Feedback: Janet Jackson Now Has a Digital Va-Jay-Jay

Janet Svedka

So, who likes the new Janet Jackson cover and who thinks she’s just trying to one-up the Svedka robot?

DigitalvaginaClick photos to enlarge.

And now that Janet has a digital vagina what do you think Michael’s going to do to his, um? Never mind.

Hmm. Maybe he’s slowly turning into a cyborg too. I’m so confused.

God, I hope LaToya’s okay.



  1. says

    I can’t believe how quickly that robot thing has spread around. And how quickly the gay blogs are to buy into it without doing any research. The lazy trend has been peaking this holiday season all over the net. Have a look, friends of Photoshop, it’s just not that good. Interesting idea – poor execution.

  2. says

    “Interesting idea—poor execution” would be a great title for a Janet Jackson album. Sorry, not usually a negative commenter but talent-wise…she’s just Britney minus (some) chemicals plus (some) better handlers.

  3. tony says

    Janet is such a fucking beautiful woman…she could have put that picture inside the cd..god that family is a bit “touched” when it comes to their looks

  4. Britney Please says

    Janet preceded Britney.SO anything that little pop tart has tried to do; Janet has done it first and better…

  5. says

    Just remember kids, Bjork innovated robotic snatch before all others. 1999! Before Janet, before I Robot, before Svedka.