1. Nikko says

    So, another republican hypocrite exposed,huh? I’m starting to think the Republican party are as gay as the catholic church-maybe they should come together for an orgy-oops, a conference on how to stop gay rights or something.
    Anyhoo, as for this evil loser,throw the charges at him. Evil fucker.

  2. Jonathon says

    Now, say it with me, y’all:


    Openly gay men don’t normally find themselves in this position. Openly gay men don’t have to go home and confess to their beard/wife that they had sex with a man behind her back and, by the way they don’t really like p*ssy much anyhow.

    Men having sex with men on the sly also are less likely to use condoms or safer sex practices. You know, all the “down low” dudes who go out, have unsafe sex and then return home to their wives – and have more unsafe sex.

    Simply coming out of the closet opens many, many doors. Why stay locked behind them, living in fear and just waiting until your luck runs out and the world discovers who and what you really are.

  3. says

    Chris nailed the issue exactly. Here in Las Vegas these kinds of reports constantly appear on Craig’s List from the party claiming injury, usually the “John”. And in Las Vegas, the “John” is subject to arrest by participating so going to the police is rarely an option. The John attempts to blacken the credibility of the prostitute through repeated posts. Every variation to these scenarios comes into play with theft of jewelry and money leading the pack. Also, prostitutes that demand proof of the “John’s” ability to pay up front, frequently wrestle the cash and bolt. The question remains, why get involved? What happened to going to a bar and using your best efforts to find someone who is of suitable character? These clandestine internet hook-ups so often end in disappointment and fraud. Think carefully before acting out a fantasy. Is the risk really worth it? Desperate people do desperate things.

  4. CLIFF says


  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Yes, but can Democrats around the country find a way to use all this wonderful hypocritical shit against the “God-fearing, family values” Republicans for the election. And will they be labeled homophobic for using it?

    Even though Dems have no chance of winning in Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, etc., I’d love to run ads featuring all these closeted, right-wing, anti-gay homos. Why, y’all could even play Donnie McClurkin’s music in the background, if you like… you know, add a little color.

    God, I’ma gloatin’!

  6. David D. says

    “The police report contains an account of how Curtis allegedly donned women’s clothing, red stockings and a black sequined lingerie top before engaging in a sex act at the store. He continued to wear them throughout the night under his clothing.”

    Richard Curtis: You are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words won’t bring you down, they won’t bring you down today.

    However–if I were you, I’d look up the word “gay” in the dictionary and have a little think about it.

  7. Chaq says

    Lol @ David D.!
    And yes, Castagna may be “hot”, but what is with the upside-down back-to-front tennis visor??
    Have I had the misfortune to sleep through another fabulous trend?

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    No, BEEROGGLES: But even though he’s against most civil rights for gays, maybe he suppots a trans-inclusive ENDA. I mean, he’d have reason too, don’t you think? I wonder how many 14 year old GAYS who are about to experiment with drag are going to use the drag name “ENDA”?

  9. anon ( says

    And the winner is….!

    I should point out that gay men cheat on their boyfriends/husbands too. Not usually with women, but the hurt remains the same.

    I found the report confusing, but I’m guessing that Curtis is saying his wallet was stolen while Castanga is saying that he was solicited. The truth is out there.

  10. Nita says

    You know what I’d like to see? more Elton John outting — where someone has been in a long-term relationship, and there’s more there than sex. More of the relationships that were shown during the (Vermont? Massachusetts?) weddings, where people had been together for decades, finally declaring their love in public. If that’s all people see, then that will eventually become the dominant ‘reality’ of how others view being gay. That’s a good way of exploiting stereotypes.

    Instead, it’s older dudes soliciting barely legal interns with sad IMs, then saying they were sexually assaulted as minors (two birds, one stone); or older dudes soliciting for anonymous sex using foot signals; or older dudes soliciting college kids for sex on online dating sites and dangling government positions as bribes; or this dude……… who tried to use his political position to get out of the police report, after getting rolled by a much younger hustler.

    Older dudes.
    Much younger men.

    Corruption of youth. Exploitation. Predatory sex. You may not agree with it, but there it is. Where’s the love? where’s the ‘family values’? Where’s the commitment? This goes a little beyond ‘Republicans are hypocrites’. There need to be more images of homosexuals in committed relationships.

    The best thing gays can do is not just ‘come out’, but to come out in such a way that gay means more than anonymous sex, predatory sex. I know guys, of all orientations, love anonymous sex as often as possible with as many partners to choose from as possible. It’s a guy thing, not an orientation thing.

    Too bad. Anyway, is it possible to create intentional ‘set ups’ of people being exposed for being gay while in long-term relationships? to counter the ‘gays have no control over their dicks/gays seek the young’? It may take a couple years, or a decade, but it’d be worth it. If Hillary can (allegedly) have this great master scheme involving political blogs going back to the mid-90s, why not this?

  11. Nita says

    Derrick, if Donnie doesn’t want to be gay anymore…………. he has the same right as Tiger Woods not wanting to be black. Or Larry Wachowski not wanting to be a man.

    Yeah, those gay republicans are hypocrites for voting against gay marriage, while harboring gays in the party. You know what’s screwed up, though? How many of these gay hypocrites are seeking marriage partners at the time of their outtings? Or pull the ‘I’m not really gay as long as I’m on top’? It’s like that recent cartoon, which I wish I could find, where the Congressman is at the mirror tells the strapping young intern/hustler in bed that he’s against gay marriage because ‘I’d never leave my wife for you’.

    If you’re a politician and most of your experiences with homosexuality are of the ‘find em, fuck em and flee’ variety, isn’t that a justification in the back of your mind to go with ‘what the people at home want to hear so that I’m re-elected’?

    Or do you men really not think like that?

  12. Hank says

    There are so many Jim McGreeveys, Larry Craigs and Dick Curtises of the world who think they can lead double lives and never get caught. In every city and town, they troll the bookstores, the boothstores, the train stations and parks while their unsuspecting families wait for them at home. And I know too many guys (both “straight” and gay) like this.

    Everyone’s entitled to lead their own lives, but I have big problems with these guys is that they hold public office, and with that, wield power over MY life. They condemn me and my community, they oppress us, they refuse to grant us our legal rights (“ALL men are created equal”) in the name of their God and their values, when in reality their values and moral code are no different (if not more depraved) than mine.

    Maybe leading the double life allows them to detach themselves from their gay feelings. It’s something they can’t control, they give it another personality/side so it’s really not them. Therefore, the public self is “not gay.” Disassociation is what therapists say. They just “have sex with men,” they don’t have “gay feelings.”

    It’s time the gay community got really angry about these incidents and used them to fuel a collective movement for legal equality in all areas. Why should we let closeted straights use us for sex behind closed doors and then demean us and discriminate us in public?

    P.S.–As guilty as Curtis looks, Castagna looked more like a sketchy hustler after the press conference. He has numerous prior arrests for similar crimes (forgery, robbery). Money for drugs maybe? Both of the guys in this case… I won’t trust them as far as I could throw them.

  13. Nita says

    Oh, Anne Rice. I’ve got Exit to Eden (great love story, until the end; Lisa submits, Elliot dommes. Square one), The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (hard to swallow class differentiations, and Beauty’s almost as dumb as Terry Southern’s Candy, but the gay sex scenes were well done) and officially gave up on catching up on any of her vampire tales after The Tale of the Body Thief. I’m not touching her tragic mulatto novels.

    But yeah, she writes a very well done gay sex scene (though I know a woman who thought her novels were irredeemably badly written pure trash). Those dudes — with the exception of Lestat — are all in love with one another, though, as well as themselves or hating themselves. Beyond that it’s just: Searching for Daddy. Destroying Daddy. Submitting to Daddy. Becoming Daddy. Destroying Daddy.

    At what point does someone become tired of rinse/repeating? you know?

  14. Sebastian says

    Just a mess, and, yet another instance of what the rampant homophobia and internalized self hate will do to you. The hooker is kind of cute, but, that wanna be thug, tough boy look and backwards visor would mean a 50% discount on his services since that is just silly looking, of which I wonder what they are, LOL!

    And, I thought those who picked up trade knew to never carry a wallet with you? I guess he must have just been use to toe tapping.

  15. noteasilyoffended says

    Great posts, Nita. I think it is a “guy” thing, not a straight or gay guy thing. It’s older men liking sex with younger people (fill in the blank with the sex of choice). When is it a gay man thing, it gets attention because of the hypocrisy these politicians are showing. Sad. Sad. Sad. I agree with you, Nita. Let’s see some more positive role models. Anyone have any nominees?

  16. Mike in the Tundra says

    “Older dudes.
    Much younger men.”

    Er, have you looked at the Republican Presidential candidates and their trophy wives? How can you be surprised by gay men wanting trophy boyfriends? If you’re old and rich, you can buy anything you want.

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    “AIDS kills fags dead!”

    What does it do to closeted Republicans, kill them alive?

    You’re one of them escort buysexuals, aintcha’, boy? You just read Fizziekruntnt’s warning, and now you’re mad.

  18. SFshawn says

    Nita it IS possible to create intentional “set ups” of people being gay while in long term relationships and it’s called gay marriage/civil unions. When Mayor Gavin Newsom,Openly gay Assemblyman Mark Leno and the city of San Francisco as well as the many other cities/states in the USA challenge the hetero norm by validating gay love then only bigots lose. When 4,000+ gay couples flocked to San Francisco to publicly declare their love,commitment and yes believe it or not MONOGAMY (including Rosie O) the relgious freaks came out of the woodwork screaming their hate filled,time worn rants and people wonder why GLBT folks are skeptical about religion and religious zealots and all their judgement and doublespeak?

  19. Leland Frances says

    First, Derrick, ROTFLMAO and in need of clean underwear for your suggestion of “ENDA” as a new drag name!!!! Bravo! And totally agree with you that it would be great if someone collected all these stories together [few are likely to rise on their own to the national scandal that Foley and Craig have] and publicized them in a way that would help destroy Repugs’ self-righteous “Family Values” [read “gays want to fricassee our kids”] credibility.

    Still think it would be great for someone with computer skills I wish I had to create a site with one of those automatically updating calendar/clocks a la the Backwards Bush clock or how much money Bill Gates made today, though in this case the theme would be “Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds Since The Last Closeted Repug Was Busted.”

  20. jim turner says

    Wow what a hot story.. I wonder if he got to cum in the guys ass or did he pull out and jack off and cum on the guys back. Did they exchange blowjobs before hand? There is so much the press is not telling us. There is one thing for sure lots of horny guys in the would like. I think i going to go beat off now.


    The blad fag

  21. el polacko says

    the only issue here, as always, is that we have another person in a position of power voting down gay rights while having a gay old time themselves. all the salacious details of their encounter are nobody’s business and no different than what the str8 politicians are up to and always have been.. why do you think they want the jobs in the first place? the fringe benefits. all that booze and those hookers don’t drink and fuck themselves ya know.. somebody’s got to step up.

  22. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED says

    The long list of sex scandals by closeted gays and breeders, the totalitarian rights threat to desert them, and the emergence of a new generation of youth both opposed to homobigotry and ripe for radicalization are pounding the last few nails in the Republican coffin. They’re DOA for 2008.

    Hillary Clinton’s chokehold on the nomination means she’ll be the next president unless she or the Democrats duplicate the phenomenally stupid blunders that were a trademark of their 2000 and 2004 campaigns.

    For closeted queers in the homobigot Republican Party, life is a nightmare concoction of fear and frustration largely of their own making. Stephanie Coontz, leftist scholar noted for her analysis of changes in family structures and advocate of samesex marriage said “For people who take an Old Testament approach homosexuality is so dissonant from their notion of morality that you have to lie to yourself 98 percent of the time.” Robert-Jay Green, executive director of the San Francisco Rockway Institute which exposes “anti-gay prejudice” agrees, adding “They risk losing their careers, their reputations, their family relationships, and the cost is so high for them to accept their underlying same-sex attractions that many of them still remain closeted,” he said. “And being closeted is like being in prison.”

    It’s been that way forever in US politics or at least sine the time of Buchanan, ‘bachelor’ president from 1856 to 1860. He was directly followed by Abe Lincoln, who loathed marriage to women and had male bedmates most of the time.

    US history is replete with examples of the destructive nature of internalized homophobia, from J. Edgar “Mary” Hoover who shoehorned himself out of his panties and frock, waddled down to the FBI office issued arrest orders for gays and leftists to Roy Cohn, Joe McCarthy’s sidekick, who did much the same.
    Democrats as well as Republicans have been ‘victims’ of their own fear and internalized homophobia, and outed, often after trying to pick up minors, hustlers and cops. They include: Walter Jenkins, an LBJ aide in 1964; NY Democrat congressman Fred Richmond in 1978; Maryland Republican Robert Bauman outed in 1980; Mississippi Republican Jon Hinson outed in 1981; Democrat Rep. Gerry Studds of Massachusetts outed in 1983; in 1989 GOP lobbyist Craig Spence took male prostitutes on a late-night tour of the Bush1 White House and committed suicide and Democrat Barney Frank of Massachusetts was outed; 2003 Brent Parker of Utah’s House of Representatives outed and resigned; 2004 New Jersey governor Democrat James McGreevey outed and resigns; 2004 Republican congressman Ed Schrock of Virginia outed and quits race: 2005 Republican shill Jeff Gannon outed: 2005 Spokane, Wash., Republican mayor Jim West outed and recalled. Just in the last year we’ve seen the collapse of closet cases scandals like Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, that Republican blimp in Florida whose name escapes me and others.

    It’s going to be a bumpy ride for Republicans and their closet cases.

  23. Gene says

    Why is this even news? By now it should be clear to everyone that deep inside of every Republican resides a homosexual who is just screaming to get out. It is no secret that Republicans have inner demons deep within their jingoistic conservative closets that are far worse then any of the things they try to acuse Democrats of. Basically…consider all the things that the Republican Party claims to be for and you will discover that the party is only good a producing politicians who are the total opposite of their ideology. One need not look any further then their daddy little hitler bush to realize that the Republican Party is not a party that is of, for or by the people.

  24. Oscar says

    The higher they are the lower they fall. This guy is gay and got married because of society presures. Once you are gay, you are gay. Unfortunately, he tried to live a double life and it exploted in his face.

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