Sir Paul McCartney to Pete Doherty: John Lennon Wasn’t Gay


Babyshambles singer and tabloid troublemaker Pete Doherty interviewed Sir Paul McCartney for the UK’s Observer over the weekend and discussed, among other things, the sex life of the Beatles. McCartney said that although the tours got crazy sexually, he never witnessed any of John Lennon’s rumored dalliances with men:

“There was an element of Satyricon, although that overstates the case a bit. But there were certainly some elements that you wouldn’t talk about in the newspapers. Privately, I could tell a tale or two [laughs]. The funny thing is when later the rumour came out that John was gay, I said: ‘I don’t think so.’ I mean, I don’t know what he did when he went to New York, but certainly not in any of my experiences. We used to sleep together, top and tail it, you know. I always used to say: ‘Come on, I would have spotted something here.’ But what I spotted was completely the opposite. It was just chicks, chicks, chicks.”

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