Twenty Men Arrested in New York Rest Stop Sex Sting

Guess how many identify as gay? None. All of the men are married, with the exception of a Catholic priest.

From The Journal News: “The sting, which also netted a local Rotary Club president and a 72-year-old man, was prompted by a complaint from a man who stopped to use the rest area with his 10-year-old son, said Capt. Robert Meyer, state police commander in Westchester County. ‘As soon as we saw that letter, we took immediate action,’ said Sgt. Joseph Lutz, the Somers barracks commander, who oversaw the operation. He spoke as he visited the southbound rest area just north of Exit 4 yesterday afternoon. Most of the men were charged with either loitering or trespass violations or both. One was charged with forcible touching, a misdemeanor. Four were charged with exposing themselves and two with public lewdness, all violations. The 20 suspects are due in Bedford Town Court on Thursday. Among those arrested was the Rev. Gary Mead, a Catholic priest from Millwood assigned to St. Gregory Barbarigo parish in Garnerville. Police said he fondled an undercover officer and was charged with forcible touching.”


  1. says

    Wow. For those out there who still don’t “get it” after Larry Craig, this makes it plain as day.

    Hello America: now you can see that the problem isn’t creepy gays; the real problem The Closet.

    It’s a shame, the hell that these guys are going through, (and the hell they’ve lived most of their lives,) but I do hope that enough conservative straight people hear about this story and it gets them thinking, so perhaps some good will come of it.

  2. jmg says

    Don’t you think it’s a little simplistic to argue–“Come out of the closet and you will never cruise rest stops/parks ever again!!!”

    Come on now, people, think a little.

  3. queendru says

    The problem is NOT the Closet! I’ve known out gay men who do this sort of thing. George Michael dared to call it part of his culture!

    Maybe these men are bi or closet cases or just want to get off because their Mrs has cut them off at home. Doesn’t matter. They need to find more appropriate venues to find dates than public toilets.

  4. Rafael says

    Haha I just wonder how they pick the officers who are to go undercover on these sting operations. You know they are handpicked by their hotter looks, so the question that begs to be asked is who gets to pick, apparently whomever does it is got good taste in men.

    I have no sympathy for restroom creeps. So as far as I’m concerned they and their fake families got what they deserved.

  5. says

    Does this mean that homosexuals make up way more than 10 percent of the population? After all, no one knew all these people were gay before they got caught in the restroom, right?

    Just on a side note, I went to Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood and it was packed with straight guys watching the sports game with their girlfriends. I had to wonder about a few of them… Some of the guys with their tight t-shirts, perfect tans and gym-toned bodies looked like they’d rather be watching “Tyra.”

  6. says

    Oh, I fully acknowledge that there are creepy gays who cruise parks, etc. I’m saying that’s not the main problem. Straight people have sex in public, too.

    But if it seems like there’s an epidemic of creepy gay bathroom sex, it’s because, to some degree, there is, and it’s mostly deeply closeted guys who feel it’s their only option. The fact that so many married guys feel the need to cruise a (presumably disgusting) rest stop bathroom for gay sex illustrates just what the closet can do to otherwise normal guys. The closet is a sadder and more desperate place than many straight folks realize, and this might help some people understand that.

    As a side note, I see a bit of a difference between parks and public restrooms. I’m sure there’s plenty of crossover, but I think public restrooms are especially tempting to closeted guys because they are: (1) more private/hidden than a park and (2) offer an obvious excuse for being there if caught. Parks, on the other hand, are more public and thus it’s easier to get caught, and it’s harder to explain what you were doing in the gay cruising area of a park late at night. For gays, though, it’s just the free alternative to a bathhouse for casual sex, perhaps with the added thrill of the risk of being caught.

    For the record, I’ve never had sex in either type place, and would never consider it. I don’t think it’s right. It doesn’t belong in public. Children shouldn’t be exposed to public sex – gay or straight – period.

  7. el polacko says

    yep, dave.. there’s way WAY more than 10 percent of the male population who have sex with other men, or desperately want to. did you catch that graphic a bit ago that charted where the gaze of women versus men fell when looking at a ballplayer ? the women check out the face, the guys check out the face AND the crotch.
    everyone should be able to use a restroom without being accosted, but were the complainer and his son hit on or did dad just figure out what was going on and get all in a tizzy about it ? public accomodations have been the site of male hook-ups since forever. unless people are being attacked and the action is kept behind closed doors, i don’t see why it’s anybody else’s business… and i abhor the use of police stings. sending a cute undercover cop in to shake it at the guys is just entrapment. why should some guy’s life be ruined over a little stress-releasing quickie ? better that the priest was there than jumping some student’s bones.
    it’s time the culture grew up and accepted that men’s sexual needs are not confined to monogmaous hetero marriage. we’d have a much happier male population and all this fear of being thought of as ‘gay’ might just go away.

  8. Leland Frances says

    Ah, Barney’s Beanery. Are you aware, Hollywood Dave, of its historical place in LA gay history, and the fight over its sign in 1970 that read, “Fagots [sic] stay out”? And the matchbooks that said the same thing in 1984?

    Like so many other things, I think all this attention to tearooms is less a matter of this happening more than it being more publicized. Just the overkill publicity that the Craig case has gotten could be motivation enough for the “state police commander in Westchester County” to act on something that he might have ignored a year ago. EVERYbody wants to be a star. In any case, it’s sad that even 20 men are still into it.

    And, again, for those interested in how far it can go, click on “View Now in QuickTime” to watch mindboggling police film of actual tearoom sex in Mansfield, Ohio [after several minutes of the most extreme homophobia you’ve heard since Fred Phelps] at:

  9. hortence says

    Well if they offered straight sex at rest stops, they’d have to charge for it. And brothels are illegal except in Nevada.

    Why don’t people just admit they want to have sex and they are sexual beings? Rest stop, parks, church or the drive-in…we have nerve endings for a reason.

  10. Wheezy says

    All these guys are supposedly “straight”, and all of them but the priest are married. If OUT gay men go trolling toilets for sex, how come they never get caught? It’s always the “straight” and married guys.

    Makes you wonder what all the closeted “straight” lesbians are doing to get some nookie, and why they never get caught, either.

  11. Mike says

    I really don’t have a problem with the police trying to prevent this kind of indecency. Men having sex in bathrooms with each other may be part of gay history, but that doesn’t make it right. Go to a bar or a bathhouse or on a fricking date for crying out loud. Show me a public bathroom where men and women are fucking each other. Exactly.

  12. ZACH says

    Really? Are the people having sex where they are told not to actually causing real consequences to real people? For all the stories I hear about people having sex in the wrong spot, I have not seen a single big story about the person who was harmed by it.

    If scoring a point against people who are opposed to gay liberty means damning people who screw in the wrong place, I am not sure that this is a good thing. Sure, there is power in noting hypocracy. It is great to ‘discover’ publically that all these men of all persuasions are screwing eachother, often in the wrong spot. But come on people – this thing is supposed to be about freedom. I am quite sure that I am not any more free to understand and express my gennder and sexuality with gays condemning how and where I do it.

  13. shane says

    To each his own, but the guys really need to be more discreet. Especially in front of children!!

    Other than that, it would seem that there are “real” crimes the police should be more concerned about. How many people were murdered while these piggies were hunting the felonous homos?

  14. tommy says

    Everyone is complaining about harming the children or offending people wanting to use the toilet, but nobody says that this occured. No kids or patrons were harmed, as far as I know. And guys, this kind of behavior has ALWAYS gone on and ALWAYS will. Whether it is in a stall, at the gym, in a backroom bar or in the park. We, as men are dogs! We want sex, we like sex and we look for sex anywhere. Sometimes it looks like a flirtation, but it is the sex. Not saying we should be able to control such urges, but they are there. Now, I’m not sure that those caught were all gay. The idea that you are either gay or your not is too black and white. Some men go to these places to get a quick bj. Whats the saying..”lips is lips!” Except for the hypocricy, why do we care so much?

  15. Wes says

    Have anonymous, promiscuous sex if you want to, who cares. Just don’t do it in public! It is not your “right” or “liberty”. A public restroom is NOT your property that you can just do anything you want to. It is so absurd to suggest that this is some sort of ‘liberty’ issue… that you should be able to f*ck anywhere you damn please. Well you can’t f*ck at my house and you can’t f*ck on a toilet owned by a business or city.


    Gay, straight, bi, it doesn’t matter. Public sex is disrespectful and gross, so do what you want but do it in an appropriate place (i.e. anywhere not public).

  16. says

    The police is that bored that they invest time and tax dollars in hunting down homos?
    If I can call them that, that is. I don’t know about y’all but these labels “gay”, “str8″ seem to be slowly fading away or overlapping each other to say the least…

  17. Darren says

    I think I missed something. It looks like I’m seeing on this comment list people who are marginalized because of their sexual behavior engaging in the moralizing behaviors of those who marginalize them. Now that is hypocracy! Sounds like the rallying cry of the “respectable gays”: “Hey straight people, don’t hate me! I’m like you. I pretty much buy into your heteronormative ideology, except for the fact that I sleep with men. But I’m not like those trolls who cruise bathrooms! Please let me into your club of respectability!”

    And why are the moralist gays always so angry anyway?

  18. Wes says

    What does this have to do with being acceptable to straight people? Can a gay person not find public sex disrespectful and inappropriate without being accused of pandering to “heteronormative ideology”. Gay means one thing: I like the same sex. It doesn’t mean I have to subscribe to some weird doctrine of screwing anywhere at anytime with anyone. If you want to have anonymous promiscuous sex, go for it, I support you all the way. Just don’t do it on someone else’s property. Is that such a terrible tyrannical thing to ask?

  19. Bill says

    T-rooms have been the main venue for gay sex in many parts of the world since before most of you were born: D.C., Paris, London, New York, Honolulu, a great one in Malta, and I even found them to be busy in movie theaters in Delhi, and one in Kathmandu. In the sixties the subway toilets up and down Manhattan were amazingly active. They even did songs in revues about people meeting and recognizing each other in the Christopher Street downtown IRT subway line men’s room. That’s how popular it was. Quite far from creepy. It speaks of oppression, closet sex. But then too, some people simply want fast uncomplicated blow jobs. The Men’s room in Times Square was amazing for the sheer number of street types with huge ones who stood for hours showing off their meat to each other. If you had average size or less you were not welcome. And cocksuckers would finally give up and walk out, because these boys only had eyes for each other’s meat. In fact, in certain subway men’s rooms you were guaranteed to find oversized members hanging out of pants. Now we have the holier than thouer’s calling people who engaged in such sex, “creepy”. Too bad gays are not interested enough in their own history to know how lucky they are now. Before 1968, toilet sex was what there was, except for the bars and the parks, (Central and Madison.) In those days before Stonewall, the cops were fairly lenient about gay men cruising or having sex in public. And sometimes they even joined in. Which made for great dinner conversation. And now, the cops in Manhattan are so different, so mean.

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