Marc Jacobs Out of Clothes on OUT


Fashion designer Marc Jacobs, appearing undressed on the forthcoming September issue of OUT, tells the magazine:

“…I used to really hate seeing my own reflection in the mirror, and I’m not talking about in a drug- or alcohol-induced state—I mean in general. I just hid behind clothes, and I didn’t really care about what I wore, and I didn’t care about my skin or my hair—I just felt like, There’s nothing more I can do to look more attractive…what’s the point? and believing that, I just avoided having my picture taken.”

The designer, who recently opened a boutique in Provincetown, reveals what’s behind his recent weight loss:

“I’m very outspoken and honest. I’m the first to say that I’m gay, that I’m insecure, that I have certain hang-ups, that I’ve been dependent on drugs or alcohol, so I don’t really hide things with the fear that they’re going to be revealed on some blog. You’re going to get a bunch of blogs saying ‘He must be on meth in order to be that skinny compared to 10 months ago,’ but in fact I’m eating a totally organic diet, which has no flour, no sugar, no dairy, and no caffeine, and I lost weight because of that diet and because of a 2_-hour exercise regime seven days a week.”

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