Djokovic Wins Australian Open, Vows Never to Wear Shirt Again


Of course the second part of that headline is simply wishful thinking, but that’s how it looked after Novak Djokovic defeated Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the Australian Open over the weekend to win his first tennis Grand Slam title and become the first Serbian tennis player to achieve such heights in tennis.

Tsonga_djokovicAgence France Presse reports: “His victory was the first Grand Slam final since the 2005 Australian Open not won by Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal with the top-ranked pair dominating the game, claiming the last 11 majors between them. ‘I am so proud of myself and to be the first Serbian who won the Grand Slam title,’ said Djokovic, who eclipsed Jim Courier as the youngest men’s winner at Melbourne Park. ‘I was trying to stay there with Jo because I knew that sooner or later with my style of the game I could get in control of the match, which I did in the middle of the second set. Today I was nervous on the start because I was in the strange situation of being the favorite in the final of a Grand Slam. It was dangerous, but I managed to cope with the pressure well and to win.’ Djokovic and Tsonga rocked the established order by dumping Federer and Nadal out in the semi-finals to set up a decider unimaginable at the start of the tournament.”

We look forward to seeing much more of Djokovic in the future.

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Novak Djokovic Upsets Roger Federer to Head into Aussie Open Final [tr]
Sportrait: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga [tr]


  1. secretagentman says

    Yes, it was a fantastic game! Totally worth getting up at 6 am on a Sunday. I couldnt figure out why the crowd seemed to be pulling for Tsonga?
    I’m so happy for Djokovic, he’s adorable.

  2. ger says

    We were pulling for Tsonga because he was the underdog. That, and Djokovic’s annoying endless ball bouncing before serving (man, that made the game last a lot longer than it should have). Oh yeah, there was always the memory of Tsonga without his shirt after beating Nadal – now that was a body.

  3. says

    What a refreshing change! All due credit to Federer as he’s one of the best of all time, but men’s tennis has been stale for a while. No drama. This was a great final match (following a couple great semis), and I can’t remember the last time I was this excited to see how the year will play out.

    As for the Djokovic’s ball bouncing, are you serious? I saw him play that epic 5-setter against Stepanek last year at the US Open and the last thing I was worried about was a few ball bounces. He’s such an exciting player to watch.

  4. bryan says

    Novak deserved that title through and through – he played a great tournament. Every player has their own pre serve ritual and people need to just get over it…His post match ritual of taking over his shirt doesn’t seem to bother anyone…not me, for sure.

  5. ken says

    novak is an arrogant punk.. i’m sorry i had to say it… i find him extremely annoying and his on court antics of making fun of other players is condescending.

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