Florida Lawmaker Hopes to End Ban on Gay Adoption

Florida state senator Nan Rich has introduced a bill that would bring the Sunshine State a little bit closer to ending its ban on adoptions by same-sex parents.

Tampa1_1CBS4 reports: “Under Rich’s bill, gay foster parents would be allowed to adopt children if a judge rules it’s in the child’s best interest. Also, a gay adult would be considered a potential adoptive parent if he or she were the legal guardian of the child whose parents had died. Rich’s proposal has received support from a number of groups including the National Council of Jewish Women, ACLU and Planned Parenthood.”

Rich faces a tough battle, however, against a closet case and a bigot. Florida Governor Charlie Crist is opposed to ending the ban, and the bill has been assigned to a committee headed up by anti-gay harpy Ronda Storms!

I wrote about Storms back in 2005 when she was a Hillsborough County commissioner upset that the county was recognizing gay pride. So, it’s no surprise that now Storms, who “ran for [state senate] on a pledge to prevent gays from being foster parents” has refused to bring the bill up for a debate or a vote.

Today is “Fair Adoption Lobby Day” Florida Today reports: “At a press conference on the issue, House sponsor Mary Brandenburg, D-West Palm Beach, pointed out that gay couples are allowed by law to be foster parents. If that’s all right, she said, ‘they should be able to become the forever parents.’ Non-traditional, loving families, including single parents and gay couples, are preferable to state care, she said. ‘It’s an issue of the heart, and it’s an issue of common sense,’ she said, adding that the state spends thousands of dollars trying to provide care for children who might otherwise be with gay parents.”


  1. Dave says

    Aaaaagh. These people are wearing me out. “No” to gay marriage. “No” to gay adoption. Yet, who is it that creates this surplus of children in need? For the most part, failed straight marriages and/or straight women who have kids with straight men who don’t support them. I know, I know, there are cases where fortune isn’t so kind…orphans and such. But, for the most part, these are unwanted kids that the state has taken into custody as part of this state-run industry. Abortion cuts into that profit margin, so that angle is pretty clear to see…But why hate so much on the gays? How is that economically viable? Could it be that children would actually break cycles of (all forms of) abuse, learn a better way to behave in society and not have to be bounced from home to home until age 18 when they are cut loose on their own devices to repeat the process all over again? Hmmmm…

  2. John says

    Whenever people express shock at Florida’s anti-gay legislation, it always baffles me. Anyone who has actually lived there (even for a few months) will instantly recognize that such repression is expected.

    But it dawns upon me that perhaps the state’s aggressive and glossy tourism campaigns have presented a false image of Florida to the rest of the world. Just because there’s Mickey Mouse and some nice beaches, doesn’t mean the Land of Sunshine isn’t a southern state with southern values.

  3. rayrayJ says

    If anyone ever needs a reason to spend no money in Florida, send no money to Forida, or to avoid purchasing produce grown in Florida, now you have it.

  4. Franc says

    She really needs to embrace the gay community. Maybe they could get her to stop dressing like one of Marie Osmond’s dolls on the QVC.

  5. MikeinSanJose says

    This could be fun…


    Ethics complaints against County Commissioner Ronda Storms? No….couldn’t be….could it? Commissioner Ronda Storms: She is most known for her rude, disruptive and almost violent behavior in public meetings. She also (alledgedly) had an employee fired for making comments inappropriate at a public hearing but that person was there on their own time and did not identify themselves as a county employee. That employee is suing. She also has a history of being absent at important budget hearings but never missing a hearing when sex is the topic of discussion. She represents the east portion of Hillsborough County but we guess she represents herself mostly.

    … and there’s lots more at the link…

  6. Zeke says

    I thought Rhonda was bad when we were stuck with her on the County Commission here in Hillsborough Country.

    Now she’s all the more dangerous and in a position to do real damage STATEWIDE.

    She really is a hateful person with a particular taste for hurting gay people. More shameful yet, she bases all her hate and right to hurt in her faith.

  7. Sebastian says

    This has to be one of the most ridiculous, outdated, bigoted laws on the books, no matter where it is. There are hundreds of thousands of kids languishing in foster care, getting nothing but the basics, if that much, and, these right wing bigots want to stop them from being in loving homes, because someone is gay??? Only in this so called land of the free does this trash keep happening. Love does not know sexuality, just like it does not know color, and, all children deserve a chance to be loved.

    When will these churls learn, hate is not a family value?????????

  8. Zeke says

    I agree that Florida is a gay hell hole and it seems to be getting worse rather than better.

    My husband and I have finally started the process of planning a move out of state.

    It’s just too much to try to have a family in a state that works so hard to stack the deck against you.

    That became frighteningly clear a while back when I came close to death and the realization that our child would have been taken from my husband and he would have had NO option to maintain a relationship with the child that he and I have raised since his birth. A total stranger, or my parents who never accepted our relationship would have had a chance to raise him but not the only other parent our child has ever known.

    To do this to people in the name of Jesus is the most shameful and yes EVIL thing I can imagine.

    I’m seriously looking at Canada, where I was married, but these days it’s hard to emigrate there.

  9. Oscar says

    Florida is ridiculous.Gays can be foster parents for life but can’t adopt.I say to all gays,do not become foster parents.The state can take the child away at any moment for no reason and leave you hurt and mad.Straight make the children, let them take care of them until gays can adopt.State care is hell.Children are abused,raped and mistreated.Wise up gays,Florida doesn’t want you to take care of the stray straight children.So, f**k them.