Lie Accusations Fly in Barry Manilow View Feud

On Monday, TMZ reported that Barry Manilow pulled out of a scheduled appearance on The View because he disagreed with Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s conservative point-of-view.

ManilowManilow posted the following message to fans on his website: “I wanted to let you know that I will no longer be on The View tomorrow as scheduled. I had made a request that I be interviewed by Joy, Barbara or Whoopi, but not Elisabeth Hasselback. Unfortunately, the show was not willing to accommodate this simple request so I bowed out. It’s really too bad because I’ve always been a big supporter of the show, but I cannot compromise my beliefs. The good news is that I will be on a whole slew of other shows promoting the new album so I hope you can catch me on those.”

Whatever happened to agreeing to disagree?

HasselbeckrosieAccess Hollywood is now reporting that sources from The View say Manilow is lying: “Sources told Access the show is the one who cancelled the booking because they would not allow the ‘Copacabana’ singer to dictate who would interview him. In addition, the appearance has been scheduled since July (which is after Rosie left the show) and that Manilow has appeared twice on the show in the past with Hasselbeck on the panel. The sources suggest Manilow is causing a stir in order to create a buzz as his new album, Greatest Songs of the Seventies, is getting ready to debut.”

Coincidentally, Manilow recorded “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” with former View host Rosie O’Donnell, but it didn’t make the new album.

Manilow told Access: “It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. She is just inspiring because you know she’s not a singer. She knows that, but she just got behind the microphone and ripped away. She was great and in tune too. The problem was, as I put the album together, it became a very romantic album. And having this thing come crashing in out of nowhere, the tone just didn’t feel right. It’ll probably wind up being a bonus cut somewhere.”


  1. says

    There is no such thing as “agreeing to disagree”, one either agrees or one disagrees. People use the oxymoron when what they really mean is “can we just stop talking about this now”.

  2. Sehnora Cosa says

    uh, what beliefs Barry? The belief you should remain a closet homo and maybe you’re afraid Elizabeth may say something that threatens your Highness and you may not be able to keep it together?

    Oh Barry, please, you haven’t had a hit in about 352 years (to be exact) so you can’t pull the “Diva” (I WANT RED JELLYBEANS ONLY!) attitude.

    plop your ass down on that couch and just be glad somebody tunes in…queen

    total pr move

  3. Mike says

    What an idiot. It’s not like Hasselbeck is Hitler, for crying out loud. And if you disagree with a “dangerous” idea, you don’t run away from it — you engage it, refute it and replace it with something better. Open discourse and debate over a bunch of nodding yes-men anyday…

  4. Nikk says

    How does it make Elisabeth look bad? if anything it makes Barry look like a tool. This is little Elizabeth Hassleback we are talking about not Rush Limbaugh, i think he could have handled himself.

    Whatever, cheap publicity stunt for a crappy album.

  5. crissy says

    uh, what beliefs Barry? The belief you should remain a closet homo and maybe you’re afraid Elizabeth may say something that threatens your Highness and you may not be able to keep it together?

    Oh Barry, please, you haven’t had a hit in about 352 years (to be exact) so you can’t pull the “Diva” (I WANT RED JELLYBEANS ONLY!) attitude.

    plop your ass down on that couch and just be glad somebody tunes in…queen

    total pr move
    Well first of all, what proof do you have that Barry’s in the closet in the first place and second what business is it of your’s if he is and chooses to keep his private life private? In over thirty years in the public eye you’d think that at least one man would have come forward and said something but there hasn’t been anyone to do so. He’s also stated during at least two interviews when asked that he’s not gay; not I don’t want to talk about it, but an unequivocal no I’m not.

    Second, Barry had two albums released last year the first of which debuted at number 1, the second at number 2 and they were certified gold and platinum that same year. He also won an emmy award last year and his shows in Vegas are doing quite well so saying he hasn’t had a hit in 325 years is a pretty gross exaggeration. Oh and I hardly think Barry wanted this kind of publicity for an album I’ve actually listened to and enjoyed. If that makes my taste in music questionable to some, that’s fine because I listen to music for my own personal enjoyment not to impress others with my “coolness”.

  6. Sebastian says

    Good for you Barry! Its about time someone stood up for the principle of it all and not pander for some coins and record sales. She is a right wing looney who does not show any respect for those who don’t agree with her “conservative” point of view. And, just how hard would it have been to allow him to do the show without her asking the questions? Its not as if she really ever asks anything relevant, just Rush Limburger lite going on and on about how its great to be a GOP memeber.

    The sinking ship of daytime, umm, sorry ” The View,” continues to amaze at how poorly run the show is.

    Barry Manilow will be just fine with out this interview.

  7. the queen says

    Well to each his own. IMHO, Barry has earned his place in the pantheon of musical immortality. Personally, I’d have gone on The View and just ignored its resident village idiot. I have a great product idea. Perhaps Barry would like to get in on it. An Elizabeth Hasslehack doll a la Chatty Cathy. You pull the string and it just keeps on repeating, “they’re fighting for our freedoms, they’re fighting for our freedoms, they’re fighting for our freedoms.” Quaint, n’est-ce pas?

  8. Kyle Childress says

    You’ll recall that when Starr Jones was kicked off the View, Barbara Walters lamented that the show had offered Starr the opportunity to say that she quit (and was not fired), which in plain english means that Barbara was willing to lie to the public for pr purposes. I’ve thought of her as a liar ever since, and suspect she and the crew are lying again. I think Rosie must have the same opinion because she rarely has a kind word for Barbara.

    So unlike too many bitter bettys on here, I’ll support the gay guy on this one.

  9. says

    why’d he commit in the first place?? no-one can book an appearance on a talk show fielded by four people, and then demand that for your interview the show’s format will alter to a panel of three… that’d be like booking Regis and Kelly and then demanding Regis stay in his dressing room.
    the twerp might get some fleeting PR from piggybacking The View’s current publicity with this lame stunt of his, but he should just concentrate on his demographic Home Shopping Network audience.
    as for him being gay, he’s too much of a twat to be gay…

  10. Jordan says

    Yes indeed Mike. Elisabeth is a nazi who should be bitch-slapped (hard), but that’s no reason not to go on the show & act like a wanna-be diva.

    Obviously a very desperate attempt for attention. Sad…all that time in show-business and has learnt nothing on how to generate buzz. Bitch please….just watch how Madonna used to do it (brillantly) or now Britney (trainwreck).

    I’d just go on there like some celebrities have and ignore her. How funny would that be? And I wish more DRUNK celebrities would go on there (like Danny DeVito). I think you’d almost have to, to face Barbara (scary bitch).

  11. Barry Liberace says

    Barry is the new Liberace. He’s gay and it’s accepted, but not acknowledged. What’s sad is that he continues to perpetuate the illusion of a straight crooner by flirting and gyrating his recently replaced hips with the ladies in the audience. I’m sure Rosie chewed his ear off about The View when they recorded the song that didn’t make it to the new album. He’s no dope and for 30 plus years has run a very tight p.r. machine and perhaps he wanted a less-politicized interviewer to ensure a softer Q and A and not threaten his glass closet door. Funny, I give him credit for taking a position on anything that would be picked up in the media — this is a first for him since all his press is strictly related to his music and he’s painfully guarded about his private life when being interviewed. Look he’s gay and his girlfriend Rosie told him not to do the interview with Elizabeth. It’s as simple as that. Rosie should have also told him to come out, but maybe she’ll out him in one of her own tirades.

  12. Frank L says

    Eeeek, way too many hardcore Barry Manilow fanatics on this thread.

    I’m no fan of Ms. Hasselbeck, but Barry Manilow needs to be grateful for whatever PR he can get. Being reduced to singing covers of songs from the last decade in which he had more than a handful of songs in the Top Ten is not exactly the top of the world.

  13. Rich says

    I don’t get how Barry is not telling the truth. He says in his post he only wanted to interviewed by certain people.

    What part of that is lying? Someone help me understand.

  14. the queen says

    Note to Kyle Childress who says “I think Rosie must have the same opinion because she rarely has a kind word for Barbara.” My dear, read Rosie’s blog at wherein she is often asked about BW and has nothing but good to say about her.

  15. Pugzz says

    Who cares if Barry is homosexual? He’s most certainly gay. He’s more gay than many of my “Gay” friends. I love him for that. The world is a cool place with all kinds of people in it, if you are open minded enough to let it all in. Too many people like Elisabeth just want vanilla. How sad.

  16. MCnNYC says

    Once again BW and her slimy exex producer are flat out lying!
    I happen to know that the hosts of The View
    can opt out of an interview at any time, For whatever reason, why can’t a guest request who is to do the interview?
    PUHLEEZ this cat crap show is toast and so is BW and HAssellhead.

    Oh and who do you think leaked Rosie’s book to the NY Post—only one person who is still trying to ingratiate herself with her Sad East Side Snobs.

  17. tom says

    Of course Baba Wawa and her minions are covering their asses on this…they have done so from day one.
    Look, while Manilow may be playing the diva here, I’m all for anyone who sucks the wind out of the sails of that wizened crone, Walters. Her success in media in one of those mysteries right up there with the nature of God…her interviewing style has always been pandering and smarmy, she sucked as an anchor way back when on the ABC Evening News briefly, that sorry second-run imitation of 60 Minutes that she was on (20/20) was another derivative piece of shit….I don’t know which studio ex’s compromising pictures she has in her dresser drawer, but there can be no other reason for her “success.” She is a complete waste of air, and the View is a piece of shit with her.

  18. queendru says

    Manilow is a PR seeking whore. This is nothing about “values” or disagreeing with her views because he’s been there before and has continued to seek bookings!

    Why is everyone afraid of Hassleback? She’s ONE voice on a show of four and often of a different ideology from even the guest. Is one alternative voice so scary it must be ground under and silenced? Hypocrites!

    Jordan: You’re an ignorant asshat with no respect for history by claiming she’s a “nazi”

  19. kc says

    I think Hasselbeck has a fascist agenda in the way she idolizes her Glory Leader Bush (and other right-wing neocon figures) in the fight against the Evil Terrorists. She usually covers it up with a lot of ass-kissing and empty platitudes, but it gets ugly when she starts shrieking about how great the President is or how evil the terrorists are. Rosie is blunt and unruly but has a heart of gold. Elisabeth is truly her opposite. Underneath that good girl routine lies a stone cold heart.

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