Gerard Butler and Jason Statham Form Muscle Storm in Miami


Gerard Butler and Jason Statham rang in 2008 at the Cuervo Platino Party at The Florida Room at the Delano Hotel in Miami Beach on New Year’s Day. All that and a shot of tequila? Now that’s a great way to start the year.


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  1. FizziekruntNT says

    You know, normally these two make me drool, but this candid shot had me thinking it was another dumb advertisement for the Geico neanderthals. They can still beat me with a club and drag me home any day.

  2. Brian says

    Jordan is clearly either high or 19 years old. There is no way either of them look old, and one would hardly have to have daddy issues to sleep with either of them.

    Goofy, okay maybe a little. It was a Cuervo party after all. Show me someone at a tequila party who doesn’t look goofy and I’ll show you someone who hasn’t had any tequila yet.

  3. Jemmytee says

    How nice. Two buff closet boys side-by-side for we “Friends of Dorothy” to contemplate and dream about. Never mind that one was in a racist, homophobic movie and is unapologetic about it and the other thinks he’s too cool to care about anybody but himself.

  4. Dom says

    I have known many men in my life that others considered downright ugly but I considered sexy as hell. But these guys are about as sexy as two members of the Golden Girls. And i still think 300 was the worst movie of 2007. 300 guys running around in jockstraps and not one of them was worth looking at. If I want sexy guys in jocks I’ll stick to Falcon and Catalina, thank you.

  5. PeterH says

    Jordan wrote: “God they look goofy (& old)…”

    Goofy, maybe – and that because they’d no doubt been drinking – but old??? Jordan, may I ask your age, just for perspective? In any case, even if they’re not the most handsome men in the world, Butler and Statham are incredibly hot – especially Butler.

  6. Jordan says

    Let’s just say I’m young enough to be their child and look young enough to be considered under-age….and small framed enough to be a child in comparison to them.

    But I’d prolly still do ’em (both at the same time if I was drunk enough 😉

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