1. Brad says

    Perhaps one should actually see a film before declaring that life is imitating art. Other than a gay Israeli and a Palestinian falling in love, nothing is similar. The film is quite tragic.

  2. virgoboy says

    The Bubble, IMO, is TEN TIMES better than Yossi & Jagger. The trailer doesn’t do it justice but i am Very Glad that this film is finally getting some much deserved attention here on TR. Thanks, Andy!

  3. says

    The Bubble is a teriffic film. What’s happening here is that the film’s tragic story has affected real gay Israeli and Palestinian lives for the better. Fox is known n the art house circuit stateside, but he’s a MAJOR name at home in Israel.

  4. Jack says

    Nice to know that there is at least one civilized country in the world with enough compassion to make pro-human decisions.

  5. dback says

    “The Bubble” had some of the best writing, acting and directing I saw last year. It is indeed a quantum leap past “Yosi and Jagger” and “Walk On Water”; however, the last half hour takes a turn which some might find melodramatic or manipulative plotwise, in that it sacrifices characterization for thematic impact. Still, this is the Middle East; there are all too few happy endings to any stories.

  6. Michael Bedwell says

    Though no Israeli “Brokeback Mountain,” and less textured and “rich” as the ultimately unbelievable “Walk on Water,” “The Bubble,” despite having several soggy gaps typical of such films, is ultimately a very good work of dare I say political art which I hope won’t put anyone off from renting it. It is simultaneously a love story and a hate story.

    And Mr. Ehrenstein makes a marvelous point about the sometimes limited perspectives of those [in every culture really] who don’t look beyond their own borders for greatness. And though the film makes clear that there’s still a great deal of homophobia in Israel, it is amazing the progress they’ve made given that it is the country most identified with the source of our religious oppression everywhere.

    Gays have been allowed in the Israeli military FOR TWENTY-FIVE YEARS; service in intelligence and top-secret positions added 10 years later. It was one of the few countries in the Mideast that showed “BBM” and the only one that did not censor it. One of my fondest possessions is a one-sheet from its Israeli run with most everything but the title in Hebrew.

  7. says

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