First Look at Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein


Here’s a news report on Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein which is having a run in Seattle and is scheduled to open on Broadway this fall. Megan Mullally plays the role of Elizabeth, originally played by Madeline Kahn in the film.

Update: Got the right clip. Thanks A.M for the link. Andy’s on a train and i’m not as fast -Mike


  1. ricardo says

    some things are better left in their original form and appreciate rather than hyper market and promote innocuous repeats — similar to interning to be a clone read as drone — similar to the droning cacaphony of unexciting rituals in new york during the summer that hold far more potential than repeats. a front row seat to the development of bad karma.

    thank you for the humor andy.

  2. Chris says

    Wow. Roger Bart, signing autrographs in an alley way.

    Unfortnately folks, thats about as exciting as the play itself is. It was a lackluster piece of crap, that relies completely on special effects. Megan Mullaly is litereally in it for maybe 15 minutes..she sings 2 songs..and thats it. It was very boring.

  3. Michael Bedwell says

    Don’t remember any in his original film, but since Brooks luvs creating flaming fagolas so much, I suppose we’ll be subjected to a new character in the musical version of Frankenstein. Igor as drag queen perhaps.

  4. Mark says

    I saw the show in Seattle last weekend – it is fantastic!!! Roger Bart is incredible as Frederick Frankenstein – he captures the essence of Gene Wilder, yet makes the role completely his own. If he doesn’t get a Tony nod for this something is very wrong! Megan Mullaly channels Madeline Kahn & Karen Walker into one! Andrea martin is Frau Blucher, Sutton Foster in Inga (Roll in the Hay and He Vas My Boyfriend are great numbers).

    Fans of the movie will not be disappointed – every line & bit that you love is there – plus some new ones. Susan Stroman’s staging is brilliant – especially Puttin on the Ritz!

    Get you tickets now – this will be a hit!

  5. Giovanni says

    Mark, if you are not in PR , you should be.

    I’ve never seen the Producers and I probably won’t see this either but you never no , it could be fun though nothing will ever top the hilarity of the original – I love that movie! (Sigh) Madeline Kahn…

  6. Chris says

    Wow, Mark must have seen a different show than me and the reviewers for every newspaper in town. It was boring. Roger Bart COPIED, not channeled Gene Wilder. People were yawning halfway through this bore. Megan is fantastic because she is Megan..not because of anything written in her completely underwritten 10 minute role. If you liked the movie, you probably will like the play since it is exactly the movie with songs in it..No originality, no innovation. There are some amazing set pieces, like a cruise ship and some neat special effects but thats pretty much it. My recommendation: if you get free tickets offered to you, go if you have nothing better to do..otherwise, dont waste your money.

  7. Jeff says

    it’s a fun show, and adds some interesting parts/songs and has AWESOME set designs. It is a musical, first and foremost, but just great. The support cast is excellent, too.

    Opening night was incredible. Mel was 2 rows behind me!

  8. says

    I saw it Wednesday and I loved it. While it was lacking a big show-stopping song one can’t get out of one’s head, it made up for that by being funny. Really funny. It was easily the funniest musical I’ve seen. Haters may point out that most of the jokes were directly from the movie. I don’t care. It was very funny. I thought Megan and Roger were both terrific. Plus Mel Brooks was sitting in my row, hiding under a baseball cap.

  9. db says

    I look forward to seeing it. I had a great time at the Producers, even though I didn’t think it was as good as the rewards and critics made it out to be, I had a great time while I was watching it. I love the cast.

  10. Chris says

    Maybe I just have a different sense of humor. I dont find stupid humor funny. A blind guy, pouring hot soup into another person lap, has never been funny, and never will be funny. None of those stupid gags worked for me, and thats basically all the entire show is unfortunately.

  11. Chris says

    I dont know why he’d be hiding under a baseball cap..He’s been sitting in the audience at every single performance of the show in Seattle so far and he hasnt been hiding under a baseball cap any of the other times.

  12. Darrell says

    Chris, if you hated it, how do you know Mel has been at every performance without a baseball cap? Also if you don’t like that type of humor, wouldn’t ‘Young Frankenstein’ by MEL BROOKS have been a poor choice of theater for you to attend to begin with?

  13. says

    can’t wait for the next decade so we can finally wrap-up this disheartening era of copy-culture.
    cover versions, rehashes, revivals, sequels and triquels… where the H is the creativity these days ??

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