News: Newt Gingrich, Spice Girls, Taipei Pride, Dean Johnson

road.jpg Gay businessman Tony Hoare bludgeoned to death walking his dogs in London. Motivation behind the attack is unclear.

Deanjohnsonroad.jpg NYC downtown icon and gay performing artist Dean Johnson dies: “The six-foot-six promoter was found dead by authorities in Washington, D.C., but remained unidentified until this week. Police are still investigating the cause…At times a porn star and at other times a rock star (he fronted Dean and the Weenies and later the Velvet Mafia), he was always recognizable by his height (often augmented by heels) and brazen eyewear…” More from World of Wonder.

road.jpg Taipei, Taiwan to hold carnival and gay pride parade this month. The carnival is this weekend. Said city official Jason Yeh: “The theme of this year’s gay carnival is ‘Teach You How to Watch a Gay Film’. We want the public to watch gay films in a relaxed atmosphere so that they can understand gay-related issues.”

road.jpg Fall auctions to test the art market bubble: “Doom-mongers are dubbing the blitz of forthcoming London sales as ‘judgment week’. It will begin on October 11 with the opening of the Frieze art fair, which attracts dealers from all over the world.”

Zaggyroad.jpg Male Missouri high school student crowned Homecoming Queen: “His mother, Mary Ann Zaggy, said her son wanted to surprise his steady girlfriend at the dance tonight when the honor is formally bestowed. ‘It’s no big deal,’ said [Marcel] Coleman, the homecoming king, although he was unsure how the traditional king-queen dance would play out. The school body voted for Zaggy, but he may have upset some students who consider the homecoming court no laughing matter.”

road.jpg Street Angels to take to the streets to thwart anti-gay attacks in Sydney: “The GenQ Street Angels want volunteers with policing, military, security or medical experience to join. They could be patrolling in Sydney’s Oxford Street precinct and the King Street strip in Newtown as early as the first weekend in November. Organiser and founder Andrew Stopps said he hoped the patrols would initially focus on Friday and Saturday nights between 9pm and 3am, when as many as 10,000 partygoers flood Surry Hills, Darlinghurst and Paddington.”

road.jpg Newt Gingrich says he won’t run for president.

road.jpg Spice Girls reunion concert sells out in 38 seconds.

road.jpg Anti-gay artists Elephant Man and Sizzla nixed from Toronto concerts over homophobic lyrics.

Toriroad.jpg The Captain + Tennille = Tori Spelling?

road.jpg Anti-gay wingnut’s daughter to star in production of The Laramie Project: “Amy Contrada, author of the vehemently anti-gay MassResistance blog and tireless crusader against the Laramie Project play, failed to report that her own daughter will star in Acton High School’s production of the play this November. Despite the fact that her daughter will play a TV reporter and serve as a Moderator for the play, which sensitively chronicles the death of Mathew Shepard, Contrada remains committed to organizing an anti-gay forum at the same High School in October.”

road.jpg Madonna to collaborate with Elton John? Elton: “Madonna is a great artiste and I think I shoot my mouth off too much, really. Who wouldn’t want to work with her?”

road.jpg Police accused of harassing LGBT gathering during opening week of UN General Assembly: “On Wednesday night, September 26, without provocation, officers from the 9th Precinct of the New York Police Department attacked lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community members who were attending an event organized by the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP). At the celebration, in front of M & R Bar, at 356 Bowery Street, two people were violently arrested without cause. Others were pepper sprayed in the face without warning or cause, and injured. Most of the people attacked by the police were people of color, and many were transgender.”

road.jpg 7,000, including hecklers, show up for North Carolina’s Pride Fest.


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    The Homecoming Queen story is hilarious. The reaction of the female running for the title was great: “Miss Thing” was evil “…the queen should be a girl and the king should be a dude.” Not if me and Chris Croker got anything to do with it, bitch. She lost the Homecoming Queen crown to a boy! I love it.

  2. rascal says

    I fail to see what the homecoming queen story has to do with anything. It was a high-school prank with no underlying orientation or gender issues. Slow news day, people?

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “I fail to see what the homecoming queen story has to do with anything.”

    It has to do with finding weapons of mass destruction in Missouri. Oh, for God’s sake! What the hell is wrong with y’all today? Lighten up, dammit!

    There sure aint many happy homos posting today. What, we got to wait all the way to Friday for y’all to get happy. “Get Happy”… yeah. Andy, could you play some Judy Garland. That ought to do it.

  4. Davey says

    This is the 2nd posting about the NYPD today…I guess with the NYPD harassing everyone it should help with the traffic congestion in the city that concerns Bloomy so much, maybe Hizonner knows exactly what he’s doing…

  5. Rick says

    The homecoming queen story made me wonder how much tolerance we would see if a 250 lb. hairy leather bear was named the “queen” of a drag contest or “Lesbian of the Year”. Just a thought.

  6. secretagentman says

    “I fail to see what the homecoming queen story has to do with anything.”
    Well I hope it says that a male/male or female/female couple could conceivably win homecoming together someday.
    I love how ‘mom’ has to throw in the part about her son’s ‘steady g/f’.

  7. Bill Perdue says

    The suppression of the hate mongering inflammatory acts of Elephant Man and Sizzla are not dependent on making allowances for cultural differences or artistic expression. Nor does the working class background of some of the performers or the colonial legacy of poverty excuse them.

    They advise listeners to murder and torture us, and some of them follow their own advice in Jamaica.

    Efforts to cut their income, stop their performances and deny them entry visas are an excellent start, but this is plainly a question of criminality. They’re guilty of murder, torture and terrorism just as much as Der Pope, Pat Robertson and the thugs who commit the crimes. They CAUSE us to get murdered, beaten and maimed. They’ve already committed the crime. It’s time to indict them, try them and depending on the jurisdiction, imprison them for life or hang them.

  8. Eric says

    I’m glad that Canadians continue to make the lives of murderous homophobes difficult. Elephant Man and Sizzla should indeed have all of their CDs removed from Canadian store shelves.

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