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Big Brother 9's Adam Refers to Housemate Joshuah as a "Faggot"


Big Brother's bigoted bigmouth Adam Jasinski scored another one for the losers last night when he referred to gay contestant Joshuah on the live feeds as a "faggot" who should "go back to the gay bar."

Previous remarks by Adam, in which he referred to autistic children as "retards", prompted Loews to pull its advertising from the show as well as demands from Autism United that Adam be terminated immediately and the show be canceled.

We'll see if the gay slur makes it to broadcast.

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  1. I don't want to belittle anyone's tv viewing choices, but why, oh why does anyone watch this crap anyway? Is this really the best thing on at that particular time slot? Stick in a dvd for God's sake! I mean Damn!

    Posted by: Michael W. | Feb 27, 2008 9:10:06 AM

  2. Wow - I find that I completely don't care. Which was my general feeling about Big Brother 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8. Seriously - is real life that boring so you have to watch other screw ups in pretend reality situations?

    Posted by: yoshi | Feb 27, 2008 9:17:57 AM

  3. Michael W - you took the words right out of my mouth! I've never understood the fascination with this show. It's just a bunch of people who are desperate for attention and who'll do anything to be on tv. I'd like to think my free time is a little more valuable than wasting it watching such a meaningless show.

    Posted by: JJ | Feb 27, 2008 9:40:22 AM

  4. Unfortunately-this is what America watches.
    All reality all the time- it is comforting for people to laugh at other people so their own pathetic lives look better. I never understood the fascination with these trumped up "reality" shows but the upshot is now we have our political campaigns run like a poor rip-off of the worst of the worst of the reality genre-"American Idol".
    It doesn't bode well for this nation or its future.

    Posted by: Nick | Feb 27, 2008 9:47:07 AM

  5. I haven't seen any of the Big Brother shows, but felt like I had to point out the irony that Adam is a P.R. manager.

    Posted by: Lubridan | Feb 27, 2008 9:50:10 AM

  6. It is not just reality TV that is the problem. Television in general is crap. All it does is allows people an easy out of the problems in their empty lives.

    Go outside. I promise you, real life is far more interesting. I got rid of my TV about 8 months ago and it was by far one of the greatest decisions that I have ever made.

    Posted by: Taylor | Feb 27, 2008 9:53:48 AM

  7. Reality Television is definitely "fluffy" -- but there's an audience for everything. Sometimes when I get home from a grueling day I just want to pop open a beer and watch some pretty boys make the highest stack of oversized slices of toast for the chance to win a few bucks...

    I think there's room for criticism of all programming, though, as even the "news" these days seems to be run like an entertainment division.

    Posted by: Chris M | Feb 27, 2008 10:27:15 AM

  8. i'm so sick of that sanctimonious crap that people spew out when it comes to television. this whole "oh, i don't watch television because it rots your brain and blah blah blah."

    it's a completely nonsensical argument, akin to saying "Books in general are crap" or "Films in general are crap." Both of these statements are true (there are more schlock books published than good books; ditto films), but I doubt anyone would be so high and mighty about not reading like many often are about not watching television.

    face facts - television, like literature, film, and many other media, is an art form. it may well be that big brother nine is "bad" program, either aesthetically or ethically. i haven't seen it, and thus am unable to judge. but to make a blanket statement about all television is incredibly narrow-minded and short-sighted. Just because the recent John Grisham novel was bad doesn't mean I shouldn't read Marcel Proust - just because Paris Hilton makes films doesn't mean I shouldn't go see Rashomon. And similarly, just because Big Brother 9 is bad doesn't mean I shouldn't watch something like Deadwood, or The Prisoner, or The Wire, or Arrested Development.

    Posted by: arkadin | Feb 27, 2008 10:34:15 AM

  9. Big Brother is just another sign that Fahrenheit 451 is just a couple of blocks away. The cardboard environment of Big Brother absolutely freaks me out. I can imagine people in the future setting up their living rooms in front of enormous television screens to reenact their favorite reality shows. Sends shivers up my body.

    I'm more fascinated by the hostess. How is it possible to be a host for that show and have a straight face?

    Posted by: astonedtemple | Feb 27, 2008 10:47:49 AM

  10. Amen, Arkadin.

    I'm most certainly not a fan of most of the stuff that is broadcast on network or cable/satellite TV - especially reality programming - but we all have our guilty pleasures. (I never realized how f-ing stupid "Robot Chicken" can be when I tried to objectively watch it with a couple of older friends who were very polite about that 15 minute exercise in patience and tolerance).

    That being said, your comparisons to trash in all media - books, radio, film, etc. - are very relevant and astute.

    I don't watch Big Brother but have friends who do - some of whom I would have never thought would go for that style of entertainment. And I know my mom and sister-in-law watch it religiously always calling each other on the phone afterwards to talk about "what happened". I can think of better things they could be doing, but I also know that it gives them another opportunity to check in with each other during the course of a day and to talk and blow off steam.

    Because there is no accounting for taste, I think it's dangerous and disingenuous to completely write off reality shows and not think it's important to call them out when they broadcast homophobic, misogynistic, or racist remarks. You may not be watching, but I can guarantee your neighbors are, your supermarket checkout person may be, your local police officers might, and who knows who else in your life is receiving information to help form their opinions from TV programming. For some people, it's the only interaction they have with people different from themselves.

    Posted by: Rey | Feb 27, 2008 11:16:15 AM

  11. The good news is this installment of the Big Brother series does not have the benefit of being on during summer reruns, and thus its ratings are much lower, as in around #60, week in and week out.
    Not that many peeps watching and with commentary like Adam's, there may be even fewer as the show regresses toward its finality some time in the future.

    Posted by: carter | Feb 27, 2008 11:23:08 AM

  12. If it is not OK for a straight man to refer to a gay man as a fag then why is it OK for a gay man to call another gay man a fag? I just don;t get it. As a gay man I don't use the word to refer to my gay friends. That needs to stop before we can expect straights to stop doing it. We need to lead by example.

    Posted by: Steve | Feb 27, 2008 11:41:33 AM

  13. All I can say is:

    good luck getting a new job in PR after this, Adam. Hahah.

    Posted by: Jez | Feb 27, 2008 11:47:10 AM

  14. Josh is an annoying hateful faggot, who should go back to the Texas gay bar he crawled out of.

    I can't stand him.

    Posted by: michael | Feb 27, 2008 11:57:10 AM

  15. Did I say go read a book? Did I say go watch a movie?

    Seriously, the United States is one of the fattest nations in the world. Maybe if people didn't spend 4 hours watching TV at night and spent a couple of them going for a walk then obesity might not be a problem.

    If you want to watch TV, then fine. It is your choice. I will agree that it is just as much an art form as literature, or film, or theater.

    The difference between TV and all of those is that TV is far easier to access. You don't have to go to the library, or Blockbuster, or Broadway. You just have to push "Power".

    I just think that if people spent a little more time enjoying their lives than letting them waste away in front a TV, we would see some improvements.

    Whatever though, go on enjoying your drivel. I'll be at the park...

    Posted by: Taylor | Feb 27, 2008 11:58:29 AM

  16. I'm sure all the the detractors of trash TV, listen to opera while sipping their Merlot and discussing Proust. Let my brain rot.
    Adam is an ass and socially retarded. I have no sympathy for Joshuah if he doesn't like being called a faggot then he should call a woman a cunt, repeatedly then tell her to hang herself like her father did. He deserves no sympathy.

    Posted by: ousslander | Feb 27, 2008 12:05:04 PM

  17. @Taylor:

    Fair enough. In your life, going outside and running around trumps the enjoyment of art. That's a perfectly valid position to take, and completely your prerogative. There are those of us in this world, however, who spend much of their lives pursuing the enjoyment of art and manage not to be obese. In fact, I enjoy my life immensely when I enjoy art - much more than I enjoy my life when I'm sitting around at a park. Again, that's my prerogative. It takes all sorts to make a world.


    Funnily enough, I'm an opera-lover myself, though I don't care for Merlot all that much, and do, in fact, spend a hefty portion of my time discussing Proust (I'm a transatlantic modernism PhD student). Also, I can't get enough of Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. It's the same sort of lovely schadenfreude I've gotten when I've caught a few minutes of My Super-Sweet 16.

    Posted by: arkadin | Feb 27, 2008 12:33:28 PM

  18. Who cares what anyone calls anyone in that house? Joshuah, as Ousslander points out, went positively nuclear and repeatedly called Amanda a cunt and a horse-face and god knows what else.

    I really think officially designated offense words like nigger or faggot need to stop being policed. When we all freak out about these stupid words it gives them huge power and achieves the absolute opposite of what is intended.

    Posted by: Mike | Feb 27, 2008 1:15:24 PM

  19. We need to not care if someone on Big Brother is getting called names or getting blow jobs. When we get to the point where both of those issues seem superfluous to our community and others, we will have made a small step foreword. Is anyone really surprised when this show puts on a gay guy and a bi-sexual that the word "faggot" slips out during a heated storyline? It is just a stupid, tired show. Next.

    Posted by: Ken | Feb 27, 2008 3:03:32 PM

  20. Was my mom the only one who told me about sticks and stones?

    This country is obsessed with giving words power.

    Posted by: Carvin | Feb 27, 2008 5:08:58 PM

  21. @NICK and STEVE: Seriously.

    Posted by: MattSF | Feb 27, 2008 9:41:54 PM

  22. As much as I absolutely cannot stand words like faggot, I have to agree with others who say they have no sympathy for Josh. He represents the worst of us, and his hateful bullshit got him where he is now -- disliked.

    That being said, Adam is a complete fuckup, and you only have to see him on screen for about 10 seconds to realize he's an obnoxious scumbag.

    The biggest problem with this show is that they do the worst when it comes to these kinds of situations. Because they're gunning for the young/hip teeny-bopper crowd, they never take advantage when these things crop up. Last season, one of the female houseguests (and the gay houseguest) called her dog a nigger bitch or something equally ignorant, and used other racial slurs while proselytizing about how Christian she was. Yet, BB never showed it, and never made an editorial point out of it. Similarly here, when Adam called the kids "retards," they showed his quote, but never took the opportunity to make an editorial comment. Why not have Julie Chen take five minutes and talk about the loss of the Lowe's sponsorship, and explain that they're keeping Adam on the show as a beacon of ignorance and foolishness, to show others how effective bigotry is as a negative force -- and challenge people to avoid this kind of behavior, because it shows just how unintelligent you are? Instead, they're going to keep him on the show, lose the sponsorship, but nothing positive will come of it. Just stupid.

    Posted by: Jordan | Feb 27, 2008 11:35:10 PM

  23. This season really blows, and that is saying something for this particular program. There are NO hot guys at all, so who cares what they say?

    Posted by: Chad | Feb 28, 2008 12:05:18 AM

  24. I think it's funny that Adam even calls anybody anything. He's wigged out on something all the time. I can't even take him seriously because I can't get past the fear of his eyes popping out of his head!

    Posted by: Janessa | Feb 28, 2008 11:52:48 AM

  25. I am from Monte Carlo and we have French Big Brother, Italian Big Brother, Greek Big Brother, Brazilian Big Brother and many others. They are all very big successes. They are usually really cool and very attractive people. I've seen American Big Brother and it is more of a game I believe. I think American don't seem to get along as well, I don't know. I would never expect to here such remarks on our European Big Brother shows. Ignore this man, is is simply a viewpoint that some people have. To even respond to this is giving him the upperhand. Ignore him and he will go away as will his career for saying such a thing. One thing about the US is that you can't say things like that publically anymore without suffering the cosiquinces. PLEASE EXCUSE MY ENGLISH IF IT IS WRONG.

    Posted by: Caligula | Feb 28, 2008 9:52:30 PM

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