News: Spy Satellite, Jack Mackenroth, Huckabee, Indiana Jones

road.jpg Pentagon will shoot down disabled satellite before it poses danger to Earth: “U.S. officials said Thursday that the option preferred by the Bush administration will be to fire a missile from a U.S. Navy cruiser, and shoot down the satellite before it enters Earth’s atmosphere. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the options will not be publicly discussed until a later Pentagon briefing. The disabled satellite is expected to hit the Earth the first week of March. Officials said the Navy would likely shoot it down before then, using a special missile modified for the task.”

Hucksouproad.jpg Does Mike Huckabee have a new job shilling soup for Campbell’s?

road.jpg Check out the brand new trailer for the new Indiana Jones flick which has something to do with aliens and Roswell, New Mexico.

road.jpg The Year of Paper: Documentary on three couples and their first year of marriage airs tonight in San Francisco. “First-time filmmakers Kelly Rouse and Nikki Parker explored the lives of three couples – two men, two women and a heterosexual pair – during their first year of marriage. The resulting film… goes into the history of marriage as well as the lives of the subjects. The filmmakers interview scholars, legal experts, clergy and activists from both sides to understand what marriage means in America today.”

road.jpg More Wentworth: A preview of the Prison Break finale.

road.jpg Obama’s delegate lead shifts focus of Clinton campaign: “With every delegate precious, Mrs. Clinton’s advisers also made it clear that they were prepared to take a number of potentially incendiary steps to build up Mrs. Clinton’s count. Top among these, her aides said, is pressing for Democrats to seat the disputed delegations from Florida and Michigan, who held their primaries in January in defiance of Democratic Party rules.”

road.jpg Senior DOJ official who authorized waterboarding now says it’s illegal.

Yordiroad.jpg Nick Yordi, former starting quarterback for Wartburg, College in Waverly, Iowa in court on disorderly conduct charge for anti-gay slur: “The trial was scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. at the Bremer County Courthouse. Nick Yordi, a sophomore from Solon, was arrested for yelling those slurs at another student on campus October 9th, 2007. Yordi has pleaded not guilty, and has played in two football games since his arrest.” GLAAD: “According to the Wartburg Trumpet, Yordi was ‘charged under a section of the Iowa Code that prohibits making abusive epithets or threatening gestures which are likely to provoke a violent reaction by another.’ Wartburg College President Jack Ohle addressed the school Oct. 22 through e-mail and wrote, ‘Understandably, matters that come within the college’s purview are dealt with immediately and privately with the parties affected through a prescribed process and according to the student handbook, honor code and the appropriate faculty and staff handbooks.'”

road.jpg Former gay Arizona Rep. Steve May to get back into politics, running for seat vacated this year by Rep. John Shadegg: “This is a great time for a Republican like me to get into the Republican Party to bring it back to the values that win.”

road.jpg Who knew the Hilton family still had up-and-coming drunk drivers?

Jackroad.jpg Project Runway‘s Jack Mackenroth talks to HIV+ magazine: “I think people have become apathetic–because you can see people like me. I look really good. I take really good care of my body. I think I look good for my age. And I certainly look good for someone who’s been HIV-positive for going on 18 years. But don’t let that fool you. Having HIV is still not fun. I have to take my pills wherever I go. It’s still not a picnic. I run into people all the time who are like, ‘Well, you don’t look sick.’ What the hell does that mean! That’s so stupid! Young people now aren’t educated like they used to be. I think it’s really shocking. I had a partner die. He was 250 pounds! He was a huge, hulking guy. He never found a regimen that worked for him. He constantly had intestinal problems. We were out on Fire Island, and he said, ‘I don’t feel good.’ We went back to New York, he checked into the hospital, and he was dead two weeks later.”

road.jpg Chippendale dancers visit The View.

road.jpg Va-jay-jay chat: Meredith Vieira giggles nervously as Jane Fonda drops the word c*nt on TV.

road.jpg Legislation floated that would allow same-sex married couples to divorce in Rhode Island: “The state’s highest court ruled in a 3-2 decision in December that a lesbian couple who married in Massachusetts could not get divorced in their home state of Rhode Island. Supporters of the bill say it makes no sense to require people to remain married when they have no desire to do so. But the legislation is expected to face opposition from Gov. Don Carcieri and many other lawmakers.”

road.jpg Gay couples share their stories of romance.


  1. Sebastian says

    Since when have Republicans had any “values?” Sorry Steve May, you may be an out gay Republican and Mormon, attractive in that bland, android way, which must make android Mitt and the rest of the cult puke, but, save the “values” line and tell the truth, hate, war and no taxes for the rich is the only thing the GOP values. Get back to me when you tell how you will deal with the new anti-gay marriage and other anti-civil rights issues in your state the right wing nuts want on the ballot this November in Arizona.

    Yordi? He looks like he has been beat down with a ugly stick, what a creep.

  2. DrTheopolis says

    Andy, why the hell do you have to self-censor yourself by spelling out cunt with an asterisk? Your readers a mature bunch and lots of other things, including the ads, aren’t necessarily-SFW… so why get squeamish on that one word? Bravo let’s Kathy Griffin say “clit” without a bleep. C’mon!

    It drives me crazy when other publications do it too, like EW and NEWSWEEK. For some reason they routinely censor it to the word “ass” (*ss, as*) why you can hear and see it on The Simpsons syndicated reruns!

  3. DrTheopolis says

    OK, something happened to my post AFTER I hit submit. It should read:

    “Andy, why the hell do you have to self-censor yourself by spelling out cunt with an asterisk? Your readers are a mature bunch and lots of other things, including the ads, aren’t necessarily-SFW… so why get squeamish on that one word? Bravo let’s Kathy Griffin say “clit” without a bleep. C’mon!

    It drives me crazy when other publications do it too, like EW and NEWSWEEK. For some reason they routinely censor the word “ass” (*ss, as*). Why, when you can hear (and see) it on The Simpsons in syndicated reruns!”

  4. crispy says

    I normally don’t have any patience for gay Republicans. Doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.

    But Steve May has done good things for Arizona. He was instrumental in defeating the anti-gay marriage amendment. And he’s been a leading advocate in the battle to end don’t-ask-don’t-tell.

  5. bcarter3 says

    Andy–Could you post some kind of warning before linking to “Pink Is the New Blog”? Besides having the most eye-searingly ugly layout on the internet, PitNB doesn’t bother w/little things like direct links to stories, which means that your readers have to page through screen after screen of bad photography and brain-dead commentary to find the item you’re talking about.

    Do you have some kind of reciprocal agreement w/PitNB? It seems that you link to some inanity there at least once a week. It would be nice to be able to avoid those links.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, that MacKenroth guy proves you don’t loose your good looks just because your’re positive. Also, it’s the feet again, y’all. Maybe I’ll finally seek therapy over this (even though I don’t believe in that shit. you can talk to your cat if you need someone to talk to that bad). But I can’t keep my eyes off naked feet–men’s feet. Maybe some kind of aversion therapy might help–you know, using aromas and stuff.

    Oh, and somebody please tell Hillary (and her campaign) there’s no sense in getting nasty. When it’s over it’s over. Either you win Ohio & Texas bigtime or forget it. The only way the Democratic Convention rules committee should agree to seat the Michigan & Florida delegates is if you split them evenly–yes, evenly between Obama & Clinton. It’s almost over, and it’s time for Democrats to come together.

    Finally, I’m sure Jane Fonda has a lovely cunt. She had the most fabulous ass I’d ever seen on a white woman. In 1973, I wanted to be Jane Fonda….FOR REAL, I DID.

  7. FernLaPlante says

    I agree somewhat with BCARTER3. I hate that I have to page down down down on PitnB to find the referenced story/image. As for the layout, it is us but no worse on the eyes than the white on black here. Very hard to read.

  8. 24play says

    Confidential to BCARTER3:

    If you mouse over a link before clicking on it, you should see the URL appear at the bottom of your browser window. Then you can decide for yourself whether it’s a link you can stand to follow.

    Your delicate eyes will never be offended again! And Andy won’t have to concern himself with your petty foolishness.

  9. Rey says

    24PLAY makes an excellent point.

    And if you are so tempted to see the picture or story that’s been linked to PINK, all you have to do is do a quick FIND for the first or last name in question and voila – your browser jumps to what you wanted to see.

  10. Jimmyboyo says

    Hillary should focus on keeping the super delegates she has.

    Another one today just switched from Hillary to supporting Obama. That was a former openly declared Hillary super delegate switching to Obama today, and not the first one. Definetly won’t be the last if Obama’s momentum keeps going. the elected officials who are SDs want to get re-elected themselves

  11. davefromtampa says

    I remember the first time I heard the C word, grade school, playground with friends. One said it and everyone laughed. I didn’t know why we laughed but thought I could make my family laugh at dinner. I didn’t, needless to say.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, TampaDave, back in those days, some genteel white families were just not ready to hear their son say he’s going with a Colored guy. You should’ve been more careful & considerate before bringing up that C word…my Lord, thank God your grandparents weren’t there, you coulda’ killed somebody.

    But I should be so lucky. I never got a chance to tell my family about the C word, nor the W word, nor the PR word, not even the N word. All I ever knew was the T word: TRADE.

  13. davefromtampa says

    Derrick, if I knew what that word meant, I would not have said it. I had to ask the guys at school the next day, my parents would not tell me, and after I found out, I think I knew I was gay then and there.

    And I love your posts, don’t listen to haters.

  14. ZEKE says

    DERRICK, why on earth would you be embarrassed by or feel the need to seek therapy for your attraction to men’s feet? I have a MAJOR foot fetish and I’m not a bit ashamed or self conscious about it. My mama taught me to never do anything I was ashamed of. Anyone who has a problem with it can bite me, on my foot. Shed the shame darlin’ and join me in the foot freak pool. The water’s fine!

  15. Nick says

    This doesn’t excuse him, but Yordi is definitely a product of his environment. I grew up near Solon, and it’s one of the most bigoted towns in existence. Naturally, it’s basically a giant white trash trailer park. They have a white supremacist group called W.I.R.E. (White Is Right Eternally) that trolls around town. Ugh. So glad I live in NYC now. Sad to see nothing’s changed.

  16. Jimmyboyo says


    I agree with zeke

    Feet are great.

    Tha said

    2 more formaly declared super delegates for clinton have now said that things are changing. 1 is switching for sure and another is thinking hard about switching to Obama

    That is a total for just today of 1 Hillary SD that has deffected another 1 that is going to defect and a 3rd for the day that is thinking about switching.

    Hillary seriously needs to focus on the super delegates she already has instead of trying for any that haven’t even comited to anyone yet. This steady bleed of SDs + the pledged delegate lead of Obama’s will sink her even if they sit michigan and florida.

  17. Jimmyboyo says


    Add 2 more pledged Clinton Super delegates have now defected. not to Obama per say but to uncomited

    “Two other superdelegates, Sophie Masloff of Pennsylvania and Nancy Larson of Minnesota, are uncommitted, having dropped their earlier endorsements of Clinton”

    That is 5 Super delegates that had picked Clinton already have left or are leaving her in 1 day.


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