Greg Berlanti to Helm Green Lantern Movie

Gay writer/director Greg Berlanti (Everwood, Broken Hearts Club) has signed on to co-write and direct a live-action feature film adaptation of DC Comics’ superhero comic Green Lantern.

GlAccording to, “The first incarnation was radio engineer Alan Scott, who was the Green Lantern during the Golden Age of Comics. Alan Scott found that, because he was holding a mysterious green lantern, he was the only survivor of a horrible accident involving a train and an exploding bridge. This lantern and ring were powered by the mysterious ‘Green Flame’, whose origins were linked to a space meteor that fell to earth in ancient China.” The Hollywood Reporter notes that “The biggest challenge in setting up ‘Lantern’ was waiting for the technology to become available to create fantastical worlds as well as overcoming the prejudice of a ring-bearing hero.”

Berlanti told the Reporter: “To me, this was on the last great comic book movie that hasn’t been made. It was a comic book with a real mythology that you would see in a lot of the space operas and the sci-fi books. The best part about it, anybody can be become one of the Green Lanterns because anyone can end up with that ring. The danger and the fear from a lot of people is that it would be silly. In these post-‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ days, it’s not any more fantastical than that. It’s taken movies like that to make it feel as if a Green Lantern film is possible.”

Incidentally, in 2002 Green Lantern became the first major comic series to introduce a storyline based around an anti-gay hate crime.


  1. says

    Sadly, it doesn’t appear Greg Berlanti has actually ever bothered to read Green Lantern if the story of the self-crafted ring is what he told the Reporter. What a drag – it sounds like what Ratner did to the X-Men in X-3 which is to re-write a story that has been living for 40-some odd years.

    Well, its nice to know gay people have an equal opportunity to screw up comics characters…

  2. says

    You know, David. I probably do. That was my memory of it and I’m sure it is a bit hazy. Anyway, I’ve linked to a piece with probably a bit more authority on the topic than my memory. Apologies.

  3. Leland Frances says

    The gay-bashed teen, Terry Berg, was created by Judd Winick, the straight cartoonist best known for being one of the housemates of the magnificent Pedro Zamora in the San Francisco edition of MTV’s “Real World.”

    One of the letters Winick got about that “Green Lantern” story read, “When I was a kid reading comics, I used to sometimes think ‘they saved the
    mother and kid from the falling building, but would they rescue me if they knew I
    was a fag’? I now have an answer for that.” It and much more can be found in “The Anti-Gay Hate Crime Story Line in DC Comic’s Green Lantern: An Analysis of Reader Responses,” downloadable at:

    Winick and another RW housemate, Pam, whom he would eventually marry, filled in for Pedro for some of his speaking engagements when he was too sick from AIDS to go himself. They also helped keep secret from the producers how sick Pedro was getting because finishing the series was so important to him to portray postively both a gay man and someone with AIDS.

    After taping finished, Judd and Pam eventually went to visit Pedro in his adopted [from Cuba via the Mariel Boat Lift] home of Miami and were among those with him when he died at 22, the day after the final episode of “Real World: San Francisco” aired.

    That Big Bad Man Bill Clinton tried to arrange for Zamora’s siblings who had not been allowed out of Cuba 14 years before visit him before he passed.

    Winick did a beautiful carton book version of their story called, “Pedro and Me: Friendship, Loss and What I Learned” that I highly recommend, particularly for gay or nongay young people.

  4. pablo says

    Sorry, but in the original golden age green lantern comic he did create the ring himself from a piece of the lantern that had been made from a meteorite in ancient china. The silver age GL comic retroconned the story creating the GL corps.

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    They’ll have to thoroughly de-cheeze it first. Any Green Lantern movie that features the hero declaring “in brightest day, in blackest night, et al…” will be strictly for the kiddies–and I *do* mean under 8’s.

    If the hero (Hal Jordan) is believable as an officer in an interstellar military corps — *That* could be very cool.

  6. says

    I see Andy update this post with the Golden Age’s Alan Scott bio.

    I agree with you Scottevill, I always thought the Hal Jordon stuff was pretty weak – charge the ring on the clock, the post charge declaration, the weakness of yellow – – and I always thought a test pilot was a poor fit.

    I’m most disappointed that they’ve decided NOT to tell Kyle Rayner’s story. GL is all about the power of his mind to call on the power of the ring. I can’t think of a better fit than an illustrator. There were a lot of great stories for Ryaner’s GL and his failure as GL was tied directly to the power, control, concentration of Ryaner’s mind and his strength of will. Good drama. Excellent character journey.

    Anyway, I’m trying not to get too excited. After all this is the same group of executives that have been floating Wonder Woman for 10 years, turned Flash over 3 times now, and decided a good return for Superman was having unprotected sex, getting Lois pregnant, and then baling to another galaxy for 5 or was it 10 years.

  7. anon ( says

    Nothing to do with Green Lantern (of which I know next to nothing), but the SF/Pedro season of Real World was probably the best one, though by the end Pedro was so sick he was essentially written out of the story (along with Pam and the black guy–Pam because she worked all the time and the black guy because he would spend too much time at his mother’s place in town). It was all Puck and the girls. Now, whether intentionally or not, they really portrayed both Pedro and Puck as two competing jerks, either in the editing or by encouraging the worst from them both. It was hardly flattering. If there is to be any record of Zamora, it should be done in film by others.

  8. Darren says

    In brightest day…
    In blackest night..

    Let no evil escape my sight.

    Let those who worship evil’s might.

    Beware my power.
    Green Lantern’s light!

    mmmm.. i cannot wait.

    Whether it’s Alan, Hal, John, Guy, Kyle, or even Kilowog..

    Just say no to G’nort though…

    It has the possibility of becoming an epic sci-fi film with a nice diverse cast. Here’s hoping!

  9. Leland Frances says

    ANON, you can remotely suggest that Pedro was a “jerk” like walking shit Puck? Pedro was facing death? What was Puck facing other than being forced to bathe by the CDC and 30-to-life someday in a California prison? Which one got voted out of the house, though at least one of the women showed what a worm she was by still playing with Puck away from the house.

    An evolutionary throwback like Puck is still alive somewhere and Pedro is dead. That’s the only thing sadder than your insensitive and INACCURATE comment.

  10. anon ( says

    I still think the show’s portrayal of Pedro was extremely unflattering–so please blame the producers. I’m not sure anyone watches Real World reruns, so this warning might be moot. Puck was a disturbing specimen to be sure, obviously there to goad the other residents as much as possible. Maybe they were hoping for a angel/devil dichotomy, but it didn’t come out in the editing. It was pretty clear when they visited Puck’s mom that his home life was a wreck all along while Pedro had a pretty solid family despite the obvious hardships. A case of a good family trumping material wealth when it comes to raising kids. I felt sorry for Puck, there were so many missing pieces in his life (and I didn’t have to live with him). In fact, what were they complaining about? They all volunteered to become famous by living together on TV. They could have moved out at any time. The only time I really felt sorry for Pedro was when he tried to “marry” his fair-weather boyfriend, who seemed to have already forgotten his name when they did the reunion show. At least Pedro didn’t have to see that.

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