Mike Huckabee to Discuss AIDS Remarks with Mother of Ryan White

Rising GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee’s recent statement that he stands by remarks he made in 1992 that people with HIV and AIDS should be isolated from the general population caused the mother of Ryan White to ask the Republican candidate for a meeting.

RyanwhiteRyan White’s battle with the disease, which began in 1984 when he was 13 and contracted the disease via a blood-clotting agent used to treat hemophilia, brought untold amounts of publicity to the difficulties and challenges faced by people living with HIV and AIDS. White died in 1990 at the age of 18.

Said Jeanne White-Ginder to the AP: “It’s so alarming to me. It’s very important to me that we don’t live in the darkness [when people thought AIDS was transmitted through casual contact, such as by] kissing, tears, sweat and saliva. We have to treat this disease like a disease, and like Ryan always said, not like a dirty word.”

The Human Rights Campaign sent a letter to the Huckabee campaign requesting a meeting, and the candidate has agreed to one.

Said Huckabee: “I certainly never would want to say anything that would be hurtful to them or anyone else. I would have great regret and anxiety if I thought my comments were hurtful or in any way added to the already incredible pain that families have felt regardless of how they contracted AIDS.”

Added the candidate: “I would be very willing to meet with them. I would tell them we’ve come a long way in research, in treatment.”

HRC’s Joe Solmonese responded to Huckabee: “I would like to inform Governor Huckabee that the mother of Ryan White, for whom the Ryan White CARE Act is named, doesn’t need to be schooled about how far we’ve come in HIV/AIDS research and treatment.”

Huckabee has denied that his comments in 1992 were a call to quarantine patients, though under the definition of “quarantine” that’s exactly what he said.

I’ve attached the video of Huckabee’s comments below. Jeanne White-Ginder called them “completely beyond comprehension.”

Mike Huckabee Stands By 1992 AIDS Quarantine Remarks [tr]


  1. says

    He would never want to say anything hurtful? Who is he kidding? Just how stupid does he think the public is? How can “people with AIDS should be isolated from society” anything but hurtful? How are his comments about homosexuality being abhorrent and dangerous anything but hurtful? If course they were hurtful and you better believe that Huckabee did not care one whit as long as he got the hillbilly vote.

    The Huckster is a deceitful liar. I did not think it possible for the Republicans to produce a candidate worse than GW Bush, but they certainly have.

  2. Wes says

    Oh he knew someone with AIDS, and a gay guy! I guess now he can call for whatever extreme actions he wants now that he’s so familiar with the subject…


  3. Leland Frances says

    How bad is it when someone from the Fox-TV Reich like Chris Wallace has to bitch slap someone about their idiocy that was not just fascistic but anachronistic having been spewed seven years AFTER casual contact was officially dismissed as being dangerous???? And, as IF someone like Ryan White’s mother [one of the living saints as far as I’m concerned] NEEDS his exiJESUS [sic] on research and treatment, however too late for her son. And for those who haven’t been paying attention, virtually all of federal HIV/AIDS funding in the US comes under the Ryan White CARE Act which Bush fils has consistently flatlined every year since he stole the office, meaning, some say, up to a 19% DECREASE in funding due to inflation.

    Dr. Frances prescribes this treatment for Huckabee, Romney, Giuliani, and Bush pere et fils: 1. Drop trou. 2. Place penis on chair. 3. Scream for mercy while someone nails penis to chair.

    And, has anyone asked that old, slimy, leathery, drooling patriarch of the American Taliban William Buckley what he thinks of Huckabee? Just two year ago, Buckley renewed a heinous suggestion he’d made several years before for people with HIV:

    “The objective is to identify the carrier, and to warn his victim. Someone, 20 years ago, suggested a discreet tattoo the site of which would alert the prospective partner to the danger of proceeding as had been planned. But the author of the idea was treated as though he had been schooled in Buchenwald, and the idea was not widely considered, but maybe it is up now for reconsideration.”

    Log Cabiners and other gays who still vote Repug: don’t say you weren’t warned.

  4. Big Sven says

    Better yet, why not quarantine the entire Huckabee family. Including the 6’5″ Mrs. Huckabee (who had to have been born a man), and the fatass son who carries firearms through airport metal detectors.

    Dipshits, every one of ’em.

  5. evil says

    Huckabee as Gov. of Arkansas pardoned a convited rapist because the victim is a distant cousin of Bill Clinton. And the rapist he pardoned, then got out of jail and raped and murdered two more women.

    Huckabee is as evil as the idiot in the White House now.

  6. anon (gmail.com) says

    W. Buckley is now suffering a bit of mental decline and no longer makes public appearances. He has, however, been waging a war of words against several Bush policies, particularly neoconservative ones. There seems to be a split along religious lines, with evangelicals and Jews on one side (the neoconservatives and evangelical conservatives) and Catholics on the other (Buckley, Buchanan, Sullivan, etc.) with regard to foreign policy, though the current crop of candidates such as Huckabee and Giuliani don’t really fit that mold precisely, but Buckley would hardly appreciate a candidate like Huckabee. Buckley’s happily married but nancy-pants son Christopher probably keeps his father in check when it comes to all things gay. One could just imagine all the times he’s rolled his eyes at some of the things pops had said over the years.

  7. anon (gmail.com) says

    I should add that Ryan and others were labeled by conservatives “innocent victims of AIDS” back in the 80’s as a further way to blame gay men for the epidemic. There is nothing to prevent Huckabee from doing that again today.

  8. kuros says

    Let me preface this by saying I apologize for not having a link to the study but there was an interesting one done recently in which respondents were offered a light throw on sweater that they were told belonged to a person with AIDS.
    A majority of the persons in the study refused to wear the sweater
    Seems like we have a long way to go

  9. says

    Huckabee has to gang up on the LGBT community to show us what a real man he is. If he has to pick on a group of American citizens why doesn’t he pick a group that has the same rights, benefits & protections as he has?

  10. says

    Just a note to those who do not hear well. Huckabee stated–yes he did make the comment–No he would not say that now knowing what he knows about AIDS. We in the medical work force was just as scared of AIDS and how it REALLY was contracted as the Governor was. We just didn’t have all the information then as we do now. He knows now you don’t isolate an AIDS patient. Unless it is for their own safety. We are so grateful for all the information we have learned from the studies done on AIDS. And we need to have more studies done, so we can look back 30 years from now and see how stupid we were about AIDS. And pray we find a cure.But don’t blame Mike for feeling the same way 99% of us did back then. And Mike has more than one friend that is a homosexual, and more friends that have AIDS now too! You all sound so foolish, saying the things you are saying. Get real and listen with both ears. And your mind. And a question–why are you so evil speaking of Janet? She has not done any body any harm. You all are the evil ones.

  11. Leland Frances says

    Ms. Sassy, one wants to believe that what you wrote was intended as satire. But if you BELIEVE it then you are a fucking retard. [My apologies to those whose mental challenges are not of their own making.]

    REPEAT, his remarks suggesting quarantine were, as Chris Wallace pointed out to him, SEVEN YEARS AFTER THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL OFFICIALLY SAID THAT ONE COULD NOT CONTRACT HIV CASUALLY.

    He told Wallace SUNDAY that, “we didn’t really know just how extensive and how dramatic it could be and the impact of it [in 1992]” which is ANOTHER crock of flaming horseshit from this tinpot neo-Nazi. Wait, wait, I’m being unChristian. Most of the 126,000+ that had died in the US by then and the other 200,000+ known to be infected were fucking sodomites! Of course he had no reason to understand “how extensive blah blah blah” it might be for NORMAL God-fearing people! Ryan White had already been dead TWO YEARS when Huckabee suggested “isolating” people, but, hey, Little Ryan was one of the INNOCENT ones!

    Praise Jesus! I have seen the light for Messiah Huckabee has come!

  12. says

    Anyone I’ve discussed this story with has said, “1992… not ’82?” Huckelberry-bee’s answers to the AP poll were not simply those a misinformed but sincere man they were HATE SPEECH aimed and homosexuals and most certainly intravenous drug users. Let’s review:

    homosexuality could “pose a dangerous public health risk.”

    “If the federal government is truly serious about doing something with the AIDS virus, we need to take steps that would isolate the carriers of this plague.”

    “In light of the extraordinary funds already being given for AIDS research, it does not seem that additional federal spending can be justified,” … “An alternative would be to request that multimillionaire celebrities, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, and others who are pushing for more AIDS funding be encouraged to give out of their own personal treasuries increased amounts for AIDS research.”

    Now he says:
    “If I were making those same comments today, I might make them a little differently.” What would he change today? Would he add that African-Americans also should be “isolated” along with the dirty homos and druggies?

    He also makes this statement on his campaign website:
    “My administration will be the first to have an overarching strategy for dealing with HIV and AIDS here in the United States, with a partnership between the public and private sectors that will provide necessary financing and a realistic path toward our goals,” Huckabee said in a statement posted on his campaign Web site last month…

    What in the world might this “overarching strategy” be? I shudder to think.

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