Swedish Politician Assaulted in Anti-Gay Attack

Gay Swedish MP Fredrick Federley was assaulted in central Stockholm over the weekend, The Local reports:

Federley“The assault took place at the Klara Grillen hot dog stand on Drottninggatan, where Federley went with two acquaintances after leaving the Pigalle nightclub. But as they approached their destination, six or seven men in their twenties began shouting ‘here come the fags’.”

Said Federley: “Then they screamed that we were disgusting and a threat to Sweden and that they were going to beat us up.”

According to The Local, “Just as he tried to convince his assailants that fighting was a bad idea, he was struck with a punch to the left jaw. ‘I calmly told them that I wasn’t going to fight, as that would make me no better than them,’ said Federley. He then received three more blows before one of the gang managed to control the most aggressive member. Federley was sore and shaken on Monday. It was the first time he had been assaulted because of his sexuality, he said, although several friends had been the victims of similar attacks. ‘I’m more shaken now than I was then. It could have ended really badly,’ he said.”

Federley assaulted in homophobic attack [the local]
Swedish politician assaulted for being gay [upi]


  1. Taylor says

    I applaud his ability to hold himself in restraint. That is something that many could not do, though I’m sure that if the numbers were 7 vs. 3 that it might be easier to rationalize restraint.

    If I am ever assaulted by anyone for any reason, I would fight back. But only to the point of putting the attacker under restraint. Then I would have someone call the police and have the individual charged to the fullest extent of the law.

    A couple years in prison is a far worse punishment than a black eye or a sore jaw.

    I am a big guy though… I seriously doubt that anyone would consider me an easy target.

  2. says

    I’ve never understood not fighting back. Maybe it’s upbringing by I was taught to defend myself.
    As for hitting back making him just as bad, is one of the stupidest things I’ve heard. If anything not hitting him back makes him worse, for not be willing to defend yourself or friends is cowardice and calls on others to do something you are not willing to do. So you can get hurt protecting me but I will not lift a finger to do the same for, is bullshit.
    Although he should be slapped for that haircut.

  3. EvilEuropean says

    I find the comments amusing….I wonder how many of you have ever been attacked? I have.
    Its not like in the films…..your first thought is ‘what is going on and why are you attacking me?’ In everyday life you just do not expected to be assulted…its not ‘normal’ behaviour.

  4. says

    Yeah…Being gay-bashed is not a joke. The couple of times it’s happened to me, I fought back. I hate violence of any kind but I’m no “turn-the-other-cheek” type of person either. I applaud this guy for being able to remain calm. I wonder if the thugs were ever caught.

  5. anon (gmail.com) says

    Alas, the police will tell you something useless, like, if attacked, call the police. The law in most places states that you cannot escalate the violence and in many cases only perform “defensive” maneuvers. This is why so often both parties get charged with battery. This happened in upstate NY recently (as written up here in TR!). Having a gun on you as a licensed concealed weapon will only work if you have time to warn off the others. In most states you will not be allowed to show the weapon or act menacingly to defend yourself–it could lead to some serious charges. You also will not know if the attackers have guns too. A cell phone photo of the attackers might work if there is time. Tell them you just e-mailed it to your friends (whether you really did it or not is not important). However, getting out without a fight is really to the attacker. Individual results will vary.

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