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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #263

YouTube handed out its 2007 YouTube Awards in several categories last night. Here are two of the winners.

BATTLE AT KRUGER: I posted about this back in May of last year. Absolutely my favorite of the bunch, and one of the best amateur wildlife videos ever. Winner for " Eyewitness".

HUMAN TETRIS: Winner for "Creative".

Check out the other winners here.

*** The following are not award winners:

PENIS STRAWS: Mother offended that Walmart is selling drinking straws to her kids. She "can't think of any other thing." (source: slog)

CHRIS CROCKER: The Chris Crocker video of a blink which has received more than a million views.

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  1. Crocker: brilliant internet experiment or a pathetic idiot who's outlived his one-joke status?

    Either way, I DON'T CARE. Never want to see him featured here or anywhere else again... please?

    Posted by: Roy | Mar 21, 2008 12:17:52 PM

  2. Please tell the "penis straw" mother that a vote for Clinton or Obama is a wasted vote. Her vote belongs to John McCain, and his Halloween Holiday in Isreal.

    Chris is at peace. "She's" an Obama Girl now.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Mar 21, 2008 12:22:40 PM

  3. Hey, your daughter is going to have to learn how to suck one of those sooner or later, just so you know.

    Posted by: ld | Mar 21, 2008 12:51:26 PM

  4. So happy Michael Buckley won for his What The Buck? show. Everyone should watch his show, he's the funniest and hardest working youtuber.

    Posted by: Donnie | Mar 21, 2008 12:58:15 PM

  5. I can see the penis in the straw. I can see penises everywhere, though: in clouds, in abstract. But my favorite is seeing a penis in a butt.

    Posted by: Rob | Mar 21, 2008 1:07:26 PM

  6. Thank God that little girl didn't drink out of that dirty, sinful straw. The nerve of Wal-Mart!

    Hopefully this mom will convince them to close their drinking-straw section entirely in all of their stores to make room for a larger gun section! Praise Jesus!

    Posted by: Jeff | Mar 21, 2008 1:25:20 PM

  7. LD & Rob made my day and my seat wet from pee WEEEEE!!! hysterical

    Posted by: Kaz | Mar 21, 2008 1:41:31 PM

  8. Bless her heart. She only had Wal-Mart and jesus and now Wal-Mart has let her down.

    What about the children> Won't somebody think of the Children?!

    Posted by: thespeck | Mar 21, 2008 2:18:38 PM

  9. I just had a vision of little Ashlynne at 16 years old in frosted lipstick working at the Dairy Queen.

    I think that line's from Baby Boom. One of my favorites.

    Posted by: sam | Mar 21, 2008 3:58:03 PM

  10. I'm just so disappointed in Wal-Mart for taking those straws off the shelves!

    I want those straws for my next party, dammit!!!

    Guess I'll have to settle for the real thing.

    Posted by: Johnny | Mar 21, 2008 4:20:45 PM

  11. OMG! Give me a freakin' break! It takes a bit of an imagination and a dirty mind to come up with the shape of a penis. What a way to teach your daughter that body parts and sex are dirty! I'm so sick of these narrow minded idiots. Shame on Wal-Mart for giving in to this crap. My suggestion to the mother: if you find a straw-shape that offends you in the package then THROW IT AWAY! I feel sorry for that little girl.

    Posted by: Brad | Mar 21, 2008 4:28:24 PM

  12. Love the wildlife video. Told all my friends about it.

    Posted by: jmg | Mar 21, 2008 7:25:36 PM

  13. Please Andy no more of the Chris Crocker posts, he is so annoying, even when he's not crying. A million hits, this country is so fucked up.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Mar 21, 2008 7:42:35 PM

  14. After watching the wildlife video, I don't need the rest of my morning coffee, wow.

    I avoid Wal-Mart like the plague, but those penis straws are collectors' items--they're making a bad business decision pulling those babies from the shelves.

    As for the CC blink, I know I'm in the minority here, but I find him kinda brilliant.

    Posted by: Ernie | Mar 22, 2008 1:02:15 PM

  15. Reminds me of the scene in the movie Death to Smoochy with the cookies shaped like a rocket ship -- or is it a cock and balls?

    Really, truly, penises are everywhere. This was in the news here in Oregon a while back:

    Posted by: Christopher | Mar 22, 2008 4:38:43 PM

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