Jake Gyllenhaal on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

In London to attend the premiere of his film Rendition, Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross to talk about that film as well as Brokeback Mountain.

GyllGyllenhaal joked to Ross that he swims to England and back rather than take a plane in order to help the environment. He also talked a bit about his love life and let it be known that “at this point” in his career it matters who gets his romantic attention.

ROSS: Before you go, let me ask you a question on behalf of many of the ladies in the audience perhaps the band as well here? Are you a single man?

GYLLENHAAL: On behalf of which, the band or the ladies?

ROSS: With your career, does it matter Jake?

GYLLENHAAL: At this point, yes. On behalf of the ladies, I’m single. On behalf of the band, i’m not.


  1. TS says

    Lucy, how would he become an asshole? I don’t know why Andy had to make a big deal of the question and answer Jake gave about his love life. I was more interested in Rendition and found him very charming and a very good interview.

  2. Lucy says

    TS, I don’t want to make a huge big deal about it, as I agree it’s really minor – I just find it a bit disappointing that he has to make SURE and point out that he’s straight. Jonathan was clearly making a joke, and Jake could have just laughed and said “I’m single”. He didn’t have to go out of his way to make sure everyone understood that HEY, MEN HAVE NO CHANCE WITH ME.

  3. Gregg says

    Um, LUCY? He’s straight. Why should he avoid saying he’s straight if he’s straight? It’s just a fact. He has no obligation to censor himself to placate anyone’s unrealistic fantasies.

    Would I enjoy fooling around with him? Sure. He’s adorable. But it ain’t gonna happen, and I don’t need him to pretend like it COULD happen.

  4. Lucy says

    “he’s straight”… Um, GREGG? I know that. And so, I would venture to suspect, does the vast majority of Jonathan’s audience. So why not just take a joke as a joke?

  5. Jon says

    Well, Lucy, I think it’s perfectly fine that Jake lets people know he’s straight. Isn’t there something in the gay community about being who you are? Straight guys say they like women. It happens.

    As far as taking a joke as a joke, I imagine he’s heard such jokes many times before, and occasionally, he might answer differently. It doesn’t mean that he didn’t take it as a joke because he didn’t answer in a way that you liked.

  6. GQ says

    “At this point, yes. On behalf of the ladies, I’m single. On behalf of the band, i’m not.” – let’s analyze, he doesn’t have any gf but he already has a bf, which means he’s bi/gay. Now, who is the bf? discuss.

  7. GQ says

    “At this point, yes. On behalf of the ladies, I’m single. On behalf of the band, i’m not.” – let’s analyze, he doesn’t have any gf but he already has a bf, which means he’s bi/gay. Now, who is the bf? discuss.

  8. Roger says

    Sounds to me like he said he is staying in the closet for the moment. Do people really think he is straight? He hasn’t had a girlfriend that he has admitted to since Kirsten Dunst and that was 2 years ago, over 3 if you count from when the first broke up. Everything else is anonymous tabloid and magazine fodder. Even in the GQ article he could only talk about marriage women in a very abstract manner. So much meta talk that people don’t seem to catch the obfuscation.

  9. jeff says

    … or he’s walking the PR line so he doesn’t alienate fans of either persuasion. I’m starting to doubt whether he’s gay. And, frankly, that makes him less appealing.

  10. Calamity Jane says

    Jake is looking for another A list actress that’s why there “seems” to be a drought in , he ain’t dragging no waitress to premieres if you get my drift, Mom and Pop would have a fit. Reese fits that, and he has been sniffing around but she isn’t interested in anything serious I hear. He wants to play abnd she doesn’t, and no D-list bimbo will do. The meta talk and obfuscation is an act, just ask Papa Gyllenhaal.

  11. r.i.p. toothy says

    Wait, Calamity Jane, so Jake’s genuinely interested in chicks? And Reese is not just a beard? Okay, fine. It can’t hurt to dream: of what a wonderful hero he’d be for the gay community, only real beards instead of metaphorical ones. Speaking of beards, I’d love to just sit on his face.

  12. Roger says

    That’s it Calamity Jane! You have just turned Jake into what would have to be one of the shallowest actors in Hollywood with that scenario, but at least he isn’t gay! Matt Damon married some one who wasn’t a big star. She was in the trades, a makeup artist or something like that. Didn’t seem to hurt his career. Does anyone think Jake is that shallow and manipulative?

  13. peterparker says

    Ladies! Ladies! I assure you, Jake is *not* gay (though I sincerely wish he were). Three years ago I lived for a couple of months at The Chateau Marmont, which is a celebrity haunt here in L.A.. One evening, I left my room and headed down to the lobby via a little-used stairway that is somewhat off the beaten path. As I rounded a corner I saw Kirsten Dunst cuddling in a corner with a tall, dark haired guy. She was gazing into his eyes and had that googly-eyed, I’m-in-love-wtih-you look written all over her face. Of course when I returned to my room a few moments later, I used the same path. It was then that I realized the guy whose eyes Kirsten had been gazing into was Jake Gyllenhaal…and this time I could see that he was gazing right back into hers. None of this was done for an audience because there was no one around. And it wasn’t done for a paparazzo’s camera either because The Chateau has a very strict ‘No Cameras’ rule…they will kick your ass out if you so much as pull a camera out. What I witnessed was a little private moment (that I just happened to ruin) in an out of the way corner of the hotel. I wish I could say I caught Jake snuggling with some hot guy, but that wasn’t the case. Sorry.


  14. nyc says

    Peter, I’ve banged a few girls in my day. But I’m certainly not straight now. No one doubts you saw what you saw, but that doesn’t certify anything except that Jake was at one time dating (maybe even sleeping with?) Druknst. Now if you had said you stumbled upon him making googly eyes at Reese instead of just being her gal pal, well, then, we’d have a story.

  15. Gregg says

    LUCY – one last little thing. Jake WAS playing along with the joke. Ross used the words “ladies” and “band”. Jake was playing around with his specific wording.

    Jake didn’t CHOOSE the word “ladies”. It was fed to him by the interviewer, and he was turning it into a joke. So I REALLY doubt that he was trying to alienate anybody – other than perhaps the band!

  16. humanist says

    1) i am about the least celebrity-obsessed person you can find, but i still can’t help loving Jake. he’s just so affable. affability and hotness seldom go together so well. i always enjoy seeing JG news.

    2) i can’t imagine filming an interview like that and keeping my wits about me at all, so i don’t read too much into the connotations of what comes out of people’s mouths in those situations. i think JG did a really terrific job and came across as witty, good-natured, and straight but not up-tight about it.

    3) i think there’s no denying that he did us all a service by doing brokeback and saying some really genuine and forward-thinking stuff about the nature of love in follow-up interviews about the film, so i find it hard to interpret anything he says as homophobic.

  17. devilgirl says

    Every time there’s a Jake post on here, everyone goes batshit-crazy about his sexuality. WHY? Can’t we just enjoy him as eye candy and stop worry about who he’s fucking? Jeezus, give it a rest. (Personally, as hot as he is, who cares?)

  18. Post Festum says

    Two weeks after this interview Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon did their first photo session in Rome.

    It was a proof that Jake is indeed gay!

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