1. says

    Dear Mr. Ford,
    Wow, have you opened my eyes. After watching your amazing sacrifice of having your chest hair removed, I am pledging to change my ways.
    Because of you, I am not only going green, but also feeding the homeless, adopting babies from as many countries as possible and single-handedly rebuilding Katrina-ravaged New Orleans.
    Oh and one more thing, you’ve inspired me to start my own charity. I call it “Lets Help Celebrities Realize They Are Not As Important as They Like to Think.” Perhaps you’d like to make a donation. Something meaningful that will change the world.
    A pubic hair, perhaps?

  2. says

    Uh-oh. If depilation of perfectly good body hair is the key to saving the environment, I’m gonna have to say, “Screw green, chop and pave!”

    It seems like preserving chest hair would be more metaphorically apt and environmentally friendly anyway, wouldn’t it?

  3. Rey says

    Ernie, the way I see it, the metaphor works in that chest hair, like the trees in the rainforest, may occasionally be trimmed a bit, but to remove them completely is a violent act against nature.

  4. says

    You’re right, of course, Rey. I was so violently disturbed by the chest hair removal, my metaphors got all mixed up. But, still, I think it’s only fair that once Harrison saves the rainforest with this brave and noble gesture, we should, in the interest of keeping the metaphor going, be shown the preserved chest forests of as many men as possible. 😉

  5. says

    Harrison Ford cracks me up. He has a sense of humor where he just does funny things and I think most people miss it, while he laughs in his head. And I laugh too. Oh, yes, they call that wit! I love that guy.

  6. John In Texas says

    TO Larry- lets see your face at 65- I’ll bet your body does not look as good, and your face not as good at whatever age you are. Thats right Larry- lets go so gay- be hateful about the mans looks without have to show you own. Sad and bitter you are.

    As for Tom in Jersey- hillarious and to the point, you know how to line the attact in the the right way- from the point at which it came. See Larry, Tom does not attack the mans looks. Sad Larry, hating, funny Tom laughing.

  7. Minako says

    Oh Indy..
    How I love you. You got me through some lonely times as a teenager, and even though I’m in a happy marriage, I would leave my husband in a heartbeat if you asked me to. We’ve had some ups and downs but I’m still loyal to you. But deep down, I know it would never work. After all the differences we have ideologically, not to mention my intense dislike for Senator Clinton that would mesh horribly with your friendship with her.. we’d never survive. In spite of that, I still love you. Leave the waxing to the metrosexuals, hun.
    P.S. Thank you for Indiana Jones 4. I was unexpected unexcited when I first heard about it. Please make it good. If it sucks, we might have to break up.


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