John McCain: Never Heard the Acronym ‘LGBT’ Before

I had only seen one portion of the McCain Concord High School student exchange from yesterday, and I thought that was bad. And no, I’m not even referring to the part where he called one student a “little jerk”. Somehow, I missed this priceless moment.

Mccain“Another student asked McCain what he would do on ‘LGBT’ issues and on ‘workers’ rights?’ McCain, paused, confused by the question. Someone in the crowd shouted out ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.’ ‘I had not heard that phrase before,’ McCain said of LGBT.”

Then again, I’m not surprised at the answer, coming from a man worried about the effect of “gay sweaters” who is not sure if condoms help stop the spread of HIV.

High School Student Slams McCain After Gay Rights Question [tr]


  1. Brian says

    McCain is a decent man, but he’s so terribly out of touch with pretty much everything that I care about.

  2. nic says

    this man is a legitamate war hero. why did he demean himself by hugging the patrician pansy (dubya)? that was such a cheap political move. i would have thought that he might hold that draft evader in contempt, especially when the rovian-driven push polls in south carolina painted him as a philanderer who fathered a black child out of wed-lock. the truth was that he and his wife adopted an asian child. i lost all respect for him after that. when someone isn’t outraged that a political machine rolls over the integrity of his own family, what good is he?

  3. Jonathon says

    McCain is a very sad man. I used to admire him and respect him. But over the past decade or so, he has lost his way and sold his soul in hopes that he could become president. McCain wants to be president so badly, and for me that is reason enough to keep him away from the White House.

    McCain should take this opportunity to retire and to enjoy what is left of his life. We need YOUNGER people in leadership positions. America wants change; and we’re not gonna get it from someone like McCain.

  4. resurrect says

    Jimmyboyo tok the words right out of my mouth: put this one out to pasture. I’m sure the VA is looking for a spokesperson – or perhaps Dole’s Viagra stint is up? Just please – nothing to do with leading any group of people.

  5. David D. says

    Good God. It’s not his age I’m worried about, but…what world does this man live in? How does he ever hope to represent the people if he’s so out of touch with them?

  6. scientitian says

    McCain is such a frickin sell-out. He went from die-hard moderate to far right pandering sonofabitch just in hopes that he could become president. Did he get a lobotomy or have a stroke? It seems all the integrity and intelligence he had even 6 years ago is completely gone.

  7. anon ( says

    Someone should ask him if the earth is round and goes around the sun, of if it’s the other way around.

  8. says

    he’s losing his mind… and it’s sad to watch.
    he should just drive that “straight talk” express RV to florida and retire.
    when he threatened the “little jerk” kid with the draft as if military service would be a punishment… well the war-hawk at least got that crooked angle straight… except that the draft was almost 40 years ago.

  9. Alan says

    From what I can tell, the exchange was civil and perhaps McCain might learn something from it.

    “LGBT” is not an acronym that most older people are aware of, apparently. McCain will certaintly understand what it means after this exchange, and that’s a good thing.

    McCain doesn’t support gay marriage, which is exactly what every leading Democratic presidential candidate says too, so it’s hard to criticize him for that.

    His Civil Unions position distinguishes him from all the Democrats.

    Focus on that, and forget his ignorance about symantics.

  10. says

    I think old people should be isolated and studied so that it may be determined if they have any nutritive value that might be extract for our own personal use.

  11. Bob R says

    There are so many things wrong with McCain on so many levels. First, a slight rant. I don’t think John McCain is a “war hero”. McCain flew a warplane, he was shot down in enemy territory, badly injured. He became a POW and he survived his captivity. He did nothing truly “heroic”. He was a survivor, as were many others that spent time at the Hanoi Hilton and other more horrendous POW camps. I think as American’s we over use the word “hero” and thus diminish its true meaning. Wars do produce heroes who do brave and selfless things, in my opinion McCain wasn’t one of them.

    As for ignorance of acronym LGBT. If McCain were a regular 72 year old guy from a small town in Arizona, someone not well read or “on top” of social issues, I could understand his ignorance. McCain is a senior Senator who was elected to represent all the people of Arizona and on a broader scale the American people. To be in Washington and in politics for this long and not have some familiarity with LGBT shows McCain is and has been out of touch with a large segment of the American population and perhaps current events.

    McCain is a sad and desperate man who sees his last big chance quickly fading. He’s not an honorable man. He’s a hypocrite just like many other GOPers. He divorced his wife, who stuck with him through the entire length of his captivity and raised their kids. Perhaps ambition drove him to dump her for a younger women with money and good connections, who knows? Maybe he was/is the failed version of “The Manhurian Candidate”. But like so many of our national politicians, he’s been around far too long for any good he may have done, to quote Cromwell “Depart I say and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go”.

  12. Zeke says

    I think the saddest thing about John McCain is the story of how a man who was once so well respected as an independent, free thinking renegade, a politician willing to challenge his own party’s line when he felt they were off base, ends his career by selling his values, his beliefs, his integrity and his soul to the devil, also known as the fundamentalist, chicken-hawk, neo-con base, (whom he once publicly and courageously challenged), ALL for the slimmest chance that he could become president.

    He will eventually get over the fact that his life-long dream of becoming president will never happen but I doubt that he will EVER get over the fact that his legacy will be eternally tarnished by his late in life, bargain basement, integrity sale.

    A career in politics can last a lifetime but the legacy of that career can last for an eternity. Politicians do what is popular today without a moment’s thought about how they will be FOREVER be remembered in history. I’m sure the segregationist politicians of the old South didn’t think about their legacy when they spewed hateful political speeches before adoring crowds of racists in the 50’s and 60’s. I doubt Governor George Wallace thought about anything other than the hundreds of screaming supporters waving Bibles and Confederate flags, or his 90%+ approval rating in the state, when he was standing in the doorway of an Alabama blocking the entrance of an African-American girl. What might he have done differently if he had known that he will forever be remembered as the face of ignorance, arrogance, bigotry, and hate?

    Perhaps more politicians should think less about their popularity in the moment and more about their eternal legacy when considering where they stand on the social issues of the day.

  13. Jordan says

    I actually feel kinda bad for him – he had his chance in 2000, and it was swept away by the vicious tactics of the Bush campaign. Now, his campaign is floundering, and he’s going senile. I know he’s not exactly a friend of gay rights, but still… I feel bad for him.

  14. marco says

    Posted by: Jordan | Sep 5, 2007 4:16:19 PM

    Fuck him. I have no sympathy for a sellout like McCain. a Maverick no more.

  15. Zeke says

    MAVERICK!, that’s the word I was looking for instead of “renegade”. I knew that didn’t sound right.

    Thanks MARCO. :)

  16. Caleb says

    Sorry Bob R, but McCain did much more than just survive as a POW. As the son of an the commander of all US forces in Vietnam, he was offered an immediate release (offically the US policy was to bargain for the release of the men who had been captive the longest first, and the Vietnamese wanted McCain to accept and demoralize the troops). So every single day for 5 1/2 years he had to choose to stay and be tortured, so that someone else could go home first.

    He IS a hero.

    That said, I’m very disappointed in how he has cozied up to Bush and the far right lately, and I certainly don’t agree with his stance on LGBT issuees (or the stance of most of the Dems, who arenot that much more progressive on the issue).

  17. eric says

    You know what, I am sick and tired of people who go to other countries and kill people referred to as war heroes. How many people do you think John McCain killed before he was captured? Personally, I can’t understand why a gay person would defend this old republican bastard on any level.

  18. Christopher says

    I just don’t know what to make of this. McCain’s Commerce Committee chief of staff is GAY, McCain knows this very well and has consistently made a point that his anti-gay public positions have no bearing on the respect he gives to his committee COS. But I suppose that’s the real problem. Republicans can be friendly and supportive to gay people in private, but have to go negative in the public in order to appeal to the Republican base (read: bigoted redneck bastards). Maybe he missed the LGBT acronym (or GLBT, it goes back and forth), but I have a hard time believing that McCain’s not familiar with the term. Still, McCain should show some balls and publicly support gay people, not just glad-hand his gay enablers in private.