & Country (I think) a few months ago. Talented boy who got shafted (no pun intended) by H’wood. Shame.

    Tho, no offense to Haines, I’ll always be king of the “drool school” for that Montgomery Clift. Hottiesville.