Former Top Chef Contestant Gay Bashed at Long Island Bar

Season two Top Chef contestant Josie Smith-Malave was attacked at Partners Bar in Sea Cliff, New York over Labor Day weekend as she, her sister, and a friend were patronizing the establishment, her lawyer Yetta Kurland reports.

JosieKurland says the incident should be investigated as a hate crime.

According to the New York Daily News, “Kurland said the trouble started when the women went to Partners bar in Sea Cliff over the Labor Day weekend for a drink and began dancing together. Smith-Malave’s sister is straight. Bar employees escorted the women out a side door after other patrons began making nasty remarks and the mood started getting ugly, Kurland said. Kurland said as many as 10 ‘young adults’ followed the women out, circled them, screamed anti-gay slurs, spit on them and then punched and kicked them. A camera belonging to one of them was stolen, she said. Nassau police said they were investigating, but had made no arrests.”

Newsday reports that “the women, who had been on Long Island to attend a friend’s birthday party, suffered bruises, and one received injuries to her head. One of them had a camera taken in the attack.

Said Kurland: “They were together for an end-of-summer visit, minding their own business, when these people went after them, and we can’t stand for this.”


  1. jamie says

    i hate this…..not that i wish it on anyway at all, but she has a restaurant down the street from me in astoria called island, and she is always very lovely to chat with…always out checking on customers….

  2. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organization says

    NCAVP, the National Coalition of Anti Violence groups at compiles timely reports on the 20 orso reported lynchings and roughly 2,000 beatings that come our way each year in the US.

    GLSEN publishes similar sobering data on the incidence of harassment and beatings of young gays and lesbians. They can be reached at

    One of the best recent documents is by Amnesty International USA and says that the pervasive homophobia of American police against lesbians, gays and the transgendered leads violence and torture.

    The report “Stonewalled – Still demanding respect” is based on interviews conducted with victims of violence, survivors of police ill-treatment, LGBT activists, lawyers and police. The interviews relate a familiar story. AI says “Cases of beatings, sexual violence, verbal abuse, harassment and humiliation by law enforcement officials against LGBT people take place on any given day in detention centers, prisons, in the home, and on the street.” Check them out at and click to the reports section.

    Other useful sites are, , and

    Over a century ago Oscar Wilde said “I have no doubt we shall win, but the road is long and red with monstrous martyrdoms”.

    He knew what he as talking about and the fact that there are daily stories about beatings, harassment and murder, discrimination and soul numbing effects of bigotry illustrates that the political culture we live in debauched and hopelessly compromised.

    We can put an end to this depravity when we follow the advice of Malcolm X who said victory will come for those who fight “By any means necessary.”

  3. Big Blue Doberman says

    No one around would help these people from being attacked in broad daylight? What a bunch of woosses! We may be inbred rednecks here in Arkansas but we don’t allow Fred Phelps or bands of “young adults” to attack people in public. Doesn’t matter what county they were in, this is felony behavior and will not be tolerated! (and many of us are legally armed)

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