Nova Scotia Town Rallies After Council Rejects Rainbow Flag


It often takes smaller towns a long time to recognize its gay and lesbian citizens, and this year Truro, a town of about 45,000 in Nova Scotia, held its first-ever gay pride celebrations, and its first-ever LGBT protest.

The city refused to fly the rainbow flag in recognition of gay pride week, prompting an irate rally of about 100 people:

“Only one of seven Truro councillors voted to allow the flag to fly. She showed up at the protest. ‘It’s a matter of respect for all members of our community,’ Councillor Diane Bennett Cook told CTV Atlantic reporter Leah Cross. ‘It’s a matter of acceptance and appreciation of differences.’ People who attended the rally were particularly miffed with the Truro’s Mayor Bill Mills, who cited his Christian beliefs as his reason for voting against the move.”

Truro is in Colchester County, which did raise the rainbow flag. Said its mayor, Mike Smith, who attended the rally: “(Truro’s decision) was an unfortunate black mark (on the community) … we are a welcoming, tolerant community.”

Citizens Rally Around the Flag [truro daily news]
Rally held after Truro council rejects pride flag [ctv]


  1. Austy says

    Is it just me, or is the word ‘tolerant’ a little out of place here? I mean, I appreciate the support, but are people living the gay life just something to be tolerated?

  2. Vi Agara says

    When are democratically elected officials going to realize they are not elected to foist thier religious beliefs on the people they represent. THey are there to work for them.

  3. Ona Liatto says

    I agree Austy. Love and acceptance is whats needed. I believe tolerance is a bad thing.

  4. says

    45,000 is a small town my town is not even 4,00 and compared to some southern ones i thought we were mid

    Their is not “acceptance” in a small town they hate all new and different if your new your rich if your different as in black like us you have to try to “fit in” but your still different and everyone knows those who dont get suprosed when tehy see you by your home same thing with gays

  5. Shark says

    I salute Bill Mills in his stand against the Sodomites of our contemporary world. It is a shame to see our world call an abomination an “alternative life-style.”

  6. Zeke says

    Only bigoted idiots like you who use the word “Sodomite” use the outdated, ignorant, inappropriate and uninformed misnomer “alternative life-style”.

    Alternative to what? No one is asking for homosexuality to be an alternative for straight people! Heterosexuality would be an “alternative” expression for me.

    And what exactly is a gay lifestyle? Is it anything like a black lifestyle? Or a blond lifestyle? Or a left-handed lifestyle?

    Newsflash: INDIVIDUALS have lifestyles, minorities DON’T. There are as many gay lifestyles as there are gay individuals.

    My gay lifestyle includes a husband of 16 years; a son of 13 years; three dogs; weekly church attendance; church and civic volunteer work (including little league baseball coaching); bills to pay; happy times, sad times, angry times and bored times. We worry about our son’s health, safety and future security and I worry about what will happen to my family if I were to die since our expensive legal documents probably aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

    How’s that for a gay lifestyle? Sorry if it isn’t as racy as you might have hoped with orgies, drug binges, pedophilia and all the other things that you assume are part of the “gay life-style”.

    Oh, and by the way, My husband and I do all of this just like our straight neighbors; only MY family does it WITHOUT the undying support of our country, our state, our city, our extended families; our culture our society and MOST churches, yet, UNLIKE our straight neighbors with ALL the incentive in the world to stay together, we are still in our first marriage and will be until the day that death does us part.

    I would suggest that you spend less time obsessing over all thing homosexual and instead get a life and FOCUS on it. You might also want to see a psychologist to get to the bottom of your issues. I hear Ted Haggard’s shrink is taking new patients.

  7. Michael says

    I am from Nova Scotia. Truro is indeed a small town. Part of the reason why they have not had a pride parade until this year is that they’re only a short drive away from Halifax, which has had a fairly large parade that has been around for decades.

    Outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia does tend to be conservative, although it’s not the same thing as in the Southern US (unfortunately, most people now have a very oversimplified view of a binary “liberal vs conservative” world). Nova Scotia isn’t a hugely religious place, but it is a province that is largely governed by tradition, especially in the smaller towns. Many people have a problem with change and a lot of them just don’t understand gay people or pride parades.

  8. Colin says

    I’m also from NS – just outside of Truro. I agree with Zeke. The people are very traditional and know very little outside of their small world. I’m 11th generation from this area, and was the first in my family to leave – really 250 years! There are some “new” religions that have entered the area, and the mayor belongs to one of these. I seem to recall that he is “Dutch Reform” but can’t be certain. I’m not sure why the people of Truro have elected him, but I’m extremely pleased that there is finally a discussion. This is a place that just doesn’t talk about anything that might be personal. Very Victorian in that respect. I left Truro only a few days before this happened, but will be sure to be there next summer. I hope everyone sends a letter to the editor of the Truro Daily News. I don’t believe that this will be accepted by the locals – the people will not be pleased to be recognized internationally as hate-mongers. Have a look at the discussion going on at the Daily News web site – it could have been held in the 1970’s anyplace else.

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