Nova Scotia Town Rallies After Council Rejects Rainbow Flag


It often takes smaller towns a long time to recognize its gay and lesbian citizens, and this year Truro, a town of about 45,000 in Nova Scotia, held its first-ever gay pride celebrations, and its first-ever LGBT protest.

The city refused to fly the rainbow flag in recognition of gay pride week, prompting an irate rally of about 100 people:

“Only one of seven Truro councillors voted to allow the flag to fly. She showed up at the protest. ‘It’s a matter of respect for all members of our community,’ Councillor Diane Bennett Cook told CTV Atlantic reporter Leah Cross. ‘It’s a matter of acceptance and appreciation of differences.’ People who attended the rally were particularly miffed with the Truro’s Mayor Bill Mills, who cited his Christian beliefs as his reason for voting against the move.”

Truro is in Colchester County, which did raise the rainbow flag. Said its mayor, Mike Smith, who attended the rally: “(Truro’s decision) was an unfortunate black mark (on the community) … we are a welcoming, tolerant community.”

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