Marc Jacobs Out of Clothes on OUT


Fashion designer Marc Jacobs, appearing undressed on the forthcoming September issue of OUT, tells the magazine:

“…I used to really hate seeing my own reflection in the mirror, and I’m not talking about in a drug- or alcohol-induced state—I mean in general. I just hid behind clothes, and I didn’t really care about what I wore, and I didn’t care about my skin or my hair—I just felt like, There’s nothing more I can do to look more attractive…what’s the point? and believing that, I just avoided having my picture taken.”

The designer, who recently opened a boutique in Provincetown, reveals what’s behind his recent weight loss:

“I’m very outspoken and honest. I’m the first to say that I’m gay, that I’m insecure, that I have certain hang-ups, that I’ve been dependent on drugs or alcohol, so I don’t really hide things with the fear that they’re going to be revealed on some blog. You’re going to get a bunch of blogs saying ‘He must be on meth in order to be that skinny compared to 10 months ago,’ but in fact I’m eating a totally organic diet, which has no flour, no sugar, no dairy, and no caffeine, and I lost weight because of that diet and because of a 2_-hour exercise regime seven days a week.”

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  1. zee says

    Love that OUT has someone gay and out on their cover.

    As for Marc, well its just one image cliche to another really, however the question is will his fashion empire, built on being the outsider i.e. geek, nerd chic change to a more mainstream pradaish facade now that his look is more mainstream, albeit more chelsea than midtwon (thank god).

    I like both but hairy buff geeks are tres chic.

  2. says

    His face certainly isn’t ugly. I’m glad he has lost his weight and works out on his body, but what hasn’t mentioned is what he is doing psychologically. With a past drug and alcohol problem he probably has personal issues beyond his looks that needed working on. Often, people with such problems think if they lose all that extra weight, work out on their bodies that they are going to be ultimately happy. It doesn’t work that way. You’re happy you look great, but deep inside you’re still broken because those other emotional issues have never been dealt with.

  3. Charles says

    Like, OMG, he must be on meth in order to be that skinny compared to 10 months ago.

    I kid, I kid.

    But seriously, its good that he says hes not doing drugs and all, but seriously, no caffeine, no sugar, no dairy! And working out 2 hours a day, 7 days a week?!?! That sounds so boring and miserable. I go to the gym but it’s an ordeal to keep me there more than an hour for a couple of days a week. And dont get between me and a some sweet juice or chocolate…or candy…or cheese…or dessert. It’s like he traded one extreme lifestyle for another.

  4. The Truth says

    Yes, it is true that most addicts who are in recovery exchange one addiction for another…it seems to go with their personalities that have developed through the drug taking. Now if you were to deny Marc or others the exercise program or give them sugar etc, they would crumble. It is not a balanced existence…however he was a single gay man with money to lose in addition with no responsibilities clearly given to him by himself so he indulged rampantly; which is quite the case for many gay men over indulgences that passively and aggressively erode them. Sad fully so many gay men feel that they declare their sexuality, get into a circle; and then they are done growing.

    A youthful body should not equal an immature mind and a cruel spirit.

    Gay identification is just that; great you’re happy that you are “gay” now what else can you share with me of greater substance…that goes beyond your travels, gossip, or a hook-up. Gay men have to start maturing because well it is just sad that too of them wear the disguise of “culture and intelligence” because they are easily believed to be because they are gay. As if gay identification gives you greater credence, strange but if you think about it you know it is true. The modern gay man has become a caricature in the straight world, just as obscene and offensive as “black face”. Television gives us Brothers and Sisters, of which Kevin can not ever settle down, so he goes from boyfriend to boyfriend=gays are not meant to be in a decent loving relationship, Ugly Betty flamboyant little sissy boy, yes they do exist but damn it is just too much sometime=you can always spot the gay one. The list goes on and on.

    Yes, it is about time that OUT Magazine has someone gay on the cover.

  5. Toby says

    Hmm, obviously most of these posters aren’t readers… the last cover was Nate Berkus (gay), and before that Mika (pretty damn gay, however you want to read it). Perhaps it signals a new direction… we’ll see.

  6. Charles says

    With so many gay magazines folding it is important that they start truly catering to their prescribed audience and stop wasting our time with straight eye candy…that is what the internet is for.

  7. says

    No Charles … I actually find that quite normal. His diet is dead on to mine and my workout regimen is almost likes his, but I bicycle everywhere all the time, so in all honesty … good for him to make some positive strides in his life I do think he should talk to a therapist too regarding his former drug and alcohol abuse.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    This stuff about this Jacobs person is all nice and well, but can someone please tell me how I can download the pictures of Marcus Patrick from without my employer finding out. I know you can erase cookies but it’s not full proof, is it? There must be a way. Some PLEASE tell me.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    “…Ugly Betty flamboyant little sissy boy…”

    Truth, I think the character of Justin is well written. If he were just a stereotype, it would show in the writing–the writers would have contempt for the character. The old show “In Living Color” with “Men on Film” is an example of writers/actors having contempt for the characters they create and they are written/played as stereotypes.

  10. It's Not Just You says

    Amen Truth

    Back in the 90’s everybody had the muscled/steroid “I’m so gorgeous it hurts” look that they hid behind…now, it’s the “I’m so intelligent that most people just don’t get it”….both are just facades that gays hide behind in order to avoid confronting themselves….the gay minstrel as many of my friends call it….if gays really were “so gorgeous, intelligent, and cultured” then why is the gay community constantly in the perpetual state of drug addiction/self destruction/negativity……oh, that’s right, straight people…

  11. says

    i cried when i found he was gay actually ate a shitload i love marc jacobs do not tell me how obvious it should of been.

    I to wonder about the cookies issue ifear it is impossible did you watch MI3

    They sterotypye everybody though i do imagine it must suck when people look at said stereotpyes as truth cause they dont know anyone to disprove it.

  12. says

    I don’t eat quite as well as Marc and I don’t work out quite as long, but my body type is similar. I feel great. The only one who gets to decide whether I am too fat or too thin or just right is me. Same with him. When people get vehement about how someone else should look, it says a whole lot more about the commenter than the commented upon.

  13. says

    as much as i love the perfection is necessary for bodies no way in hell would i work out a shitload and take things out my diet no flour no sugar shit if that meant going up to god forbid a 3 or 4 id contemplate it not saying i would but id think about it

  14. Daniel says

    He looks great, but the pull-quotes from the link to the photos make him sound like a bore. Maybe he’s talanted, maybe he’s funny, I dunno…I don’t know him. But then i saw the photo of him kissing his reflection in the mirror & figured that’s probably not a magazine i’m gonna pay for. Narcisism & vanity. Marc, you look good; so what, now do something.

  15. Moss says

    Have to say…I’m really surprised at the meanspiritedness here. Someone who has wrestled with addiction and a poor self image for years makes a major change in his health and his life and all people can say are things like “he still ugly”, how narcissistic he is, or how he has sold out. Sure he may have traded one addiction (drugs) for another (working out and eating well) but there is such a thing as a positive addiction. I’m glad for him and wish him well. He has every right to celebrate his new body and attitude. It’s obviously been a long road for him.

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