Restaurant Owner Offers $5K Reward for Arrest in Gay Bash


Butch Samp, the owner of the Floridian restaurant on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale where Melbourne Brunner was attacked after a late night meal with his partner early Saturday morning, has put up a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the attacker.

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  1. JerzeeMike says

    To all the gay folks out there. If you are ever face with antigay violence, and I pray to God you aren’t, fight back!! These assholes are out to hurt, if not kill, you!! They most likely are already in the system with law enforcement as well. I know this may sound a little less than masculine but SCRATCH THE MOTHERFUCKER if you can. Make sure you report it to the police and have them take DNA samples from the epithelials under your nails and put the scumbag away. Even more the better if you live in a state that has a 3 Strikes Your Out law. After a third conviction-jail for life.

  2. says

    Now that’s what I was hoping for… people in the local community getting involved and putting their money where their mouths are. Good for Butch Samp for caring enough to help his community like that. Next time I’m in Ft. Lauderdale I will definitely patronize his place.

  3. JeffNYC says

    The Floridian is a wonderful kitschy old diner/luncheonette that been there for decades. The clientele is cool and low-rent and everyone on the staff is either gay or gay friendly.

    I’m really glad the owner took this seriously.

  4. Ken says

    This is what Fort Lauderdale is about.People stepping up to the plate. Please don’t demonize our town because of these sensless acts. The Floridian is as friendly a place, as any, in a gay friendly town. Our beaches here are still beautiful, contrary to some of the other mean spirited posters. This can be wonderful gay town with a vibrant GLBT community. If Wilton Manors is your vibe, so be it. Don’t knock Fort Lauderale. Don’t knock a community that is still trying to build itself. Help lift it up not tear it down.

  5. Oscar says

    Sam Butch doesn’t care about gays, he cares about his business with gays which is completely different. Broward County and Miami-Dade counties are some of the most homophobic places in the USA, maybe the world. In the 80’s the atmosphere was more accepting. Sheriff Nick Navarro and his cronies took care that in the 90’s the thinking changed to open homophobia. It has not change at all, in fact, it has gotten worse. In both counties crimes against gays have escalated astronomically, with no end in sight. I say to all gays STAY AWAY FROM MIAMI, MIAMI BEACH and FT. LAUDERDALE and its SURROUNDING TOWN, YOUR LIFE MAY BE IN DANGER IF YOU COME. In other way, MIAMI, MIAMI BEACH and FT. LAUDERDALE CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH.

  6. RJP3 says

    when Fort Lauderdale – and not just a smattering of gay activists in town – starts marching for the removal of it’s hate mongering Mayor, then and only then will it be a gay friendly place again

    the owner of the Cathode Ray on Los Olas wisely closed up shop

    the dance clubs are gone – the scene moving to Wilton Manors

    the guest houses down by the beach now sit in ths shadow of a strip of corporate souless towers that destroyed the once beautiful lowrise beach

    in other words — Fort Lauderdale is OVER

    Long Live Wilton Manors

  7. nate in wisconsin says

    I clicked on the link to the story about the mayor, who is a total pig and followed up with a call to the Ft Lauderdale Chamber advising them that I would not be coming to their fair city any time soon. We need to let the business people in cites that elect these homo haters that it is going to cost them in the wallet! These fuck up need to fell our pain in the bottom line!

  8. Los - Fort Lauderdale says

    Living in Ft. Lauderdale, we have our share of fucked-upness, but all in all would you rather vacation in say Wyoming? The people are a little crazy but that’s us. We’re beach mentality and pretty easy going. There’s always going to be a few tools running around no matter where you go. However, you can ask many transplants here from the great white north if they ever regret moving here and you’ll more likely than not get a resounding NO! We’re a great town, just keep in mind that your’re more than likely going to hear about the horrors of a place rather than the things that make it great because that’s the media, no matter how big or small.

  9. mike says

    ft lauderdale is a great beautiful city . the mayor is a ass he should have thought twice about his comments / there are alot of lost souls gay & straight running around here thinking they found paradise bums . angry druggie desperate types who end up hustling & homeless . as gay men we need to be more careful but do not hide . why should we not enjoy the fruits of the nature of this town there is homophobia everywhere it is only hightened here because of the all the current change . dont let that run us out . yes wilton manors is gay friendly but also a poltergist , stepford gay lifestyle that can be fun but not the real world .

    i feel for the guy who was attacked & happy to see the Floridian step up to the plate . they run a nice resturant with great respect to the community & yes they love & appreciate our pink dollar but who can blame them …. naugel maybe

    his comments where pre historic & set us back 30 years because he was not able to get a piece of the new toilet s on beach money & could ./would not deliver . so instead he took a dump …… sad excuse for not building your ever growing town .

  10. Archbishop Bruce Simpson says

    I spoke at the press conference last year regarding the Mayor of Fr. Lauderdale and his alliance with the religious right, and I am saddened to see nothing has changed. Of course, only about 70 people showed up at the press conference, and some of those were from the opposing camp. When will the gay community rise up as one, and take action?? Naugle needs to be gone.

  11. David R. says

    And how about getting the legislature to overturn the law against adoption by gay parents? Some foster kids would be really happy about that.