Jim Neal, Challenger to Elizabeth Dole in NC, Says He is Gay

In an online question and answer session over the weekend, Jim Neal, the Democratic challenger for Elizabeth Dole’s Senate seat, acknowledged that he is gay.

JimnealIn response to a one participant’s statement, “I’ve heard you are gay,” Neal answered, “I am indeed. No secret and no big deal to me– I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t think otherwise.”

When asked the follow-up question, “Do you really think a gay man can be elected in North Carolina?” Neal replied:

“I’m not running this race to lose. I’m not running to make some social statement. I’m running to lead in the Senate for the voters in NC– something Senator Dole has not done. When people meet me, they’ll see beyond the labels and into my character.”

That line of questioning led into an inquiry about his position on gay marriage. Said Neal: “It’s okay if churches want to unite same-sex couples; it’s okay if they don’t. That’s their Constitutional right which I support 100%. But when it comes to the Government, I’m not in favor of any laws that discriminate against anyone for any reason.”

In response to one participant’s warning that the right wing would be after him, Neal replied, “I’m a big boy. I can take it and I can dish it.”


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    What a brave man. Maybe he thinks he’s in Massachusettes, but can’t he hear Elizabeth Dole’s accent. She sounds like Agnes Moorehead in “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte” Charlotte? Isn’t that in NOrth Caro…

  2. ATLSteve says

    I’m a NC native but I’ve never heard of this guy – what’s his claim to fame and/or the source of his $$?

    Dole is certainly beatable … she hasn’t made a big impression on swing voters in NC.

  3. Leland Frances says

    Bravo for him. His card carrying cunt opponent, Lucretia Dole, is probably applauding, too, because now she and her Brooks Brothers Brown Shirts won’t have to conduct the kind of “whisper campaign” the Bush Reich used to defeat Ann Richards in Texas. Now they can attack him directly and will, mes amis, you can count on it.

  4. jimmyboyo says

    The repubs themselves are p’d off at Dole. She can be beat. They are mad at her and blame her for loosing senate seats in 2006 since she was the one in charge of the repub senate election campaign. her own party is furious with her which means this guy might have more of a chance then one might think

  5. WillnDurhamNC says

    Oh thank God. I’d vote for Mickey Mouse if he’d run against Dole. Neal makes it even easier. We do have some openly gay politicians in N.C. including a State Senator, Julia Boseman. If he’s got a good message and some $ its quite possible he can upset Dole (I’m thinking positively.).

  6. JerryinRI says

    Guys…I just read about the HRC not endorsing Jim Neal. I e-mailed Joe Solmonese at Executive@hrc.org with the following complaint. I encourage you to do the same.

    “Dear Joe Solmonese,

    I’ve been very interested in the Democratic race in North Carolina and very excited with the openly gay candidate, Jim Neal. Although I am a Rhode Island resident, I took the time to spread the word about his candidacy and donated monies to his race. I’m very impressed with his stance on many issues and he is a much more well-rounded candidate for human rights than his contender, Kay Hagan.

    I was greatly disappointed that you, in turn, did not do the same. I would agree that endorsements do not win races…votes do, IF, however, the HRC didn’t make endorsements. But the clear fact is that the HRC does make endorsements and endorsements help raise awareness to gay people in public office and yes…even helps raise money. It is folks like me who rely upon you to be the megaphone to my voice…but your inability to take a stand in this very important race by not giving your support behind someone who is openly gay and needs your support (and who is also dead on the issues that you endorse) is very disappointing.

    I will no longer be giving my annual donations to your organization and I will be encouraging my very large and influential group of friends (gay and straight) to also stop donating to your organization.

    Be assured of my displeasure and my voice of opposition to your organization.”

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