1. Derrick from Philly says

    Some folks get everything, the rest of us get nothin’. That’s why I’m a Democrat.

    They got a lot of make-up on him–he never looked that good. I hope and pray the Giants’ defense can get to his multi-million dollar ass next Sunday. And what makes it so bad: it was the EAGLES’ defense which showed the rest of the league how to get to him…’course we still lost. Damn Patriots, damn, damn, damn ’em.

  2. Sebastian says

    Derrick, don’t go there LOL! Tom Brady is one of the most handsome men in sports with otr without his makeup on! And, this line of cologne works for him perfectly, all American brand for all American stud.

  3. Banjiboib says

  4. Banjiboib says

  5. gabe says

    1. I don’t know who’s luckier, Giselle for sitting on Tom’s face or Tom for sitting on Giselle’s face.

    2. Tom, unbelievable I know, is even better looking in person.

    3. He left his girlfriend before she even found out she was pregnant. Check your facts boys. She said so herself in many interviews. I think they should have patched things up I know for the sake of the kid but staying together for the sake of a kid is never a good thing.

    4. Giselle, before she hooked up with Tom and even when she was still with Leo, was very vocal about her admiration for Tom.

    Enough said…LOL!

  6. not a brady fan says

    If this guy uses Stetson cologne then I’m the queen of England! It probably smells like deadbeat dad.

    He has always made such a big deal about signing onto sell everything that comes along. Now he is dating a has been panty model & selling everything they throw at him.

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