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Sean Penn Directed His Own 'Mighty Real' Man-on-Man Kiss


Mark Martinez (aka drag queen Flava) got more than he bargained for in his role as disco singer Sylvester in Gus van Sant's Harvey Milk biopic Milk, which recently wrapped in San Francisco, reports E's Marc Malkin.

A singing performance at Harvey Milk's birthday party turned out to be a different kind of performance altogether, according to Flava:

"All of a sudden, Sean’s pointing at me, and he’s talking to the assistant director. The AD comes up to me and says, 'Just to let you know, you are now going to break up Sean and [costar] James Franco’s conversation. You’re going to grab Sean, and Sean’s going to be really excited, and he’s going to kiss you.' I’m performing, and he comes onto the dance floor. He grabs me, and he just slaps the biggest kiss on me...It felt like the kiss was forever. I’m like, Is he going to stop? I had to close my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. I’m thinking, We gotta do this thing again. We just didn’t get it right. But Gus was like, 'It’s perfect, perfect, perfect.' I said, 'No! It’s not perfect!' Sean was laughing at me."

Check out a short clip of Flava getting ready for a performance, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. CRISPY look! Andy finally posted a pic of Flava, an attractive gay man, on his website. Now, just maybe, JACK! will stop boring everyone with his redundant paranoid delusions.


    Posted by: D.R.H. | Mar 14, 2008 9:30:59 AM

  2. I don't think JACK! is online yet. At the institution where he's been, er, placed, they're only allowed two hours of internet time each day and only if they haven't stabbed anyone the night before.

    I'm sure JACK! will be along later today to remind us how oppressive it is that Sean Penn is performing in "gay face." I mean really, couldn't they get an out gay actor like Nathan Lane to portray Harvey Milk?

    Posted by: crispy | Mar 14, 2008 9:48:07 AM

  3. That looks like Divine, not Sylvester on any level, can, they ever get this sort of thing right???? bad make up and, way too over the top, for a singer that was way over the top. Bleech.

    Posted by: Luke | Mar 14, 2008 10:00:34 AM

  4. CRISPY,


    sylvester was a fucking genius. he made me feel MIGHTY and real.

    Posted by: nic | Mar 14, 2008 10:37:43 AM

  5. LOL@CRISPY, but I'm not sure FLAVA is JACK!'s kind of gay people. Maybe Martina Navratilova would satisfy him.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Mar 14, 2008 10:38:04 AM

  6. Luke - don't be an idiot. that's not a clip from the movie.

    Posted by: GEEZ | Mar 14, 2008 11:34:19 AM

  7. I couldn’t believe it. I’m thinking, We gotta do this thing again. We just didn’t get it right.


    Posted by: Henry Holland | Mar 14, 2008 11:47:10 AM

  8. Hey, GEEZ!

    No need to get nasty. Many of us east of the Mississippi may not know anything about Ms FLAVA, but we will now.


    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Mar 14, 2008 11:57:19 AM

  9. DERRICK f.p.,

    i believe in the "yes". we can ALL save kiki.

    Posted by: nic | Mar 14, 2008 12:57:17 PM

  10. Doesn't Sean know, he can get Candida from a kiss like that...

    Posted by: frodo441 | Apr 8, 2008 1:34:50 PM

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