Isaiah Washington to Open Star Jones Talk Show

Star Jones will interview Isaiah Washington on the first episode of her new Court TV talk show, today at 3pm, reports Entertainment Weekly:

Starjones“How does this all relate to Jones’ law-themed show? ‘[Washington is] clearly in the middle of a story that involves law and ethics and values and judgment,’ Jones said. ‘But also, he has a brand-new show that brings up ethical considerations. We’re excited about The Bionic Woman, but there are ethical considerations [there] because we in our technology right now are moving to replacing limbs, and we’re moving in the whole area of stem cell research, we’re moving in the area of cloning and whether or not it can actually be done with a human. And in reality, that’s what you’re doing with The Bionic Woman, you’re playing God. And so I get an opportunity to talk about those kinds of issues.'”

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  1. kitkats99 says

    I hope that Star is happier and healthier after her surgery..but she doesnt look right to me. I think that maybe some people are just meant to be bigger..What would Rosie ODonnell look like if she was 120 lbs? Not right. Star Jones doesnt look right.

  2. Leland Frances says


    Dumb as a rock Jones and reality-challenged, now-professional martyr Washington on the same set! Who’s doing her bookings? Jasmyne Cannick? “Next Week: Michael Vick & His New Puppy.” [After all, according to the omniscient Ms. Cannick, that’s all about racists grabbing any excuse to put down a Black man, not the silly dogs. At least she’s not blaming the GAY White Mafia this time.]

    Memo to Starlette: Unless he’s filed some kind of lawsuit that I’ve yet to hear about, there is NO reason to have Washington on your show, you idiot! “Ethical considerations”? What a crock! Go work for Pat Robertson & his “The 700 Club” show if you want to pontificate out your ass about ethics and “playing god.”

    You conveniently forget that believing they knew what “god ordained” kept your and Isaiah’s people as slaves in this country for decades. Is there any reason to bet that the nexus of this “angle” — however much it SHOULD be irrelevant to “the law” — with the Gospel According to St. Isaiah will give you an excuse to attempt to justify your homophobia based on religion? Don’t forget to mention that some of your best friends are gay BUT…..

  3. says

    I’m not understanding the point she’s attempting to make. We eat. We decide not to excercise. We get fat and die of numerous diseases.

    As someone who was over weight and lost over 100 lbs and kept it off by dealing with my life, I’m confused as she played God by having laproscopic surgery, instead of getting her but to the gym and into a pool and working the fat off her ass. If you stuff your gut and don’t move your ass-that’s what happens.

    God doesn’t get if off. A daily Cybex circuit followed by 30 mins in a pool does.

  4. says

    I didn’t watch “The View” when she was on, I probably won’t watch her new show either. But the good thing is that, another person of color is on TV. We need more diversity and if she’s “good” at what she does, then all the power to her.

  5. peterparker says

    In her twisted-ass logic, Star Jones thinks that currying favor with a homophobe will deflect people’s attention from the fact that Star is, in fact, married to a gay man. We should pity her, really. And I agree with Brian…let’s all pray she gets back her eyebrows.

  6. Charles says

    I know that she’s annoying, but I’ve always heard that if you have gastric bypass, youre not really supposed to talk about it for a while because it shouldnt be seen as a magic bullet-the weight (or some of it) will come back. She just shouldnt have said anything, though, rather than say it was all exercise. Al Roker got it and just didnt talk about it rather than lie.

    That being said, I will always love Star for how she took it to Barbara Walters when she left The View and her Larry King Live interview-that was quite honestly, genius.

  7. says

    She wants to talk about the “ethical considerations” of altering the body, yet it took her several years to admit she underwent gastric bypass surgery because she didn’t want to die (to quote her interview with Diane Sawyer) “a fat person.”

    I’ll be watching that episode, for sure.

  8. yeahisaidit says

    …damn! pile on girls and rip star a brand new asshole to go with her body…why knock her hustle? wait, don’t even answer that seein how this women seems to be so far beneath anyone’s contempt as if their fuckin’ perfect…don’t hate the player hate the game…talk about intellectually dishonest…shit…

  9. says

    Star made veiled homophobic comments of The View, and now her first guest on her own show is an infamous homophobe. Star also went on record as saying she’d never vote for an atheist to be president. As a gay atheist, she’s asked for my contempt, begged for it, and player hatin’ doesn’t have a damn thing to do with it.

  10. el polacko says

    just as she would only interview black folks during her brief stint on the red carpet, am i now to assume that she will only be having black guests on her tv show ?

  11. zabadak says

    Starlicious looks not-quite-right cuz she had a morbidly obese face that was quickly deflated. Any natural elasticity she had dun gone n left. Unless she had some flabby skin surgically removed she must also look a fright elsewhere.

  12. Leland Frances says

    Just saw a video excerpt. As Andy might post it later, I’ll just say it was even crazier than I expected because of all the metaphors that Star strangely decided to employ [more of a stretch than her epidermis]. And IW adds yet another group of villains to those his looney friend Jasmyne Cannick has already blamed for wrongly crucifying him [aka the International Conspiracy of Gay White Racists].

  13. Jordan says

    When I worked I knew a woman who had that procedure done (gastric bypass), but she failed to address her psychological problems that caused her weight gain in the first place, so eventually she went back to eating a lot and put weight back on. Not all of it, but the bitch ate ALL day!

    It is amazing. That procedure is suppose to be the most drastic, last-ditch effort to lose weight known, and is very hard-core (they pretty much gut you like a fish).

    I just hope Star can keep it off. She still seems pretty loopy since she doesn’t seem to know she’s married to a big MO.

    I love her & wish her well, though she’s pretty scary looking now. Kinda like the skeleton of her former self (her former self could have eaten this version).

  14. says

    Jasmyne Cannick was on Roseanne Barr’s radio show the day she went off on the gays, and even though Roseanne ended up apologizing (insincerely IMO) Jasmyne was saying on her site, no Roseanne was right, gays are all narcissists who only care about their own rights. Gee Jasmyne, slandering all gays as narcissists isn’t quite in the spirit of Dr. King is it. And regarding Isaiah Washington, she has no qualms promoting the homophobic myth that there’s an evil “gay mafia” controlling Hollywood. Oh you’re really some “gay activist” aren’t you Cannick. With friends like you, who needs enemies.

  15. db says

    While I will agree it’s good another person of color is on TV–I disagree that it’s good it is Star Jones. There are so many intelligent–non-crazy, non-narcissists people of color why should we be happy it’s her. Just reading the clap-trap she had about why Washington is on her show gave me a headache.

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