Red Eye‘s Levy Makes Brown Eye Joke: “That won’t make air”

Ryan Smith of BET’s My Two Cents appeared on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld recently and had this exchange with “ombudsman” Andrew Levy.

LEVY: On BET’s website it describes your show My Two Cents as a one-hour talk show with five original voices discussing the issues of the day. It says issues will range from the latest celebrity hook-ups and break-ups to issues of race, color, and religion. Was the name “Black Eye” already taken?

SMITH: Oh, absolutely.

LEVY: Our next contact will be through our lawyers.

OFFSCREEN VOICE: We’re doing a gay episode called “Pink Eye”.

SMITH: I like that.

LEVY: I thought that was called “Brown Eye”.


LEVY: That won’t make air. Don’t worry. That won’t make air.

Incidentally, My Two Cents also features our friend, gay blogger Keith Boykin.


  1. adam says

    That was probably a little un-pc and good that it didn’t make it to the air, but I thought it was pretty funny LOL!

  2. Brian says

    I kinda laughed, but then felt a little guilty about it. Then I laughed again.

    By the way, I don’t call it a brown eye. I prefer the term “chocolate star”.

  3. Derrick fromPhilly says

    Damn stupid straight people. Don’t they know anything about enemas? I hate being associated with feces or Santorum.

  4. Ben says

    Ryan Smith is damned cute.

    But this footage…Fox is such a good ole boys club. That stuck-in-adolescence locker room mentality. Barf.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    It should only be brown if the rest of you is brown…KEEP YOUR STUFF CLEAN, DAMMIT!

  6. Brandon says

    I see nothing humorous about being portrayed as one that eats feces. Think that’s “pc”. Yeah, if it’s also pc if I was censored for telling him on national tv that he must be thinking of his shitty, depends-wearing mama.

  7. jacknasty says

    What is all this “eating feces” talk? Did you people read a different quote?

    brown-eye just refers to the anus. It doesnt mean a dirty one, or eating feces LOL. It just references the anus, and was kinda a funny pun on the name of a gay episode of the show.

  8. Dan says

    These guys are funny at times, but thier ENTIRE show is one big junior high – I implied you suck cock – joke. I’m not really offended by any of it, just annoyed. It’s just like the rest of FOX, without the religious pioty, but just as homophobic and superior.

  9. Brandon says

    Jack, you’re making excuses for his cheap shot. Having a brown anus isn’t exactly universal – save people who are in fact brown-skinned. Tell you the truth, most of the Caucasian assholes (no pun) I’ve seen are pinkish (or purplish) in color. I still think it was about shit – maybe the anus included, but shit nonetheless.