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road.jpg Writer’s to vote on agreement to end Hollywood strike: “The Writers Guild of America moved swiftly Sunday toward a resolution of its three-month-old strike, with guild leaders deciding to recommend a tentative contract to members and ask them to vote on a quick end to the walkout. By calling for separate votes on ending the strike and accepting the new three-year deal, the union cleared the way for the entertainment industry to return to work almost immediately. Membership meetings will be held Tuesday in New York and Los Angeles to allow writers to decide whether the strike should be brought to a speedy end, said Patric Verrone, president of the guild’s West Coast branch.”

Roy_scheiderroad.jpg Jaws police chief Roy Scheider has died at the age of 75 (photo via slog).

road.jpg Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger says the next season of the Bravo show may focus on gay millionaires: “There would have to be a gay person at the helm to consult with me. But attraction is attraction. When a guy comes in and he’s flamingly queeny and he goes for butch, you can’t give him another queen. Somebody wants their car door opened. Somebody wants to be called back. Somebody wants someone to pay the bill. It’s not about the sexuality. You have to be able to hear what attracts somebody. The gay community has a lot of money because there’s no second decision maker. They don’t have an ex-wife or children. But what they’re saying to me is that there’s a whole subset of the gay community, where people are hooking up for real love. And that’s why they want marriage.”

Cezanneroad.jpg “Spectacular” art heist in Switzerland sees theft of four paintings worth $163.2 million: ” The robbery…occurred Sunday at the E.G. Buehrle Collection, one of Europe’s finest private museums for Impressionist and post-Impressionist art, police said. Three masked men who entered the building with pistols are still at large. A police statement said the three robbers wearing ski masks and dark clothing entered the museum a half-hour before closing Sunday. While one of the men used a pistol to force museum personnel to the floor, the other two robbers went into the exhibition hall and collected the four masterpieces. The men were about 5 feet 9 inches tall and one of them spoke German with a Slavic accent, the police said. They loaded the paintings into a white vehicle parked in front of the museum. Police, asking for witnesses to come forward, said it was possible that the paintings were partly sticking out of the trunk as the robbers made their getaway.”

road.jpg Atonement wins “Best Film”, Daniel Day-Lewis “Best Actor” at BAFTA’s. Full list of winners here.

road.jpg Sensing softening of attitudes, gay Mormon group Affirmation requests meeting with new church president Thomas Monson. Assistant executive director David W. Melson: “I would like for us never again to have gay individuals, particularly our young people, being told that they are not welcome in the church they grew up in.”

Mintz_tan_2road.jpg Paris Hilton’s film The Hottie and the Nottie bombed at the box office this weekend. To mark the occasion, her publicist Elliot Mintz showed up to her pre-birthday party as the Nottie.

road.jpg Attention, artists! The South Carolina Gay and Lesbian Pride Movement is seeking theme and logo submissions for its 2008 Pride celebration.

road.jpg Aussie cricket team hits gay bar: no photos please.

road.jpg CBS News host Bob Schieffer cuts “Brokeback Mountain” reference from tribute song to Sumner Redstone in wake of Heath Ledger’s death: “Singing ‘Mr. Redstone’ to the tune of ‘Mr. Goldstone’ from the musical ‘Gypsy,’ Mr. Schieffer sang about the boss splitting up CBS and Viacom in 2006. ‘You are the guru, and who would know but you what a little change in Viacom’s name would do. Have an éclair, Mr. Redstone, buy some networks, make a movie, play a tune. Take a break now, Mr. Redstone, ’cause another deal will come along real soon.’…In the recorded version though, there was no claim that ‘I don’t understand this interlude.’ Instead, Schieffer says, ‘I ain’t some Brokeback Mountain dude.'” Funny how we respect the dead more than the living.

road.jpg Woman plans to kill herself in 90 days, and she’s blogging about it.


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Roy Scheider. A fine actor. He wasn’t pretty to look at, and very very slender, but he was sure was sexy in the 70s. I’ll have to buy some of his movies.

  2. anon says

    How old is Eliot Mintz? As a 14 year old in L.A. I remember attending an event at the Troubador hosted by Mr. Mintz, who had a radio show (I think)
    I will be 56 in November, I’m just sayin, except for glowing orange, he’s had some good work done.

  3. SPOT says

    I love this site. But what on earth makes you think it’s a good idea to promote the website of someone thinking about killing themselves? Either call the police or stop enabling this sort of stupid attention mongering?

  4. rascal says

    The suicide woman is the Internet generation version of the 1941 Barbara Stanwyck / Gary Cooper movie “Meet John Doe.” Just, you know, not as romantic.

  5. David B. says

    Hey the scary bronzer guy has to be Summer Redstone — he should get a make-up person —
    he can afford one or at least spray on better – you know —

    Also who gets the ad income from this suicide site — after the person dies — isn’t ad income the point of most sites — aside from self- aggrandisement — Andy excepted of course… would you enjoy the 15 minutes of fame before you shot yourself?

  6. anthony in sf says

    i know that roy scheider’s best known for jaws, but i wish the press would give him his due for a brilliant turn as joe gideon in “all that jazz,” bob fosse’s auto-bio pic. andy — i wish you’d re post the roy obit blurb, except this time with a pic of roy from “all that jazz.”

  7. anthony in sf says

    i know that roy scheider’s best known for jaws, but i wish the press would give him his due for a brilliant turn as joe gideon in “all that jazz,” bob fosse’s auto-bio pic. andy — i wish you’d re post the roy obit blurb, except this time with a pic of roy from “all that jazz.”

  8. ZEKE says

    The millionaire matchmaker woman is a moron. As a man and as a gay man, I found just about everything she said to be offensive.

    If the ads for these shows are indicative of the shows then the men who seek her services have a lot of money but absolutely NO self respect or testicles.

  9. David R. says

    Being rejected by a church (synagogue, etc.) is reprehensible, but possibly better than the alternative.

  10. says

    Is this Suicide Blog for real? I just read some of the Postings by this Blogger and as a Nurse, this really concerns me. Is this a publicity stunt? The Blogger says not. I sure hope someone out there gets this person the help she needs. Even if this isn’t for real, just the creation of such a Site is a very real cry for help.

  11. IronCrossMovie says


    Calibra Pictures is pleased to announce the release of the trailer for Roy Scheider’s last film “Iron Cross”.

    The revenge thriller, written and directed by Joshua Newton, will be previewed towards the end of the year in Los Angeles, following our Roy Scheider Film Week, dates and location tbc.

    The trailer can be downloaded securely from the following link:

    We’d be delighted to receive your comments.

    Yours truly

    The Iron Cross Team