Cody Castagna Charged with 6 Counts in Richard Curtis Blackmail

Cody Castagna, the escort involved in the late-night sexual rendezvous with former Washington state Rep. Richard Curtis which led to the lawmaker’s subsequent resignation, has been charged on six counts by Spokane County prosecutors including theft, conspiracy, and extortion.

CastagnaAccording to KXLY Spokane: “Warrants for four men – including Castagna and his brother Joey – were issued Wednesday. The three other individuals suspected of involvement in the case all face related charges. Defendants will be called Wednesday and asked to surrender themselves before officers take matters into their own hands. The word of prosecutors officially charging Castagna with illegal activity comes two days after an email was sent out asking potential past victims of Castagna’s to come forward. ‘There were multiple threats and multiple payoffs in this instance and it just seems like this was not the first time,’ Spokane Police Sergeant Joe Peterson said of the suspected blackmail that Castagna and his cohorts were accused of orchestrating in exchange for keeping the sexual encounter a secret. ‘And we’ve been told by other people that this is not the first time the suspects in this case have done this type of thing.’ For his part, Castagna has long maintained his innocence in the case.”

Curtis, a married man who exposed his secret life by making the initial reports of Castagna’s crime to the police, resigned at the end of October. Not only did the incident ruin his career and embarrass him, it exposed him as a hypocrite with an anti-gay voting record: “Elected to the state House of Representatives in 2004, Curtis has voted like a fiscal and social conservative. This spring, he voted against domestic partnerships for gay and lesbian couples. Last year, he opposed a gay rights bill that banned discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.”

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  1. says

    All of which goes to show, you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. Castagna and Curtis look like a match made in … well, somewhere I don’t ever want to be.

  2. the queen says

    looks like these two douchebags canceled out each other, one a blackmailer, the other a hypocrite… ah, the karmic wheel ever spinning…

  3. Sebastian says

    Wow, what a turn of events, does the “married” congress man in red panties get anything for picking up a hooker? Or is that legal in Spokane?

    And, Queen, you pegged it to the proverbial ‘t’.

    Why anyone does for these hookers is beyond me.

  4. NYFriend says

    Thanks for this posting. It demonstrates that there is no pay-off in being a bad egg. What creeps.

  5. Smartypants says

    Granted that Curtis’ record on gay rights was poor, but a friend of mine is a gay legislator in the Washington House. He said that after the domestic partnership bill passed earlier this year, Curtis was the only Republican to say “Congratulations.” So he may be a hypocrite, but at least he was gracious. Gotta give him credit too for being the only public official caught in the recent scandals to apologize and immediately resign.

  6. Jerry Glazner says

    Smartypants…he wasn’t being gracious..and he wouldn’t have resigned if what he had done was respectable and right. Queen…What goes around comes around…You Got That Right.

  7. Seattle says

    Did anyone read Dan Savage’s interesting piece about how Curtis may well actually be straight? Hard to believe, I know. The tip off (according to some experts Dan consulted) is wearing women’s underwear while wanting to f**k and be f**ked. How many gay guys do you know would wear women’s underwear in that situation? The idea is that Curtis is so sexually attracted to women that he wants to pretend to be one. It would explain why most cross-dressers (as opposed to drag queens) are straight men.