1. secretagentman says

    Ohmy, Sean Faris. I wondered what happened to him after Reunion was cancelled. He is so beautiful.

  2. Jimmyboyo says


    I would not call Sean faris a man even though he is in his 20’s

    He is a beautiful twink boy.

    A man? Has he even staretd shaving yet?

  3. says

    looks like somebody took the beginning episodes of The O.C.’s last season to the producers of Fast And Furious and packaged themselves a straight-to-DVD release.

  4. John says

    Funnily enough, Cam Gigandet was ON The O.C. a couple years ago…I think he was a bartender that got Ryan Atwood into Inland Empire-style trouble or somesuch…

  5. Jimmyboyo says


    The answer is a big pay check. Even the best actors schlep around in horrid movies due a big paycheck

  6. dc8stretch says

    “There’s no gay element as far as you can see”? are you blind? Djimon is the new Jodie.

  7. Meg says

    I saw a screening of this movie on Tuesday. I didn’t hear much about it before seeing it, except that it was a fight movie. I wasn’t too thrilled about that,but ended up loving it. It actually has a lot more depth than you would think.

  8. Alicia says

    So this movie was amazing! I absolutely loved it and I wasn’t so sure how I was going to feel about the storyline but it was actually really good, and the eye-candy was the icing on the cake (for guys and girls trust me). I went with my boyfriend and we both thought it was really good so girls go see it, i don’t think i have to say anything to the guys.

  9. omg says

    hey omg i saw this movie and i was like holy shit sean and cam are so fuckin gorgeous!!?! and i thought that it wouldnt have any depth ore story line but it was really good and worth seeing i seriously want to watch it again and not just because they had abs and were shirtless most of the time os ya definetely see it!!?!

  10. ally says

    what the hell is wrong with all of you?
    this movie is amazing. yes, sean faris is a pretty boy, but he is actually good at acting and all of you who are bashing the guys in this movie, well there more of men than all of you combined.

  11. Emily says

    K so this movie is totally my fav
    good story+hot guys+hot guys shirt less+hotguys fighting= the best movie
    but i mean it was a-mmaz-ing

  12. Ryan Mccarthy says

    You must be joking if u dog on this movie, this movie is beast, and thats how we get down in the south

  13. Samantha Harper says

    This Movie is the freaking BEST movie EVER! I LOVE this movie. I could watch it over and over again. 😀