7-Year-Old Florida Boy Beaten for Wearing Pink Nail Polish

Pink and what it stands for is apparently a very threatening color to some men who feel the need to take insecurity about their masculinity out on others. In Orange County, Florida, Aundre Hill was arrested after he allegedly beat his 7-year-old son for applying pink nail polish.

Hill“Aundre Jermaine Hill, 25, was arrested on Saturday at about 5:19 p.m. after sheriff’s deputies responded to a home in reference to a call saying that a boy was discovered with bruises on his body. Orange County sheriff’s deputies said the boy’s mother was bathing him when she noticed the markings on the boy. Investigators said it appeared the boy was beaten with a belt and hands on his buttocks, arms, temple and legs. Hill was located, arrested and transported to the Orange County Jail. He later bonded out of jail.”

Pink has been in the news quite a bit lately. In September I posted a story about the South Carolina prison system and their use of pink jumpsuits to mark prisoners punished for sexual misconduct. Inmates forced to wear the suit complained because they felt it made them a target for assault. Apparently in Florida this applies to small chidren and nail polish as well. You may also remember the incident in early September where a Nova Scotia boy was bullied after wearing a pink T-shirt to school and his classmates stood up for him in solidarity.

Police: Man Beat Boy For Putting Pink Fingernail Polish On Nails [tr]


  1. Sebastian says

    This just breaks my heart, why is it that this churl is so insecure about his own alleged “manhood” that he has to take it out on a poor kid? I’m sure he’ll get his comeuppance in jail with a few good beatdowns, since, the worse thing you can be is a child killer or beater.

  2. Jonathon says

    I hope that this guy serves some time and that EVERYONE in prison knows he’s a child abuser. To be sure, wearing pink will be the last thing he’ll worry about. He’ll get his on the inside.

  3. says

    Yet another parent that has beaten their own child.
    How come when this happens people always say “oh thats terrible”? How come in this country or anywhere else for that matter, are the rights for parenthood not taken away? Chances are that this man has or will have more children. Why is this allowed to happen? Why is it everyones right to breed? You can prove you are a bad parent, even torture animals, children, whatever, but you can still go out and have sex and produce a child?
    I am so sick of it. This man should be sterilized, serve time, devote himself to community service and more!
    No second chances! We are talking about endangerment of children’s lives here. Ya ya they had a shitty childhood, a few hard knocks growing up! Fuk who hasn’t?
    The cycle of abuse should be controlled. I don’t care if you are a man or a woman, after the first abuse issue you get sterilized. Period!

  4. Sebastian says

    Bob, I think they should all be sterilized from birth, and, not allowed to have children until they are proven sane and mentally capable of rearing a child. These daily does of child abuse from around the globe is a scary fact of life for many defenseless kids.

  5. Jordan says

    That is awful. He is just a poor clueless thug (even if he is kinda hot).

    I remember I was like 13 when Chanel came out with “vamp” nail polish, and with my connections at the NY boutique had it before anyone else. When everyone else had their name on the waiting list for it, I was painting my toenails with it (what a fag, I know). It was so god-awful goth with my white skin, what was I thinking?

    Thank god I have parents that gave me everything and didn’t really care what I did (although now I kinda wish they did).

    That poor kid. I hope he’s not scarred for life.

  6. rudy says

    That’s it. I am now convinced that Jordan does not really exist but is the fictional creation of a warped parodist. No one could be that egregiously stupid.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    Violence against feminine boys has always been a problem, but years ago you had mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and even granddaddies to protect you. I’m afraid for feminine boys in the hands of this younger generation of paren…breeders. Too many of them have selfish, immature, idiot minds inferior to little children’s minds. Of course, I don’t know if the little boy is feminine, but his rotten ass father thinks he is.

    I believe some little boys have been beaten to death because of their femininity. Also, some have been raped, and their feminity used as “the excuse” by the rapist(s) “he wanna’ be like a girl anyway”–that kind of sick reasoning. The worst case I remember was in Delaware in the mid 1990s: an eight was raped and murdered by a 15 year old. The neighbors interviewed said the little boy was picked on to the point where he didn’t want to go to school, didn’t want to go outside his mother’s house. He used to hide from people. I think his name was either David Wilson or Steven Wilson. Like I said, feminine boys receieve severe punishment very early in life.

    Inside most defensive, smart-mouthed, vicious “queens” are a little boys whose experiences are like the one in this story. After a while, you think everybody’s your enemy.

  8. Jordan says

    I find it hard to believe (and hilarious) that you think I don’t exist. I assure you I’m real, and think somehow your post is a dis on me, too. I don’t care, since you’re prolly an old troll like most here and just jealous.

    I’m just being real, so if you don’t like it, you can suck it. I don’t even know what you mean by a “fictional creation of a warped parodist”, so I couldn’t be one if I wanted to.

  9. rudy says

    Keep writing Jordan. With every inappropriate and misspelled word, resort to name calling on the level of a third grade girl, and inane comment, you reveal yourself to be unimaginably vapid and deliberately ignorant. As for your offer: no thanks, I like men not silly little affected boys.

  10. jmg says

    Actually, Rudy, Jordan doesn’t spell words wrong, which is more of a clue that he doesn’t exist than anything else (it doesn’t fit the profile). The spelling of “probably” is deliberate.

  11. Jordan says

    I just don’t get you guys. If I don’t exist, then how could I type this? You crack me up. I seriously don’t understand guys like you (and don’t want to).

    At least I don’t pretend to be something I’m not, unlike the posers on here who hide behind their big brains (and little else).
    At least I’m pretty! (and well taken care of). Say what you will….your ten dollar words won’t hurt me..especially the ones I don’t understand.

    Knock yourself out boys…I’m too busy having fun to worry with you.

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