Own Novak Djokovic’s Sweaty Pit Stains for Just Under $5000


Attention tennis fans and athletic clothing fetishists, here’s a chance to own the discarded item which afforded us all these great shots.

The person who caught one of Nole’s shirts that he threw into the stands during the final of the Australian Open is selling it on eBay. The big selling point here seems to be “full of sweat!”

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Alright, West Coast Mama, THE QUEEN: here’s your cue.

    Well, if I had the money, and it was Reggie Bush’s jockstrap…well, but I wouldn’t tell anybody. I’m a proper pervert, honey.

    Go GIANTS! (I almost throw up when I say that, but I must.)

  2. the queen says

    miss derrick, you have good taste, that reggie is one fine looking brotha…

    i dunno, 5 grand is a rather hefty price tag for a whiff of some prime serbian manstink, tho i might lay down a twenty for his shorts…

  3. Andy in Denver says

    Used sweaty clothing is against Ebay policy. It used to be a huge market for used jocks, underwear… I wonder where this item fits into their policy!

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