Orlando Orders Male Nipples Erased from WWE Billboard


WWE wrestlers John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Big Show, and boxer Floyd Mayweather appear over Orlando in a billboard for WrestleMania XXIV — but their nipples don’t.

When asked about the nipple-less billboard, Orlando’s mayor Buddy Dyer seemed to think it was because of city law. Said Dyer: “Apparently there’s an ordinance that prohibits them from being displayed.”

Turns out that’s not the case:

“What happened, said a similarly uncomfortable city spokesman, Carson Chandler, was that city staffers asked the WWE and folks to create banners that weren’t too provocative. And somewhere along the way, the nipples were airbrushed out before the giant sign reached Orlando.”

WrestleMania’s lead-in: ‘Nipplegate’ [orlando sentinel]


  1. John in CA says

    I’ll try not to sound like an arrogant Californian…

    But, are these puritanical hicks completely insane (well, I tried)?

  2. seattle mike says

    Reminds me of those old Star Trek episodes where Kirk would take his shirt off only to reveal that his nipples had been covered over with some kind of putty/makeup combination. Truly bizarre.

  3. jzn says

    I was thinking of having my nipples airbrushed away for my trip to the beach this summer…I hear it is all the rage in Florida. And while I was at it, I was thinking of having my ass crack blurred too!

  4. FernLaPlante says

    What century are these Floridians living in? Actually I can’t think of any century in the history of the world where male nipples were removed from paintings, statues, hieroglyphs or even cave drawings. Has Florida actually manage to regress so far back BEFORE the Big Bang?

  5. anon says

    I don’t think there’s has ever been a time in Western culture that required males to hide their breasts.

  6. mike says

    Male nipples, provocative? Why, I never! You just gotta love those wing-nut, jesus-loving Republicans. Sad thing is, they procreate. They vote, too.

  7. dvdinorl says

    I live in this cow town. Trust me, if Michelangelo’s David came to town, they’d cover it up too.

  8. Older says

    Male nipples used to be indecent in many locations in the US. There was a time when men could not go topless (on the beach for instance) without being arrested.

  9. says

    I live in Orlando, how embarassing. But as the article states it was not the city that had them cover up the nipples. The buses that went around town with the ad had the nipples showing.

  10. DesignGuy says

    As a former Orlando Resident, I can that Buddy Dyer is an IDIOT regardless of who actually said no nipples.

    I wanna know who thought airbrushing out the wrestlers nipples made the billboard less provocative? It just makes them look weird…

  11. Oscar says

    Florida is the MOST backward state in the USA.It is incredibly racist and homophobic.Any gay that gives Florida his/hers business should be castrated.It is the worst place to be gay in.Miami-Dade and Broward counties (Ft.Lauderdale) are the worse.They proclaim to be gay-friendly but in reality they are not.Gays are not safe in these counties.They rea abused,attacked or gun downed.Stay away from Florida.It can hazardous to your health,life and limb.

  12. mike says

    I agree with Oscar about Florida. It is a “no-fly zone” for gays and lesbians. It is one of the most homophobic, hateful states in the Union. Forget the Sunshine State. It should be called the State of Misery.

  13. Dj Tenn says

    I couldnt agree more. Florida is Mississippi with Palm Trees. Its easily the MOST corrupt of all 50 states, even makes Haiti appear to be a democracy. (2000 Presidential election, anyone?)When visting friends there in Jan. it reminded me of why after living there for 2 yrs in the 80s I left in the 1st place. Its the most perfect personification of our Jekyll & Hyde Puritanical nation we live in. A city ordinance banning nipples on a poster? In a state where everyone should be in a bikini and/or topless? Marilyn Manson said it best about his home state “Its the Bible with Mickey Mouse ears on it”…
    Nightmare. The “Island of Broken Toys” from Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer best describes most of its inhabitants. Bleech! Trust me, spend the $20-40 bux more and fly on to Puerto Rico… must to avoid.for the GLBT crowd.

  14. Florida Chick says

    Everywhere else in the state, we do not consider Orlando to be similar to the majority of Florida, just as many ‘southerners’ do not consider Florida a ‘southern state’..and if you don’t like it here…stay away..we have enough business without you!! Have a sunny day :)

  15. Caligula says

    I’m from Europe so I don’t know the politics of Florida, but I travel to Miami Beach and Key West all the time and I don’t see such things. My parents travel to Palm Beach a lot and they have never seen such things either. I guess I will pay more attention.

  16. Tough Guy says

    I like nips, I’m straight and it just makes a guy look less than without them. Perhaps someone near that ‘popular tourist attraction’ decided it would bring in the wrong kind of HOT men.